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A Comment Tageschance About Reformation


A Comment Tageschance


About Reformation:


It was in the 90ties as the Berlin wall fell and Germany was about to be Reformed to adjust itself towards the New Age and the demands of the new times what stands ahead. The fall of the Berlin walls Inspired many other Nations and motivated them to want to dare the Challange of Change. Many of the East European Nations as well as those of Asia. One of the most Impressive of the whole was China. I remember as China was asked to do Reforms, they were Prepared more than ever and more than any one else to do these Reforms seeing that China, a Great Ancient and Historical Folk/Nation, needed urgenly these Reforms. China as a Nation suffered for many years under the missunderstanding of the West and their Invasion in past decades by the British who really was an Agressor when i'm allowed to say, for the reason as the Chinese Government at that time asked the British to leave their Nation, Great Britten implimented an Opium War, where the Nation of China and it's People became Addics to Opium what was directivly Instumentalized by the British to destabalize the Folk and the Nation of China. Such held China and it's Folk down for centuaries, not only this but for a fact that China Isolated itself after all this.

Now looking at China, for those who may think that this Nation is a Primitave Folk, I must say such People have no Idea how much China have given unto all the World. China is a highly Inteligent and Technological Nation. A great deal of our Knowledge and Rituals came out of the Asian room what was then practiced by us not knowing the origin of such Rituals. Just take for an example the Nuddle, do you really think that the Italians have Invented the Nuddle? No it was the Chinese. Marco Polo sailed to China and Discovered the Nuddle and brought it back to Rome, honestly speaking China was the one who Invented the Nuddle as well as many other Great Inventions what later carried the Trade Mark of others.

It was on the Time that China under go these Reforms and they took the Opertunity to do such. Along side of Germany, was China one of the only Nations who dared this Opertunity. It was Neccessary and it was Good this way. Through doing this did China open it's doors what were closed to the rest of the Modern World and it took Millions of Chinies out of Poverty and Sufferations and dispite the conflict with Tibet, still it was Important that China make such Reforms, and even if it was for one reason and that is to show that even they are a People Worthy to sit at the Tables of the International World Committies. The people of China are a Beautifull and wonderfull people dispite to what others may say. We must first ask ourself what causes Nations and Peoples to become Radical and Terrorist and outsiders as to Isolate themselves as China did in years before? It's Seperation and Isolation and the not letting others have participation on Events and Aktivities and part in National or International Interest as we now seen done with North Korea or other such Nations. Such Radicalizes.

When we hear Theresa May Englands new Prime Minister say that England must sell more Whisky to India, we appeal on you Mrs. May, dont do that, less can history repeat itself as it was done with China, the Aborigines of Australia and such. The Indian People have Meditation and their Spirituality as their Opium and need not Alkohol. What India need is Reformation from the old Dogma what holds them down. Help for their Farmers and Poor Peoples, Hygenic Help and Facilities to clean up the slums and the sueages in which Millions Live in. Health-Care, Propper Housing and Education as means of Help and Development.

As Germany took up the Agenda 2010 from the Chanzler Gehard Schröde as a means to Develop and Adjust itself to the Changing Times, all the other Nations looked and taught, lets see if it brings anything for Germany, and if it does, maybe we would do the same. Itally, France, Spain, Greece, Portugal even England or the USA, no one wanted to do Reforms other than China. No one expected the Financial Crash what would could have brought a much greater dipression as we now see Worldwide. It reminds me of the story about the Five Wise and the Five foolish Virgins once told by Jesus in the New Testament of the Holy Bible: There was once 10 young Virgins who were asked to prepare themselves for the Lord who shall soon arrive, all were given Lanterns with a Portion of oil for this purpose. As 5 of the Virgins thought that the Lord was taking too long before He comes, they used all their oil what was in their Lamps, so that as the bells were rung and all Virgins were asked to go out on the dark street and Lighten up the Path for the Lord to His Residence, that the Five foolish Virgins realized that they had no more oil in their Lamps, and therefore asked the other Five wise Virgins to give them for their oil seeing that they have no more. The Five Wise Virgins looking at them in reply; go to the Grocery and buy yourself oil, ours are just enough for ourselves and the arrival of the Lord. As the Lord Arrived, the Five Wise Virgins recieved Him and was asked to come in and to dine with Him. The Five Foolish Virgind missed this Opertunity and as they did arrive to the Residence where the Lord was staying, they knocked on the door but the Lord sent them away saying; be away from me for I know you not. Jesus said: woe unto such foolish Virgins, for they will dwell in the darkness of the night alone and their shall be weeping and wailing.

In the 9ties as the Lord came to me and ask me to bring my House in order, I knew that Germany was meant and needed these Reformations and therefore it was Neccessary to do such. Am I Germany as you may ask? Yes but not only me but every other Citizen who Lives here as Angela Merkel newly said, and Reforms can only Function when all Work together and Respect each-other to make such Reforms Possible, do you understand me Mr.Trump? China, the Catholic Church aswell as the Ecomain between the two Christian Churches (Evangelic and Catholic) they Praise the same Christ and are one, aswell as the USA, South America, Russia, Africa, Turkey and the many others who we try to Help, but looking at it, some Nations took too long to do these Reforms and feared these Reforms and therefore fell on the wayside after the Financial Crash on Wall Street. Therefore dont give Germany or China the blame for you nonsuccessiv development. The USA invested all it's money in wars what costed them Billions what they dont have and therefore, sorry Mr.Trump for this missunderstanding of policy govern by your taughts.

Reformations are Neccessary to advance and to accommodate with time and age and to cope with the constant Changing Development of our World.

Parents as well needs to Reform their old Thaughts to understand their Children and what they are saying.

In a Constant Modern Technological World, must we always be prepared to adjust ourselves to the growing Challanges of the Age and Ages to come, seeing that the things that once functioned in the past, wont function today in the future.

Tollerance, Acceptance, and a view over the rimm of your plate would help. Expand your Horizont in order to see the other as you would see yourself.


Namaskar Jah Love

Laotses tageschance Nr. 36

Laotses tageschance Nr. 36

36. Geheime Erleuchtung

Was man zusammenziehen will,
das muß man erst sich richtig ausdehnen lassen.
Was man schwächen will,
das muß man erst richtig stark werden lassen.
Was man beseitigen will,
das muß man erst richtig sich ausdehnen lassen.
Wo man nehmen will,
da muß man erst richtig geben.
Das heißt die geheime Erleuchtung.
Das Weiche siegt über das Harte.
Den Fisch darf man nicht der Tiefe entnehmen.
Des Reiches Förderungsmittel darf man nicht den Leuten zeigen.

(Quelle: „Laotse  - Tao te king“, das Buch des Alten vom Sinn des Lebens, aus dem Chinesischen ins Deutsche übertragen und erläutert von Richard Wilhelm, atmosphären-Verlag)

Auf dem Klappentext des Büchleins über Laotse ist folgendes zu lesen:

„Laotse ist der berühmteste Vertreter des Taoismus. Sein „Tao te king“ ist das Herzstück der taoistischen Literatur und die höchste Form menschlicher Weisheit. Es ist der Schlüssel zum Sinn und zum Leben für alle Menschen, die nach Wahrheit streben.
Hier ist Richard Wilhelms epochale Übersetzung des chinesischen Textes ins Deutsche, wie er sie zum ersten Mal 1911 veröffentlicht hat.“

Und weiter:

„Der Leser des Tao te king trifft auf uralte Worte, zum Teil auf verschlüsselte Sprache. Doch es sind Worte, die etwas erahnen lassen möchten, was weit über alle Worte hinausgeht – nämlich die Ebene des Tao: das tiefste Geheimnis und die höchste Wirklichkeit, die wahre Stille und ewige Dauer.“   Martina Darga

A Comment Tageschance Proverbs of Wisdom:


A Comment Tageschance


Proverbs of Wisdom:

We the People can't hope that there will be Peace on Earth as long as we Delight in our old Brutal habbits against others.


We the People can't Demonstrate all day long on the Streets against our Governments who send their Troops in the wars all around the World, and after the Demonstrations we go home and play Worlds of War Craft.


We can't play Eager Shooter and not feel like the Hitman in the game, after the game is over.


We Demonstrate against war and Terror, still we flood the Cinemas to see the next Action Block Buster.


When the gun man sleeps, his gun sleeps with him.


When the Holy Sleeps, God is Awake and watches over the Holy.


The Terror of the World is just an other Reflection in the minds of Mankind. Mankind seems not to want to solve their Problems in a Peacefull Manner, and some are they who believe that attack is the best way to solve things. What we really are doing is creating more Carma, for our selfs, for our Nations, for our Folks, for our Planet.


Because of one persons fears, an other person suffers.


The fears that accompanies Mankind in his head, he meets them around the next corner.


If you fear, every where you go your fears shall be at hand.


Mankind fear, where there is nothing to be afraid of.


Mankinds fears are the results of its Prehistorical Animalistics.


Any State that Is, or Was, Founded on War, shall be distructed through war.


Any Nation that is Grounded on Lies shall find its distruction through Lies.


Any Nation that is Built on Injustice, shall fall through Injustice.


It is said in the Scriptures of the Holy Bible: The Rich man's wealth is in the City, but the Poorman's Wealth is is a Holy Place, which is His Heart.


The riches of the richman is his Material Wealth, but the Riches of the Poorman is His Love and His Grace.


The Great and Wise King Soloman asked the Question: which man can carry hot burning coals in his bossum and not be burned?


Who hunt Terrorists, will be one day hunted by Terrorist.


Any Nation who goes up to war against an other Nation, must accept that the remnants of that Nation will one day seek Revenge.


All things that were made by the hands of man shall deteriate and desolve.


All Material Posessions are borrowed goods, seeing that we still pay the morgage for it as long as we posess it. The Tax for the Car, The bill for the Telephone, the bill for watching the TV even when the TV box is yours. Every Material Posession is only borrowed.


Where there is no Trust, there is no Respect, and there, where there is no Respect, Conflicts are at large.


A Folk or a Community that have no Education, or Perspectives of Proper Occupation, turns out to be a useless people.


If we go to war against Nations and their Governments, we must be prepared to take in their Reffugees.


The Reffugees that we Reject are the Remnants of the Nations and the Governments who we distroyed.


When you teach Allies to become Enemies, one day your friends shall become your FOE's.


Blood is thicker than Water, and Vengance knows no rest.


Posittion is the art of Gunery, but Salvation Delivers the Soul.


It takes a Wise Man to Hear the Voice of Wisdom, but fools askes permission to Continue in their Folly.


The evil person believe that when they goes to work, that God is Sleeping.


If the fool did Respect the Laws of Carma, they would understand that:What goes around, Comes around.


The fools believe that they stand over the Laws.


A fool laughts where there is no joke.


King Solomam: A Wise Son maketh a Glad Father, a foolish son is the burden of his Mother.


When Pride feels hurt, the pain runs deep.


Bob Marley sang in His Song: they are killing the People and having their fun, they just want to be the leaders in the House of the Rising Sun, but no matter what the crisis is, we will be giving Jah Thanks and Praises.


King Soloman Taught us in the Proverbs: To Fear/Respect God, is the beginning of Wisdom.


Namaskar Jah Love