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A Comment Tageschance There shall be Peace in the Valley and on the Mountains:


A Comment Tageschance




There shall be Peace in the Valley and on the Mountains:




The Master Benjamin Creme ( once said: in the midst of turmoil and chaos doth the Lord Maitreya stand.


The Great Lord doth look and See and Hear the Cry of His People who Cry for Help and Deliverance from the situation of the World and it's Agony.


Never before was there a time on the Planet where Man/Womankind have experiance such as they do today. Our World is troubled from all sorts of devastations as never seen before and still in all this doth the Lord and Master of all Masters of the Herarchy of the Masters of Wisdom Stands with Confidence that all is Well and all shall be Further on Well! For things are moving at Plan. The Plan of God for which the Masters Serve. When Humanity could look and see the Glorification of the Time ahead and the Splendour of the Age before us we would Understand the Neccessities of the differences of what is now being experienced on the Planet. We now face the Challenge to Advance in Unity and see the oneness in ourselves as a Whole. As a Entity of Completeness. A Body that Funtions in it's form as Godly.


The Lord Sri sathya Sai Baba once said:I am for a Change, but this Change should come with a smooth crossover. The Change that He is talking about is the Change of the Ages, the crossover between the old age of Pisces in which Jesus Taught and Preached and Stood as an Ambassador for His Father Melchezidek, (there he spoke in the manner of the fishers and the farmers so that they could understand Him as He used the terms of fish or barley and Bread and Wine) and the New Age of the Aquarius where we no longer explore the Oceans but the Universe.


Have you ever wonder that Humanity is the only Creature that have Emancipated itself from the Animal form to a higher Evolutionary form where as, while the Animals hunt to satisfy their hunger that, mankind hunts to satisfy his Greed? While the Animals know not how to build a car, Humanity knows how to build spaceships? What a great acheivement is it when Humanity considders the Dawin Theorie that Humanity evoluted fron the animal form and have over Thousands of years through Mutation to have reach this stadium? Maitreya once said that it was the most Coragous and Brave Fish who deared to take the Challange to leave the Water and to see if it could Survive on dry Land! Just Imagine what Belief and Trust must one have to do such, and even from this moment, was this a form of Inspiration for all the other Fishes who deared take the risk. Today Humanity have forgotten all this.


We have come a long way as a Humanrace and is still Advancing through Learning. And we also Know that one does'nt begin a new sentance with „And“ but we wish to brake the Tradition, therefore please allow us to say, And when we should ask the question how is it then possible that Humanity have reach such a level? Well it's because Humanity through Thinking and their Taughts brings him/herself Further of the Awareness of oneself. Put a Hammer or a Screwdriver in the hands of a Monkey and lay a few Nails and Screws and pieces of Wood on a Table and see what the Monkey or a Dog would do with it. This determines the Difference between the Animals and Humanity, and at which level Humanity stands in relation with the Animal World or their Evolution Status as being Technologically Advance in such a manner. Still we see that Humanity with such Advancement behave themselves sometimes worst that the Animals of the Jungle, and why? It's because many of us are not prepared to give up on our Animalistics and really believe that we are Rats and Dogs and Deamons and Vampires as if we have no conection to our higher self, the Godliness what dwells within us. We are brutal in our behaviour towards eachother and believe that we alone can do and the other can't. A friend of mines once said to me: hey Ringo, I'm not afraid of what mankind can do unto me, but I'm more afraid of what I could do unto Mankind, and this is the difference of doing and being done unto, for when a wicked person believes that he can do me wrong, listen up, for I can do him worst. What we see here is the underestimation of another man's abbillity. Therefore before you attack someone else, considder who you are attacking and never underestimate the Extremities to which an other person can go to when that Person gets really angry!


You may know your strength but can you really calculate the strength of the other?


If you could of just think of a person and kill that person with one taught, would you do it even if you had the power to?


If you had the Power to bring Nations down with just one Word, would you do it?


I also do Believe as Sri Sathya Sai Baba does, that a cross over from the old Age into the New Age can be made in a Smooth and Peacefull form, and as the Lord Maitreya taught us, can we Acheive this through the Principals of SHARING!




The New Politics of the New Age:


Maitreya aswell as the Master Benjamin Creme and His Master DK once said: The New Politics shall Adjust themselves to Serve the Needs of the Peoples! There shall be a Fussion (Synthisis) where the Best of the Commonism and the Best of the Democracy shall be taken out of these two Political Forms and be joint together to Rule. This New Form of Politics shall be Known as „Social Democracy“.


The Commonist Nations shall Unite with the Western Democratic Nation and take the Best out of both forms of Political Policies to Asure Security and Wellfare for all World Citizens and the things that have no Values shall be thrown away seeing that these things only brings conflicts between the Nations and the Folks of the Nations.


Before such should take place, must the missunderstandings be Cleared between the Nations. A Great Fond must be Instrumented where the Resources can be Shared between the Nations as a Form of Transaction to prevent discord amongst themselves. The Basic Human Rights shall be Respected and Established amongst all regardless to Race, Colour or Creed! The Inviourmental Habitation shall be Respected seeing that Humanity shall Know the True Service of the Planet and Her Resources! All these Things and much more shall have Major priority to Assure a Most Sustainable and Harmonious Living on the Planet!


Do you Believe thet Jesus lied when He or Isiah said that the Lamb shall lie with the wolf and that there shall be no harm? No He did'nt, but He Spoke the Truth about this! There Shall be Peace in the Valley for all!


The Peace Decree:


Lybia shall remember the Contracts what they made with Russia to Build up the Infra Structure of their Nation and Russia shall go to Lybia and help bring Stability there and Build up Libya, and take up once again the Committments what Gadaffi had with the African Union and shall give in Gadaffi's name the Donations what Gadaffi once gave unto the African Union for their Wellfare and all shall be well in Lybia and Africa! Their Shall Be Peace in the Valley and the Mountains!!!!!!!!!


North Korea and the USA and well as Russia and the USA shall have Great Ties as if there was nothing about conflicts and differences! There Shall Be Peace in the Valley and the Mountains!!!!!!!!!


Nations like Venezuela shall Arise and be Strong seeing that those who now set Sanctions against that Nation shall realise that it causes only Chaos and that it's only a matter of time before this Chaos returns back on their Nations and their Heads! There Shall Be Peace in the Valley and Mountains!!!!!!!!!


The Aribic Nations shall Recognise the Rights of the Women and shall Respect these Rights and shall show the Woman Dignity and Respect and Honour aswell as the Stranger amongst them! There Shall be Peace in the Valley and the Mountains!!!!!!!!!


The USA shall see it's South American Sisters and Brothers as one of theirs and shall Approach them with Respect and Integrity and shall be Harmonious towards eachother! There Shall Be Peace in the Valley and the Mountains


The West Indian Nations shall Praise God for His Deliverance and shall Walk in His Light! There Shall be peace in the Valley and on the Mountains!!!!!!!!!


The Asian Nations shall Develop and Contrubute Great Help to the rest of the World through their Aged Wisdom and shall themselves be at Peace with Eachother and the Rest of the World! There Shall Be Peace in the Valley and on the Mountains!!!!!!!!!


Europe shall be Happy to see that all Europe Unites as One and Accepts the Different Walks of Life in It's Middle as their brothers and Sisters and they shall Help all the Needy! There Shall be Peace in the Valley and on the Mountains!!!!!!!!!


Africa shall be finally Recognized as the Birth Place of all Humanity and Black People shall be Honoured all over seeing that they have suffered and have payed the Price for their Sufferings. They shall Arise and shall show their True Colours of Beauty and Splendour. And the Dragon shall Live amongst the Lions and the Peoples and the Nations and shall be as ONE and there shall be no more war! There shall be Peace in the Valley and on the Mountains!!!!!!!!!


We are Happy of those Days which begins Today!!!!!!!!!




We are Happy of the Day of Unity and Love!!!!!!!!!




Love, Peace and Harmony Shall Privail In and On the Earth!!!!!!!!!




Namaskar Jah Love









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