A Comment Tageschance Obama Care:


A Comment Tageschance

Obama Care:

Congrats to the Decission of the American People to Obama Care!!!!!!!!!

You know funny as it may sound, if we were to say that there is a lot of money to earn in the schooling of those who have decided the Obama Care, mayby a lot of German Gesundheits Versicherungs Firmen (Health Care Insurance Firms) would be knocking at your door, but if we were to say that there is no money to earn and that it's all about the Health Care of the People, mayby only the best of those Firms would Apply for the job, because of their Interest for the People. Take our Advice and choose only the Best of them. Oh! Did we hear the IKK, the AOK and the Barmer shout out we are the Best? Believe us Mr. President Obama,Take only the Best and make out of Obama Care an Universal Health care!!!!!!!!!

God bless the American People!!!!!!!!!

God Bless Obama`s Universal Health Care!!!!!!!!!

Namaskar Jah Love