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A Comment from Ringo About Love and Peace:


A Comment from Ringo

About Love and Peace:

Love: Often we hear many say that they don`t believe in Love. Others are disapointed because the Love what they hoped for, did'nt come as they expected and others ask the question, what's Love have to do with it?

St.Paul taught us that Love is not demanding, it does'nt pomp itself up to prove itself, it is patient and long suffering, it believes any and almost everything who comes in it's name. Even he who lies in the name of Love is recieved by Love, even when Love knows that he is lying.

All the Universe was created through Love and without Love there would be no Universe. Love is the Essencial source of God in His Glory. Through this Love doth even the misserable recieves Salvation.

Love is Understanding, to Love is to Understand reason and cause.

Love is forgiving, forgiving because one have Understood the behaviour of the other and why they conduct the way they do.

Love is Mercifull even unto the unmercifull, even when not seen, by the unmercifull.

Love is Gracefull, even when Tresspassers passes the Teretories of the Loving.

Love is Sharing, for this reason are all Forms existant.

We Love because we are Love!!!!!!!!!

Could you really be Loved and be Love, or can we Love and be Loved?

Peace: Many are there who claim to be Peacemakers and be the Peace in person. Who is the greatest Peacemaker, is'nt it he/she who persues Peace with all efforts of Peacefullness, for who is he/she who seeks Peace but wishes not Peace for his/her fellow person.

Which person can claim that his/her Peace efforts are greater than that of an other persons efforte and therefore see's it as ligitimate to stop ones Peace efforts and to establish his/her own. Any one who deprives another persons efforts for Peace, just because he/she wishes more or the less to be recognised, accepted and exaulted as the greatest Peacemaker would always find conflict with that other person/s who is being deprived.

As we watch some Nations who hoped for Peace after their long fightings and sufferings, while others enjoy Peacefullness, we could ask the question, why is it so? It's because of revenge or hate, envy and strife.

If the Peacemaker see's him/herself as a Peacemaker in the fullness of Peace, he/she would accept the efforts of the other persons rather than deprive them of their right also to participate in the process of establishing Peace on Earth. We should'nt forget, that what one person can do, can the other person also, the question is: should the deprived use the same methods to deprive those who deprives him?

If we see ourselves as Peacemakers, we should rejoice when we see an other person being successfull in their Peace efforts rather than try to prevent them. If others are successfull in their Peace efforts, this means that the Peace what all are trying to acheive would be at large and hate would be a story of the past.

No one can see themselves as a Peacemaker when he/she at the same moment prevents an other person who persues the same intentions.

Despite all this, we strive to obtain this Peace, but this Peace is only Possible when we accept the Principal of Sharing as the world Teacher Maitreya Buddha ( have taught us.

Let's Share the taught of Peace for all under and within the Heavens, let's practice this Peace and find God!!!!!!!!!

Namaskar Jah Love


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