A Comment from Ringo USA:

A Comment from Ringo


Blessed be the Nation of the USA, it's People and their President Barak Obama and his Government.

May the Light and the Love and the Power of the Lord and Christ Maitreya Buddha as well as all the Masters, Angels, Devas, the Heavenly Host and all the Peoples of the World be upon you to Bless you at all times.

The question was asked, if things have gotten better during the reign of President Barak Obama and his Democratic party for that Nation of the USA and it's People?

Well let us point out for a fact, that he the President and his Government is a great Blessing for that Nation of the USA. In other words; yes, through the simple fact that they did take over a Nation what was allready caught up in a Crisis because of the Politics which was Practiced by the former Government of the Republicans under the rule of George Bush.

To lift up a Nation that was broken down as the USA was and to carry such a burden as the Present Government under the rulership of President Barak Obama have done and is doing, is a Mighty and most daring Job which Requires Compitence, Abbility, Symplicity, Courage and Strength, which the present President Posesses.

Some people are however naive enough to believe that in 4 years the President Obama would have brought the USA back to the Standard in which Bill Clinton had left it, forgetting that it took George Bush 8 years to have devestated it to the limit that he left it at with an empty Treasury. As George Bush left the Government, he left with Billions in his pockets what he earned from the 2 wars what he created, while the Treasury of the USA was Empty. Still some taught that Barak Obama would come with a bag full of money and replace what Bush threw away for the wars what he fought, very unrealistic such expectations.

The President Barak Obama and his Democratic Government deffinately need another 4 years Period before all Americas Problems are solved.

A Change of Government at the Present moment would be a Tragody for the World as well as for the Citizens and that Nation of the USA.

President Barak Obama, as Bill Clinton said, is the Unification of the American People as well as all those Foreigners who lives in the USA, while the Republicans under the rulership of Mit Romney would mean the Implimentaion of the old Racial Discriminating standards of Seperation and Hate. Such in a New Age as in which we now live, would be a most Destructive device for Americas Future and the rest of the World.

It is the rich Republicans as Mit Romney's friend newly said, that the rich republicans dont give the American People jobs any more because they want the people to understand that Obama is not good for America.

Let me ask the Question;

Who is better, he who does every thing to rebuild that Nation of the USA and Supply Jobs for the American People as Obama and his Government does and is doing?

Or one like the rich Republicans who Deploy the Citizens of the USA just to prove that they are mighty enough to suffer Millions when they want to?

Honestly speaking, I would say that the President Obama is the much better Choice.

All the World knows that the Politics of the Republicans of the USA is Based on Lies and False Accusations against the Democrats and their President.

Newly as Harry Belefonta was Interviewed by 3sat in TV, he was asked by the Journalist to give a reply on the words what she shall ask him. One of these words was Obama? Belefonta answered: a Blessing for the World.

She then asked, Romney? He answered. A Tragody.

You see Mr.Romney, as Bob Marley once said: you can fool the people sometimes, but you can't fool the people all the time.

Our Choice for Democracy and Freedom, Equal Rights and Justice is President Barak Obama!!!!!!!!!

Mr.Romney called on the Illumed one to support his campaigning for Presidency of the USA, still Romney and the Republican party Fights against the Priorities of the Illumed one, the Christ Maitreya Buddha, when he Mit Romney swears to Destroy the Barak Obama Health Care Reform what Helps Millions of US Citizens.

Mr.Romney, dont you know that President Obamas Health Care Reform SERVES the Priority of the Illumed ONE the Christ Maitreya Buddha, seeing that the Christ See's and Wishes Health Care as an Universal Right for all World Citizens, while you and your Republican Party wishes it for only as minority and that minority are the rich People of the Earth or of the USA?

May the Light and the Love and the Power of the Christ Maitreya Buddha Shine down with His Glory of Blessings upon you and your Democratic Government of the USA oh Mr.President Barak Obama!!!!!!!!!

May this Blessing bring you and your Government Great Success and Prosperity, for you, your Nation of the USA, their People and for all the rest of the World!!!!!!!!!

Be Blessed President Obama!!!!!!!!!

Namaskar Jah Love