Gute Nachrichten, um die Welt neu zu sehen

From Ringo A Pray of Song for all the World:

From Ringo

A Pray of Song for all the World:

Blessed is the things that are given unto us

Blessed are the Heavens and the Earth

Blessed are the Heavenly and the Earthly Host

Blessed is the Heavenly Father and the Earthly Mother

Blessed is Mankind

Blessed are the Animals and all Creatures

Blessed are the Trees and all Vegetation

Blessed are all Minerals and Things


Blessed is the Love Bestowed upon us

Blessed is the Light that is given unto us

Blessed is the Power of Glory which is upon us

Blessed are those who Bless us, for they are Blessed

Blessed is the Unpriveliged, for they shall be made Privelige

Blessed are the Poor for they shall be made Rich

Blessed are the Sick, for they shall be Healed

Blessed are the Uneducated, for they shall be given an Education

Blessed are the Hungry for they shall be Fed

Blessed are the Homeless for they shall be Housed

Blessed are the Naked for they shall be Cloth


Blessed are the Captives who are held Captive for the sake of Equal Rights and Justice, for they shall Inherit Freedom

Blessed are they who are Persicuted for the sake of the Truth, for they shall Know God

Blessed are those who are killed and Murdered for the Name and the Belief of the Lord Christ, for their Names shall be Written in the Books of the Lamb

Blessed are they who Fight for Equal Rights, Justice and Peace in the Earth, for they shall be taken up by the Christ


Blessed is the Christ who have chosen to return unto Mankind for the sake of Love unto Humanity and all Nature

Blessed are those who Knows the Will of the Lord Christ and Practices His Priorities, for they shall be Reconed as Son and Daughters of HIM

May Every Thing in Heaven and on the Earth be Blessed

Namaskar Jah Love



A Song of Praise


The Glory of God in His Splendour:


Oh Glorify the Lord all yee People of the Earth

Oh Sing a Greatfull Song unto HIM

For the Lord is in His Glory to be Honoured and Praised


Our Heart shall Sing of the Wondrefull Works what HE have done for us

For HE have Given unto us His Mercy so that we Rejoice amongst the Holy of the Lord

for HE have Given unto us HOPE


Who is like unto the Lord who is come down from His Great Mountain to see unto the Needs of Humanity


For He said: My Brothers and Sisters, my Return in the World is a sign which show's that the New Age has begun

My Children, my Friends, I have Returned Earlier as expected, but there is Much to be done.

Much must be Changed in the World, for many Hunger and Die, and many others Suffer through the fact of Uselessness


He said: Many are they on the Earth who calls out for my Return amongst Humanity, and I Answer unto their Call


He said: I AM your Friend

I AM your Hope

I AM your Protection

I AM your Love



Glory is the Lord our God who have Returned from out of His Retreat, to Bless Mankind and bestow Him with the Light and the Love and the Power of His Devine Grace

Oh yee Childre of the Earth, Know that the Glory of God is amongst Mankind

Oh yee People of the Nations, Know that the Son of Man have kept His Prommise unto Humanity and have Returned to Teach Mankind and Lead Mankind over into the New World

Blessed is the Lord Christ, Blessed is HIM on High

Namaskar Jah Love


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