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A Comment Tageschance The way to Peace:


A Comment Tageschance

The way to Peace:

The today's Sermon, concerned the story of the Prodical Son.

Jesus tell's the story of the Prodical Son in the new Testament. A young man who once decided to leave his Father's house and to adventure the World. Before he set out to do this, he asked his father to give him his heir, his heratige, in the worth of money.

The young man then, went out into the World to see what Life is like in the big open world. It did'nt last long before all his money was gone (he just spent it on friends and parties and women and wine) and he was driven to look for a job to secure his survival. After not finding a proper job, he had no other choice as to take the job what was offered him by a Farmer. Being hungry he even ate the swines food to still his hunger. It was there, where the young man considdered his situation and remembered his Father's house and taught: my Father has a house that is so big, he can even employ servants and pay them a daily loan and they are happy to live and serve under his regiment of Kindness and Mercy. If I was to go home back to my Fathers home and work for him as a servant having a daily loan, it would be even more as what I have here. Therefore the young man packed the little rest that he had together and made himself on the way back home to his Father.

As the Father saw him comming he Rejoiced and said unto his servants: go and slaughter the best calb of the herd and prepair a meal for my Son who was lost and is now found, who was dead and is now alive. As the older son came home from the fields of work, he heard the music from the festival what was comming out of the Fathers house, and therefore asked a servant; what is going on here, why the musik and the dance? The servant in reply answered: Your younger brother is returned back home and therefore your father have decided to celibrate this, seeing that his lost son have safely returned. The elderly brother was angry and quarreled with the Father telling him, that he was always there for him and his house and never did he make a festival or even a party to honour him, but for this warewood Son who took all his money and spent it on hures and parties and drinking doth he rejoyce. The Father then turned unto him and answered: You are always by me my loyal Son and what mines is is yours, but your little brother was lost and now he is found, he was dead but now is he alive, please understand this and have mercy on me and your brother my Son.

How can we make a relevance of this story to compare it unto our modern daily Life?

We were newly asked to comment the situation of the World and to give when possible a Solution unto the problems what we face on a Local, Regional, National, International and Global level.

First we would like to say that we are Sure, that, the basic Prinzipal towards a Solution to the World's problem is as the Christ Maitreya ( say's „Sharing“. Share the Resources and Save all Races and the Planet.

There are ways and means how we can go about this. Don't just try to take great giant steps, but beginn with small steps and small plans and don't forget to keep your eyes on the sparrow. The sparrow is the goal set to be acheived.

Here is an example of what we mean.

We compare the story of the Prodical Son with our daily situation of the Jihadist and Terrorist for an example. Let's begin to see those who wish to return back home as Prodical Sons who have made their bad experience and seeketh Salvation through Repentance. The Father is Symbolik unto the Community and the Society who accept their lost Sons and Daughters who went astray and is now found and seeketh Forgiveness and Pardon. As the Father was given back his lost son, he Rejoyced for joy, what do you believe all those Mothers and Fathers would do when their Sons and Daughters would return back home and say: Mother, Father please forgive us for our mistakes and the blindness of our past dicissions. Surely the Parents would forgive immidately, but would the Community or the Society do it?


On a Local level, there's much to be done so that such People can be Reintegrated in the Community. The way of thinking towards such People must be reconstructed from Negative what results out of fear, unto Positiveness through Acceptance and Trust. This Acceptance and Trust could be Schooled through Professional Help. Naturally the Rehabilitated must also show his full Interest towards the Reintegration in the Community by Participating and Contributing his service of Good will unto the Community in which they Live.


The more Communities who practice this could monitir the results and Programs in their Region.


It brings for every Nation National Security seeing that their Sons and Daughters are occupied with a usefull Occupation what is suited and passes to the Individual Characteristics of the Individuals themselfs which serves the Nation as a whole.


On the International Basis as in micro, we can do this on the Macro Level as we now see between Cuba and the USA and Iran and the USA.


An other Example we could take is that with North Korea and Russia, the UNO and such Nations.

We can't afford it any more to handle as we did in the past. We must finally accept the Fact that Nations like North Korea, Russia, China, India and such Nation belongs to our Planet like every other Nation and therefore they should have the right to be Invited in every World Debates and World Decissions being made. When one Nation is Accepted and an other is Segregated, such brings conflicts and believe us when we say, sanction work for a while but at the end of the day, we must all come together to make it Work out as long as we want to existant on the Planet.

We dont believe in the Threats sent out unto from others North Korea will help, but makes it only worste. and we do also know when North Korea is seen and Accepted as a full Member of the World Community and is Invited to Play it's Role as a Nation amongst other Nations, that this could even change the Situation to more Genarosity not only unto it's oun people but unto other Nation, in it's tone of Speach and in it's point of view towards being a more Liberal Nation.

We have all seen what happened after Gadaffi, Sadam Hussien, Mubarak and such Governments was gone, the vacume left is much too great to compensate with and therefore chaos breaks out. We have come to the Conclussion that as long as no other Nation Invades or belittle the Sovereignty and Integrity of an other Nation, that they sould be Respected for what they are, even when the Politics may be Communist, Democratic, Sozial or what ever.

What we also noticed is that we here in the West always wanted to compell others to choose our Democratic ways of Lifestyle, but the Question is: Have we Lived this Democratic way of Life so good that it was convincing and Inticing enough unto the Commonist? Have we Sacrifice enough of our Ego that we can say here is a Perfect Model for you when you give up your way of Lifestyle? The answer is No! Not very much. Yes we have taught the Communist how to be Capitalistic, but Democratic, no we don't think we did?

The Time is come where Nations have no other choice as to Work Together and Repair the broken Bridges as to continue in their self Pride and self Ego in playing the Boss. We must learn to Respect the Therritorial and the National Integrity of each other on a Personal, International and a Global Level.

It is Time to take North Korea on the hand as was done by Cuba and Iran and open your Doors and Hearts for that Nation and it's Government rather than expell them from amongst the International and Global World Community. This will as you would notice be a Great Acheivement towards World Harmony. Words instead of Weapons, Salvation instead of Sanctions. This would Change that Nation of North Korea to one of the most Beautifull Nations and Peoples on Earth what you've ever seen. Try it People, try it you Nations, you Governments and we Prommise, you wouldn't be dissapointed. Integrate North Korea in the Global World as a Global Player and Heal the wounds of the past.

The same thing must be done with Venezuela, the longer People suffer the more Violent and destructive they get. Show mercy and Grace and make the Crooked Straight.

The Lord and Christ (The World Teacher) Maitreya Buddha, told us that Mankind shall in the Future, take the Best Prinzipals of the Communism and the Best Prinzipals of the Democracy and make a Social Democracy which shall serve all the Earths Goverments and be Practiced World wide.

We Greet these Wonderfull days and Rejoice to see them as is said in the Psalm 133 of the Holy Bible: How Good and pleasant it is to see when Brothers sit in the Community of Council with each other, it is like the Precious Anointing Oil that runs down the beard of Aaron, right down unto the seams of his skirt.

Let there be Love

Let there be Peace

Namaskar Jah Love

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