A Comment Tageschance The USA Part II :


A Comment Tageschance

GeorgeTown University:


Blessed is the Name of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ who have Restored Honour and Glory unto the Doors and the Rooms and the Halls of the George Town University!!!!!!!!!

Praise the Lord on High for he doeth Wonders!!!!!!!!!

Dear GeorgeTown University, because you have Restored the Honour of the Slaves who have Built your Walls and have opened your Doors and Gates and Knowledge, Wisdom and Understanding unto my Black People, be Prepared to Accept the Masters who shall Live and Teach and Advice your Students and shall Serve as Teachers and Proffessors in your Walls and Class Rooms and your Books!!!!!!!!!

Some of the Greatist and most Outstanding Scollars shall come out of your Gates and shall Teach the World from the Great Knowledge and Wisdom what they have Learned in your Gates!!!!!!!!!

Blessed be you oh George Town University!!!!!!!!!

Blessed be the Lord Jesus Christ!!!!!!!!!


Namaskar Jah Love



A Comment Tageschance

The USA Part II :


We've Numbered the Great Works of the Present President Barack Obama and his Democratic Party of the USA and we've came to one of the most Amazing results what a President and his Party have ever Achieved in his/it's period of Rule.

Never before was a President and his Party so Successfull as the Present Government of the USA, and therefore we see it Neccessary that the Present Democratic Government Continue their Rule of Great Principals and Great Works, only with a New Presidentin, seeing that the Constitution of the USA allows only maximal, 8 Years for the Rule of one President and no longer.

These are the Great Works of President Barack Obama and his Democratic Party of the USA:

  1. The first Health Care Reform what covers the widescale Health Responsability for over 50 Million US Citizens from all walks of Life Living there in the USA!!!!!!!!!

  2. The Newly signed Agreement for the Co² Emmission to fight Greenhouse Gasses, what is distroying our Planet and the Lives of Millions causing Cancer and other Dreadfull Illnisses!!!!!!!!!

  3. The Inviormental and Natural Protection of Wild Life, like the Great Mountain of the Native Indians what was given back it's Original Name „The Great One“. This Gesture brought Peace and Dignity and Respect back to the Native Indians of Alaska and all those Native Indians all over the USA. White Buffallo Woman, all this I've dne for you and all my Native Brothers and Sisters!!!!!!!!!

  4. The Land that was Officcially and Legally Signed by the Government at that time and given over unto the Native Indians and was Stolen from them by the hands of „Daniel Boon“ through False and Deciving Contracts, was given back unto those Native Indians as the President Barack Obama Invited those Natives into the White House and made a Decreed that their Land shall be Restored back unto them (The Rightfull Owners)!!!!!!!!!

  5. The over 50 years conflict with Cuba was Solved through a Peace Agreement and have Restored the Honour and Dignity of the Cuban People who once was Seperated. Not only that, but it have Path the way for New Great Relations and the Reestablishment of Trade between both Nations and their Folks!!!!!!!!!

  6. A Long Conflict what was standing between the USA and Iran was Replace through Peace, Deplomacy, Democracy and Dignified Respect between both Nations and their Fantastic Gonernments as done with Cuba!!!!!!!!!

  7. The Biggest Agreement to Assist Africa in the Fight against Hunger and to better the Relation between the USA and Africa!!!!!!!!!

  8. The Biggest Contract was just made by President Barack Obama and his Democratic Government to Protect the Biggest Ocean Life in the South Passiffic Ocean on our Planet which withhold Millions of Ocean and Sea Life on the Planet Earth!!!!!!!!!

  9. General Motors Lives again and the Industry and the Financial Treasury is Refilled and Jobs are at Lagred, and the USA is already „Big“ and need not some one who behaves themself as a „TRAMP“ to do this!!!!!!!!!

As we've mentioned above, Never before did the World see such a President and such a Party as the Democratic Party of the USA and therefore that all these Great Works be Continued, do we see it Neccessary that the Next President of the USA, be the First Woman to ever Rule that Ministry. The Presidentin Hillary Clinton, the Frist Woman to imbody that Office of Presidency!!!!!!!!!

Ringo/Charles Worked over the Years together hand in hand with her and know's her well and Speak out for her seeing that she is Obediant when spoken to!!!!!!!!!

With Berny Sanders and Obama as Councellor and Adviser at her side she, can Acheive even Greater things as Obama even acheived!!!!!!!!!

Why? Even Jesus told us that we shall do Greater things as he did, I mean what Greater things can we do as that Jesus have already done? He's the Greatist, but if he said so, then so shall it be!!!!!!!!!

Hillary Clinton shall tave our Advice and Listen to the Voice of the Masters to Fullfill the Plan of God and to Establish Maitreya's Priorities as the Pope Francis and the Dali Lama is already doing, and she shall keep her eyes on the Sparrow!!!!!!!!!

She and the Democrats are Worthy and Good and shall Continue the Successfull and Good Works of Obama to Fight Climat Change and to Combat Injustice and the Violation of the Basic Humanrights of all World Citizens!!!!!!!!!

She shall go ahead to make Education, Propable Houseing, Medical Health Care and Hyginical facilities, and a Ballanced Nutrition for all World Citizens, beginning at home in the USA as a Universal Right for All Humanity. By this doing many shall follow this Principal of Presidentin Hillary Clinton!!!!!!!!! These Prinzipal are the Priorities of Maitreya Buddha the Christ!!!!!!!!!

We are Proud to Wellcome the First Woman President of the USA Mrs.Hillary Clinton and her Great Democratic Party!!!!!!!!!HalleluJah, HalleluJah, HalleluJah, HalleluJah, HalleluJah, HalleluJah, HalleluJah, HalleluJah, HalleluJah, Amen, Amen, Amen!!!!!!!!!

Let's Heal our Broken World and Rebuild the Broken Bridges and Restore the Peace and Harmony between Humanity, rather than Segrigate and Hate and Racism!!!!!!!!!

The People must know and Understand that what we now see in Turkey and Russia and Hungry where the Freedom of Speach and the Rights of the Media is controlled by one Person who only let his Program be shown and the rest of the Nation is keept in Darkness and Lies and False Pride and Injustice and False Practices and Oppression and all what Dictators can do to a People to inslave them, should not come to the USA, seeing that we are the Free World!!!!!!!!!

The Wicked and Criminal Dictators of the World are asking for Donal Trump so that he Close down the Media and buy out the TV stations in the USA and Imprisson all Free Journalist and Murder those who Speaks out for Equal Rights and Justice, BUT NOT WITH US, WE SHALL FIGHT FOR THE RIGHTS OF ALL HUMANITY AS A FREE PEOPLE!!!!!!!!!

In the last SHARE International News paper (www.Share-International.org) , the Master speaks from the End of Dictatorship!!!!!!!!!

The Wicked shall Sleep 1000 Years during the Rule of the Christ in the Earth as written in the Holy Scriptures of the Revelation, it be that the Dictators and Racist change their wicked ways today and Repent from their wickedness!!!!!!!!!


Blessed is the Hillary Glinton and the Democratic Party of the USA!!!!!!!!!

Blesses are the Peoples of the USA!!!!!!!!!

Blessed are the Peace Keepers, for they shall be called the Children of God!!!!!!!!!

Namaskar Jah Love