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New Horizon - Street Doves

"New Horizon" - new Song from the Street Doves
 Listen to our beautiful new tune:

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New Horizon
Street Doves


The Creation of the song New Horizon

A Phenomenon is it really.

Inspired by Filomena Rios (Neuschäfer Electronics Germany), did Charles Ollivierre (Ringo) write this song during his work time on the Job. It all happened as Juliana was looking for a song what could be used as a Trailer for an Immage Film what she was asked to do for the above mentioned Company. Julie called up Charles and told him that she was having problems looking for a suitable song for the Film and the Company. Minutes later, Charles called back and told her that he have an Idea what he think she could use.

On that same day the Street Doves had Practice. The Guitarist Andrias Winzen Studied the accords as Charles sang the song for him what he wrote at work, while Juliana as Fassinated as she was over the song, sat relax injoying the Text and the Melody and the smooth mellow flow of the swing. She suddenly shouted out „Yes, That's it what I was looking for“!

Charles told them how the song was created. He said that he felt the Spirit of Filomena during singing the song over and over again while working. He said, it was as if she was Inspiring him at that moment. Seeing that they only had 3 days that the song must be finished, did he give all what he had to make it a Beautifull song, what would Please the Company and everyone else. The question ran through his head constantly, how would Frank Sinatra, or Michael Buble write or sing such a swing? Therefore he wrote it as if both these guys would sing this song.

This song was written on monday the 12 of Juli 2015. On the following day the 13 of Juli 2015 the Satelite The New Horizons woke up after 9 years of sleep, sending back Photos from the Planet Pluto. This was a Sensation. As the Street Doves meet again on Wednesday the 14 to Practice, Julie and Andrias asked, how should we call this song? Charles then answered „New Horizon“ everyone laught and said with one content, so shall it be.

Charles called up a Friend Martin Erbrecht, who also did the CD LP Fight of Revelation and asked him if he could do the recording at his home studio. Martin said yes, but he only had 2 hours time to get it finished, seeing that his Grandfather have just died a few days ago and he had to prepare himself for the Funeral on that same day and after the Funeral he would be on the next flight to go on Holidays. Hey Martin, we would like to thank you very much for the great work and Jah Bless man!!!!!!!!!

As Julie and her Camera Team Ralf Wirth and Jojo played the song in the Company Neuschäfer Electronics, at the end of the song, all stood up and Applaused in standing Ovation and said „yes, it's Perfect“. Filomena Rios and Wilfred Neuschäfer the owner of the Company and a Lover of Jazz and Swing was Overwhelmed and Congratulated the Streetdoves for the wonderfull Composition.

We also Thank Neuschäfer Electronics for their Trust and the Together working with us the Street Doves and wish God's Blessing, Health and Care, His Guidance and His Protection and Great Success in all their Works and Inventions.

Please feel free to visit the web side of Neuschäfer Electronics and see the Immage Film, not only that but all the other Great things what they produce, maybe there's something there for you and your Firm.

Neuschäfer Electronics, taking Technology to a higher level!

Namaskar Jah Love


Street Doves: Auftritt am Samstag

Liebe Leute!

Wir "Street Doves" wollen Euch einladen, zu unserem Konzert im Vinylreservat Göttingen (Papendieck) am kommenden Samstag, 18. April. Wir werden ab 14.00 Uhr spielen und würden uns freuen, viele von Euch zu sehen!

Es ist der "Record-Store Day", den viele Musiker europaweit feiern an diesem Tag!

Schaut hier mal rein:

Happy hours für Euch und bis bald,

Namaskar Jah love, Euer tageschance-team


Konzert Street Doves in Hünfeld am Samstag

Liebe Freundinnen und Freunde der Musik der Street Doves!

Wir wollten euch sagen, dass wir am Samstag, den 3. Mai um 20.00 Uhr ein Gospel-und Soulkonzert  geben in der Bonifatius-Klosterkirche in Hünfeld (Klosterstrasse 5)

Die musikalische Reise der Street Doves wird über Mahalia Jackson, das Golden Gate Quartett bis hin zu Elvis Presley und Jonny Cash gehen.

Wir freuen uns auf ein sehr schönes Konzert und eine volle Kirche!

Herzlich, Eure Street Doves