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A Comment Tageschance Blessings unto the Church: A Song of Praise

A Comment Tageschance


Blessings unto the Church: A Song of Praise


Singet laut all yee Churches, singet laut yee Congrigation

Cause the Lord is Worthy to be Praised, For He is Christ on Earth

Let the People sing, let the People shout, let the People Praise His Name

Oh let the joy of Sweet Redemption, Fill the Hearts, Salvation's Freude.


Let the Simbels be heard and the Bells be rung,

The Children are singing a Wonderfull song

Form Glory and Splendour, that He have Provided

And the Voices of the Children went, through out the World

And Filled with Joy and Love, the Hearts of all Mankind


Oh let the People Sing, for Christ is come again

To Bless the Sheep of His pastures, who have died for His Name

Rissen from the dead, they have come to Judge the Earth

For the Voices of the People , Shall Surely be heard


Open Up All yee Churches your Doors and let the People in

To come and get their Blessings

To Pray, to Klapp, to Sing

And make Tables in the Churches, where the poor can Eat and Drink

So that God may give you Blessings, because you have Blessed Him.


Let the People bring Each their Talent, be it a Cake, a Bread, or a Tea

And Share it with the Congrigation and Surely it shall be

That you shall see the Smiles and Wonders, in their Faces Certainly

For Sharin is not just a gesture, but Sharing is Godly.

                                                                                                Music/Text: Street Doves



Blessed are the Congrigations of God:

The Blessing of the Lord Christ Rest upon The Church of God.

May the Lord Melchezidek, The High Priest of the Order of Melchezidek, Of the High Church of God and His Ministry of the Church, Bless The Pope Francis and all the Bishops and all the Cardinals, and the whole Congrigation of the Host!!!!!!!!!

The Blessings of the Lord Christ rest down upon all the Churches and the Congrigations of Christ all over the Earth and may you be lifted up in His Glory.

Be of good tidings oh yee Beloved and spread the Word, for He have said: It is my Intention to Present unto Mankind, the Solution to his Delimma, for the Future holds a Great Promise for Humanity. With my Brothers, the Masters of Wisdom, shall I teach you, how to Unfold and Develop your Devine being, so that you can Experiance your Heratage. It's my Plan to make Conscious unto Mankind, their True Worth and their True Capabilities, that in every Person, there Lives an Divine Son of God. (Maitreya, from Message No.24) (

Not only unto the Churches, but unto all the Holy Tempels, and Mosks, and Synagogues, and Ashrams and Schrines. Be Blessed in the Name of Christ.

His Light and His Love and His Glory doth rest down upon you all and Bless you!!!!!!!!!

Blessed be the Lord Jesus Christ!!!!!!!!!

Blessed be the Holy Mother Mary and all the Women of the Earth!!!!!!!!!

Blessed are the Heavens and all its Host. The Light and the Love and the Power of the Christ go out in all the Universe and Bless them!!!!!!!!!

Blessed is the Lord God Almighty, the Creator of all Things. We are Greatfull and Mercifull for thine Grace.

Blessed be Thou oh Heavenly Father!!!!!!!!!

Let everything that have Breath praise the Lord God, for He is worthy to be Praised!!!!!!!!!

Amen, Amen, Amen, Selah.


Namaskar Jah Love 

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