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Musical Tageschance: New CD-LP-Brothers in Bamako From Habib Koite and Eric Bibb

Musical Tageschance

New CD-LP:

Brothers in Bamako


Habib Koite and Eric Bibb

A most wonderfull and Fantastic new longplay CD from the Mali (West Africa) Artist Habib Koite and the American Artist Eric Bibb. Eric Bibb is well known for his rassige Rydim and Blues as well as his Fantastic Gospels, with which he have always kept his Fans over the many of years in the Spirit of the lord Jesus when not only. Habib Koite is nothing less, but is one of Africas most Fantastic Guitarist as well, Eric Bibb call's him the African B.B.King. Both Great Musicians themselves, Habib and Eric.

Fantastic african and Suddern American guitar riffs, and Banjoes accomponied with the Heartbeat rydims of the Bongos and other percussions from the depths of Africa, makes this LP so Special. Simplicity in it's unique style of recording and performance was the intention of both the Artist I think, who produced a Wonderfull work.

The Lyrics and singing, demonstrates the Present but also Ancesstorical connection between the Afroamerican and the African Herritage which is still at large between both Folks, as if wanting to keep Perer Tosh in mind as he once sung; no matter where you come from, as long as you're a black man, you're an African.

The Lycris of the Songs are deep going and well sung, truelly presenting the message that they hope to send out.

The CD is Fantastic, but even Live is an experiance what no one should miss. If they were not in your town as yet, just order those guys in the next club near to you and have a breath taking experiance.

Song like; Touma Ni Kelen/Needed Time sung as duet, We don't care, With my maker I am one,

Foro Bana, Blowing in the Wind, sung by Eric Bibb (his version of this old Clasic) and many more Wonderfull songs.

For our likings, it is the Summer CD of the Year 2012.

Support the Brothers and Support Mali.


Namaskar Jah Love






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