Jerusalem belongs to all of us!






Netanjahu claims the holy city Yeruschalayim as only posessed by the jewish israelian people. This is wrong!


I have jewish blood in my vains and I am ashamed of the politics of Israel and Trumps plan to move the US-Embassy to Jerusalem!


Yeruschalayim belongs to all people of the world, wether they believe in Christ, in the five books of Mosai or Mohammed, because all three religions have holy places and memories in Yeruschalayim!


Nobody can say: I want Yeruschalayim for my own!!! This city is a Holy Place for all of us, but now there is a dark energy, which claims the place for ist own.


May the israelian people wake up and finally act as the only God of all men- and womenkind wants:

Respect the palastinians as brothers and sisters and share Yeruschalayim and the country with them!


We all are children of Abraham!

One God

One Aim

One Destiny -

Out of many we are One


Peace and love for the region and the Holy city of Jerusalem!


May peace prevail on Earth!




A Hymn for Yeruschalayim from Marie`s voice/Street Doves




  1. Yeruschalayim, Yeruschalayim,


sweet bright of the night


we wait for your freedom


in Glory and light




  1. Yeruschalayim, Yeruschalayim


You mighty old town


Your history are three religions


Everyone wants the crown




  1. Yeruschalayim, Yeruschalayim,


Your Gates shall be wide!


For worlds all believers


Who search for love light










4. Yeruschalayim, Yeruschalayim,


Peace shall come your way-


We will share your inner beauty,


We will welcome a new day!


We will welcome a new day!


We will welcome a new day!




Amen, Amen und Amen!




Namaskar Jah Love