Gute Nachrichten, um die Welt neu zu sehen

A Comment Tageschance Christ shall Rule the World:

A Comment Tageschance


Christ shall Rule the World:


We would like to take the time to Honour, according to our Mind, some of the Greatist bands and Musical Artist of our Century.

We say Big Up and Maximun Respect unto the Band „Tears for Fears, Bob Marley, Earth Wind and Fire, Harald Melvin and the Blue Notes, Jimmy Cliff, George Harisson, Freddy Murcury, Johann Sabastian Bach, Alfred Schweizer, Iron Maiden and all the others not mentioned“ for all the Conscious and uplifting Lyrics and Music what you have give the World.

We but however based our focus at first, at the Band „Tears for Fears,“ for the simple fact that the Song „Every body wants to Rule the World, and some of their other songs, just keep ringing in our ears. These songs are so actual today as they were yesterday.

When we look around today, we can see a great fight for Power over others and over the World. It is as if everyone is Presenting his/her Philosophy and Lifestyle before God, telling or asking Him to take their Method as the Best one with which He can Rule the Earth. From Dictators and so called Nationalist or Democrats, Terrorist, or what/who ever, everyone wants to Rule the World, but uho shall really Rule the World?

Helena Blavatsky:

Who was Helena Blavatsky? She was born in Russia and is the Founder of the Theosophical Cumunity. She was Guided, Inspired and Telepathically Taught by one of the Advanced Masters of the Herarchy of the Masters of Wisdom in Tibet. She had a very clost contact with Her Master in Tibet and wrote many Great Books over the Long Lost Wisdom of Humanity and of our World. Our Master from England „Benjamin Creme“ ( was also Taught by, and who Served as a Disiple of the same Master who taught Her, said that Mrs Blavatsky was a Master of the 5 Grade. The same Grade was Jesus as He Walked the Earth as the Christ.

Mrs Blavatsky once said in Her Lectures (Wisdomsreligion), that at the end of all the turmoil and the chaos, the fight for Power what we now see going on amongst all in the World who wishes to grab the Power for themselves just to Influence God, and on the other hand Supress the People. At the End of all this power fight and Compitition and Conqurence that, CHRIST SHALL RULE THE EARTH!!!!!!!!!

What we now see is a World in Travail, the Mother Earth is Pregnant and wishes to Bear the New World. A World of Splendour and Beauty, Equal Rights and Justice, where the Principal of Sharing would have made wars and guns, hunger and terror, suffering and segrigation, hate and ignorance, a thing of the past where Mankind Lived and walked in darkness.

A New World is now being Borned and what we're experiancing in the World, are the pains of labour, the labour of a pregnant Woman who is about to bear her Child. This Pregnant Woman is the Mother Earth!

All this must be, and there are many who are upset about the World's situation in every Nation, but for those who carefully look and see, you would notice that everything is going well and the neccessary Changes are being slowly but Surely Manifested. Who would have ever taught that a Person could travel from one nation unto an other for 15$ or 15€ as now seen by Ryan Air? The Christ „Maitreya Buddha“ the Christ for our Modern Age, told us that in the Future, Traveling shall be Free, and no one shall need a Passport any more. Do you see how we are comming to such Prophecies? It's as if Ryan Air is the open Door to such a Philosophy.

Look at „What'sAp“, who would have ever taught that People would have the Priviledge of Free Telephoning? Can you see the Change for the Better? It dont happen Immidately, but all Changes needs time and Gradually we Build the New and Beautifull, Wonderfull World in which we shall Live!!!!!!!!!

Therefore our Sisters and Brothers, fear not despite all the Chaos what you see and from which you may hear around you and out there in the World, for as Maitreya say's: you have nothing as your fears for what you must be afraid of! Therefore Lift Up your heads my Beloved and take my Hand and let me Lead you unto Him who we call God. Taken from the Messages of the Christ Maitreya Buddha.


The Christ Bless and Guide us all through His Light, Love and His Power to Love!!!!!!!!!


From the Point of Love what dwells within the Heart of God

Stream out Love in the Hearts of all Mankind

May Christ Return on Earth!!!!!!!!!


Amen, Amen, Amen. Sela!!!!!!!!!



Namaskar Jah Love

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