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A Comment Tageschance About World Peace:


A Comment Tageschance




About World Peace:




It is Ironic and Paradox when we see and hear of all the problems and conflicts what occures and takes place in the name of Peace.


We can ask the question, and yes we do ask the question, what is it all about and why?


Some claim, to have Peace, we must have war, but is this true?


The answer is as simple as NO! Never did war bring Peace seeing that at the end, revenge was always the source what was implimented to seek Justification for the lost through war.


Ask every Child what is its wish for the World and all Humanity and they would answer Peace for all. A Peacefull World is the dream of every Child.


As Children grow up they realize that this dream of Peace for the World seems to be an Illusion, seeing that the grown ups never really care about Forgiveness but rather seek to satisfy their thirst for revenge for their hurted pride. Hurted pride is an other form of self justice.


Ask the question who is responsable for for the conflicts what we see all around and you'll realize that almost every one is responsable. As Jesus once asked the question as a woman was to be stoned by a mobb: who is without sin should throw the first stone. As those who did wish to stone the Woman saw within their Heart and listened to their conscience, they all saw themselves in the Personality of that Woman who they just wanted to stone and therefore did they drop their stones.


The Master Benjamin Creme ( once mentioned in one of the articles about Maitreya over the stand up in China in the late 80ties: as the Students stood up and the Soldiers were told to shoot at the demonstraters, they could'nt because at that present moment, Maitreya overshadowed the Soldiers so that they saw themself as the Persons who they were about to shoot. Just emagine, it was as if the Soldiers taught that they were about to shoot down their own selves and therefore had not the courage to under go this Suiside. The same thing took place on that day by the Aribic spring in Egypt as a group of men rushed into the croud wanting to kill the demonstraters, suddenly they saw themselves as they looked into the faces of the demonstraters and therefore could'nt carry out their intentions.


I was trully upset during the Christmas time (seeing that I taught that Christmas was a time of Sharing and Love even when some may claim that Christmas is just an other ordenary day and is more a pagen culture that is being celebrated and have nothing to do with the birth of Jesus) that instead of Holy Religous Films, all the other Films what we see the whole year through was choosen for this special season. It was Films like „Die slowly, and kill him again, and all the Films of killing and hate, and therefore I asked aloud „where is my Christ Jesus, what have you done with Him and why not more Holy Films on Christmas rather than all the hate and disgust of the Fustrated Egomains in our World who Infect the Brains of Humanity and the Kids with their Inferiority Complexes just seeking Fame and honour on the cost of unstabel minds what we see all over?“ Children and People go into such Films comming out believing that they are the socalled Heros. We Generate more hate as Peace with such Films.


It is a Fact that those who wish to Practice Peace will be attack by those who wishes war.


It is a Fact that those who Preaches Peace, will always be underated by those who preaches war, seeing that war is louder than Peace.


No Person or Film star can claim that his/her Thriller Serves the aims and Intentions of a Peacefull and Coexisting Race as that of the Humanrace.


Our World is Governed and Ruled by Sick and Mentally Disabled Heroes who claims by their Ill Mental Destabelization to do the World good by Projecting such maddness as they do.


Jesus once taught us that: What the Hearts disires are, are mentioned over the lips. That what is in the Heart, comes out in spoken words.


The World Teacher Maitreya told us that: Humanity must Manifest God in all his/her Structures, be it Political, Sozial, Industrial, Economical, Ecological, Religous, Personal and all other forms of Manifestations with what Humanity is confronted and udertake as an Instrument to assist Him/Her in their daily Lives. In other words, we cant Preach Water while we drink Wine, the others would see this and be upset and therefore we'll be seen as not trustworthy.


The Illussions and the wish of some People go so far as to Practice their Populism at any cost (at any Price).


Maitreya ( once said: look at the Price, the Price is Man and Womankind, in other words, Humanity. To satisfy the Ego of a few, all Humanity Pay the price.


Take for an example: All Evolutionary or Revolutionary Forms what was founded to Advance Humanity's on the Plane to a Higher Level of comming foward, was always used by those who thaught to see a Economical Advantige for themselves as a Commercial income. Just ask the question, what have Mankind made with the Holy Teachings of Jesus, and how much Money did Jesus earn from those who've used His name to have become Rich men and Women? The same thing can you ask about the Globalization? A few saw their chance to become Rich while the rest of the World remained Poor and even got Poorer.


The True Intention of the Globalization of the World, to Join Nations and Peoples together as One Humanrace, was Transformed to Practice, Establish and Propagate National Socialism. In this manner did the word „Globalization“ became a word for something Negative instead of something Possitive. What a Shame and a Disgrace towards all the rest of Humanity just for the sake of a few Ego jerks.


Sometimes we do believe that some People wishes at any cost to exercize their Sick Vision of a Ill World what serves no one other than those Ego Shooters.


We all remember, it was said that the World shall have it's end in the year 2000. Funny is, that we still have our World.


Others said that the World shall have it's end in the year of 2012 according to the Maya Callender: Funny is, that we still have our World.


It was an Illussion from a few who wished the worst for Humanity and was Disapointed that their dream and their wish did'nt come through and therefore fight with all their might to make this Sick Mental Illussion true. We ask the question, Why?


Even if someone believes that if the World should be destroyed, that they have a sure haven in Heaven, still I ask the question, what about the rest of Humanity who dont have such security, dont you want to give the rest of Humanity also the chance to find Deliverance and be Saved?


When we look around, all we see are Ego Shooters.




Humanity's Hope:


We Believe in God Almighty and in His Christ even when He is also known as „Imam Mahdi, Krishna, Buddha, Masiah, Christ, He is the World Teacher and the Hope of all Humanity.


For some People is this Esoterik bullshit, but even as a Catholic Christian and Rastafari, I am 1000,000% sure of HIM.


In Palistina 2000 years ago, did Jesus and His Deciples spoke of this comming of the Heavenly Father and now the Lord of Love have arrived and awaits Humanitys decission, and as He said: I am Confident for I know Humanitys choice towards the gift of God which is Eternal Life and am Happy towards this. Maitreya The World Teacher.



May the Peace of the One Holy God rest down upon all Humanity and Bless Humankind!!!!!!!!!




Namaskar Jah Love







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