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A Comment Tageschance What does Jesus mean to me?


A Comment Tageschance


What does Jesus mean to me?


Pope Francis newly asked us all the question:What does Jesus mean to us?


What, Jesus?


My Sweet Jesus? My Lord and Saviour?


My Salvation?


My Light in the Darkness?


My Joy and my Happiness?


My Water and my Bread?


My Mother and Father, Brother and Sister, Friend and Companion?


What does Jesus mean for me?


I Think you know it Best Pope Francis.


Benjamin Creme ( told us as Jesus said: I am the Way, the Light and the Life, no one come's to the Father but through me. That he was the Personification of the word Carefullness and he imbodied this.


Jesus is the Light of the World and always shall be and only through Him is Salvation found!!!!!!!!!


Blessed be the Name and the Love of our Lord Jesus Christ!!!!!!!!!


Namaskar Jah Love

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