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A Comment Tageschance North and south Korea:


A Comment Tageschance

North and south Korea:


Blessed Love and Blessed Peace be bestowed upon you both, our dear Beloved Brothers and Sisters of North and South Korea.

Dear brothers and Sisters of the South of Korea. If the North should stretch out their hands unto you, Please take it and shake it with Honour and Respect.

Oh USA, if North Korea shall stretch out their Hands unto you, Please take it and shake it with Honour and Respect.


Oh Mrs Hilary Clinton if you are Fully prepared to Serve the Plan of the Masters and the Plan of God, Be Prepared to take the Hands of North Korea as well as that of Venezuela and Work in Unity with them when you shall becomes President of the USA.

We are with the North as well as with the South, because we Believe, but not only while we Believe, but it's because we know that there shall be Pecae between both these Brothers, therefore as Obama did with Cubd and Iran, also should you do with North Korea and Venezuela. Take away the Sanctions and do instead Peace Talks. Words instead of Weapons, Salvation instead of Sanctions, and SOP (and Save our Planet).

North Korea is Prepared to Work with the International World of Nations, and therefore Every other Nation of the International World should Listen to what North Korea have to say. Even if it does'nt pass to your Cramm, still Listen and then you can Discuss the Differences and come to a Compromiss where everyone is Satisfied with the Results.

We Know that Noth Korea have in the last Time, provoked others witi their Attitude, but they did it to have Attention. Now they have our Attention and we see how Advanced and Technological they have advanced themselves.

Such a little Nation like North Korea is in the Space Arena Established. It is on the time that you other Nations, England, USA, Russia, Europe and all the others Nations should Wellcome North Korea with Enlightenment as one who have Rissen himself out of the dust and stands amongst the Stars, and you should ask them to share their Knowledge with you as well as you Share your Knowledge with them.

Build the next Space Adventure with Americans and Russians and North Koreans, and Europeans and Close your lost Brother in your Arms with Joy and Happiness.

Do you know what Europe made as a Big Mistake? As Turkey and it's President was begging to join the EU, the EU always found an other reason to say No! You are not allowed.

The President of Turkey got ever more and more bitter and started to hate the socalled Democratic Methods of Europe and searched elsewhere for an other form. There he, the President found a don't care mentality what is worste as it was before. Today the EU Needs the Turkey in the Refugees problem in Europe. Honestly speaking it is a Shame on the EU? Yes it is!

Please don't make the same mistake, but if you are Christians as you all claim, then Work in the Intrest of Christ and that of His Father Buddha and Help your Brothers and Sisters in Need!!!!!!!!!

Jesus taught us that the First shall be the last and the Last shall be the First. What if North Kore's Techknology should supass that of the whole World and we would be Dependant upon that Nation, would'nt you be Ashame? Yes you would!

The Christ Maitreya Buddha said that He is with Everyone of Good Will! If North Korea wishes to show Good Will, believe us when we say that the Christ Buddha shall Help them. Not to make war, but to Defend the same Principals as that of Barack Obama when he Pleads for an Atomic Free World, and we do believe President Kim Yung Un when he say's He Will, and he Can Help towards an Atomic Free World. We believe because we know that it is Koreas Honesty and their Desires to do so and Yes they Can and they shall, Amen!!!!!!!!!

Ringo said as he Remembered: As Germany came to Barbados in the Carribbic and asked him to come to Germany and Help them with the Berlin wall, he himself did'nt believe that it would have such a Success, but it was a Success.

As he spoke of the First Woman to Rule Germany as a Chancler, his work Colleges laught and said that Merkle will not even be a Chaimman in her Party, this was in the year 2000. Today Angela Merkel is one of the most Respected Politicians.

As he asked his Companions in the year 2006, if they believe that the USA and the World is Prepared for the First Black President of that Nation? They all stood still and said nothing. In the year 2008 the First Black President was Good to go on the Road, and he Really did Politics like no one ever did before him. Never before was a President so successfull as the President Obama!!!!!!!!!

We Report these things not to be Honoured and to be Gloryfied, but for the sake of Peace and the Love towards Harmony amongst Brothers and Sisters.


And once again we do ask you to Trust and see the Need for Peace Relations between North and South Korea and all the rest of the World. We Know, just how it Functioned with Germany. Just how it Functioned with the USA and Cuba, or with Iran and the USA, the same way it could happen with North and South Korea.


Our dear Beloved little Brother Kim Yung Un. Our dear Beloved Brothers and Sisters of North and South Korea, Just Trust and Believe in Buddha, Trust and Believe in His Son Jesus and all shall be Good!!!!!!!!! Work towards Peace Relation amongst each other and show the Good will!!!!!!!!!

Let the Spirit of Peace and Harmony go to Work and Accomplish and Fullfill their Duties in Establishing Peace and Harmony amongst the Above mentioned Nations and Peoples!!!!!!!!!

The One Holy God Bless these Duties and these Fullfillments and Accomplishments with the Light and Love and Power of His Glory!!!!!!!!!

There Shall be Peace amongst the Nations, the Peace of the Christ Maitreya Buddha and His Son Jesus Christ!!!!!!!!!

Namaskar Jah Love













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