Gute Nachrichten, um die Welt neu zu sehen

A Comment Tageschance Pfingsten/Whitsunday 2014:


A Comment Tageschance

Pfingsten/Whitsunday 2014:

Let the Love of the HolySpirit Bless al the Nations on Earth, their Peoples and all what is given them.

Let all Nature be Blessed with Love and Vitality.

Let all those Helping Organizations Worldwide be Blessed with Grace and Mercy, and the Power to Serve. Supply unto them the Needed assistance (Material and Spiritual) and the Blessings of the thy HolySpirit.

Bless the Politics of the World that they adopt the Policy of your Most Important Agenda: The Principal of Sharing as Solution for the problems of the World.

Blessed are the Religions of the Earth, may they be Enlightened and Find God in their search for Him.

Let hate and war be Replaced by Peace and Love, Equal Rights and Justice.


Blessed be thou oh China, you and all what is in you. May the Love sent out unto you be a Blessing unto you our Brothers and Sisters.

Allow us to speak Truth unto you, which shall Serve as Medizin unto you our dear Loveones. Fear not for we are here in Love.


For over 35 years now, do we Work with you to Help you. For this purpose do we even see it worthy to speak unto you in this manner.

See the Love that was bestowed up you in the last 35 year, and considder wether it was Good or bad. We Celibrated even your success as a Nation who elivated themself amongst those of the Modern Age.

Please see and Understand the Neccessity of Equal rights and Justice. To show an Uncondittional Love towards all. To accept and allow the Basic Humanrights of all as a prinzipal of Respect unto all Humanity.

As Jesus went into Jerusalem, he went unto the Temple and saw how the Merchants were doing trade there. Filled with anger, He whiped them and chased them out of the Temple with the Words:this is a House of God, a place of Pray, and you have made it unto a place of thieves and robbers.

Shawlin is a Holy place of God, where in the past, the poor and needed ones of China found Reffuge and Shelter, spiritual and Phisical Nutrition there and learned to be a ballance soul. All was treated as one and ate from one pot. Today in Shawlin the poor and the rich learn together, but they are catigorized as rich and poor and this is seen in the meals of both. While the rich have a ballanced plate, that of the poor are unballanced, only rice. Change such a principal and teach the rich in Shawlin and beyond it' doors, that Sharing is Godly and let them have Pleasure in sitting with the poor and having a Joyfull Heart as the poor have the Priviledge to eat of the Ballanced meal of the rich, for in this doing they shall find Buddha.

35 years of Love have we shown unto you, how long shall it take to share the same Love unto Tibet? Let the Love flow unto the People of Tibet as a Free People and acept them as your Brothers and Sisters in Buddha.

When Polititions becomes rich overnight, the People ask questions, this is however not a reason to inprisson them. Tranzperency and Fairness in your structures, an Equal Measurement in Sharing of the Success among all, is Neccessary to end Corruption, not ony to you alone but unto all Political institutions Worldwide. Give the Political Prissoners Free and start a new oh China.

Share the Love oh China and be Blessed.

Jah Blessings


Almost One year of a Great Blessing, did you Experiance. We gave all what we had to Help you.

Jesus once asked.: What greater Love is there as that one would give His Life for a Friend?           There is no Greater Love oh Russia!

How many times did we suffer for your sake. Those who you taught would never understand you, understood you most and wished your Wellfare just as they theirs.

How long would it take for you to see and understand that the New World is waiting for you to join them, your Brothers and Sisters in Humanity. Throw down your Arms and come, these words do we have from the Burning Spear song:throw down your Arms and come, the same do we ask the NATO and China and all the other Nations. We must put and End to the Nonsence what Mankind now undergo. This Nonsence is a heavy burden what we carry and what stop's Mankinds Divinity. No possessions on Earth is more Important as that it can pay the price for the Greed and reconpence for the dammage what is done through this Greed.

No Possession without Spiritual Understanding can succeed the Prinzipal of the New World: Sharing and the Tendencies to a Unified Together Working to solve the Problems of our World. The lust to possessiveness, wanting to possess to show ones diminnion over others is an Illussion. It is said in Russia, to show sympathy is a sign of weakness. Here is a scale where the Maskuline over weighs the Feminine (the Emotional Body).

Mankind dont arm themselves to protect themselves, but more likely to protect their fears. Mankind fears are asking for the permission to be existant in the Hearts and Minds. If we should really clean our eyes by washing away the vail, we would recognize that our fear for lack of want is only an Illussion. The Earth produces enough for all. Deprive not an other of their Territoriun seeing that this causes an unballanced weight which falls back upon oneself. Dont deprive an other of their Unity but rather wish to Join together what is broken through missunderstanding. So great mankind may be, still he is a mikro in the makro of lifes threads. One little cell is mankind in this Great body of cells which serves that one great Body. We are Dependant unto each other and need each other to keep a ballanced weight on Earth. The chain is so strong as the weakest link and when this link is broken is all the chain broken. We are Humanity, a Brotherhood of Women and Men of Nations and we are the servants of all Nature as well as that of our Brothers and Sisters. We are a chain called Nature of the Earth in all it's components.

See not an enemy in your Brother or Sister because your fears tells you to do this, but see the Great Accomplishments what could be acheived through reconciliation rather than seperation. This reconciliation should be conducted in Peacefull terms and not through Aggressiveness or Domminance. See the Great Acheivements what can be Acheived through Sharing, it is much greater as that of war, so let's make Peace through a Healthy Understanding towards each other.

Share the Love oh Russia and be Blessed.

Jah Blessings


It is said by Bob Marley in one of His Songs. Noah had three Sons, Ham, Schem and Jafet, and in Ham is known to be the Prophet. Ham suffered a great tribulation for disclosing the nakedness of his Father and laughing over his Fathers nakedness.

It is also said that there is a great difference between blacks and whites, but we even see that in the USA and other parts of the World amongst blacks themselves, that there is a difference between full and half cast. If you differenciate amongst yourself, what do left for the others to do unto you?

Africa must Unite, amongst themselves, wether at home or abroad. Peter Tosh said No matter where you come from, as long as you are a black man, you'r an African.

It is said that the blackman shall not know himself until his back is against the wall. How many years did blackmans back stood against the wall? Therefore it is Time that Africa and Africans go forward seeing that their backs were so long against the walls of poverty and hate and discrimination amongst themselves and being practiced against them by others.

Respect yourselves, your Sisters and your Brothers and Unite.

Africa Rise up and Serve for the sake of your People at home and Abroad. Be Blessed that you be recognized as Worthy amongst all Humanity as their Brothers and Sisters and in God.

Share the Love and be Blessed oh Africa.

Jah Blessings


How many Girl Children dies before they are born or is killed as they are born, just because they are Girl Children? You proclaim that the Woman have no Industrial purpose and is not as worthy as the Man. Is not this one of the major problems why Women and Girls have such difficulties as what we now experience there in Indian as a People? All this is an unballance weight, which lays upon the backs of a Minority.

When young Men wishes to lose their Sexual tention, they do this in Injustice and Iniquity. This unballanced weight what you have created must be Equaled. Young Men should have a Wife if they wish so. They should have a Job and Shelter, and should be able to supply for their Families.

The raping and killing of the Women in India must be put to an End, and be Replaced by Equal Rights and Justice for all.

Beginn today to to stop this unballanced weight by Accepting the Birth of the Woman and Wellcome Her into the World with Joy and Happyness, your Sister and Mother, your Queen and Princessen, the Center pole of our Society, the Stabilzator of all Mankind, she is the one who tends to the Sick and the Old, to the Babies and the Children. Her Worth is much more as some Sexual object, for She is Mother God.

Remove the fear for the Woman out of your Hearts and replace it with Love and Compassion, Understanding, Mercy and Grace, Equal Rights and Justice for all in India.

Share the Love and be Blessed.

Jah Blessings

South America

The thirst to be a Social People in South America is an Ancient and most Beautifull one, what we've Experienced many a times. Still it is not enough that all is satisfied. To be Satisfied, must one first have Satisfaction, what is on the other hand an other Term to deffinate Equal Rights and Justice for all (Work, Shelter, Nutrition, Medical Help, Education). Only so can Satisfaction be acheived.

When the Peoples see the Healthy possibilities with what others live with, and they lack such possiblities, there would always be conflicts.

South America must face the Challenge of the day, the need for Communication amongst themselves and their Neighbours. To stop and cut the Tranmission in Televission wanting to have only one Chanel is an Illussion. When relitaves and Friends comes from foreign, they come with the Joy of the Free World, to encounter a world of Isolation and Resignation, they see empty shelves and they see hunger and theft, they seek the reasons for such a situation, not to cause a conflict but to give a solution to a real Problem what exist. You should'nt see all questions as an attack upon you. Listen and hear what is asked and tend to this need.

You cant seperate yourself from the rest of the World and hope that all your Folk will accept this as Ligitimate. How should your People learn about other Cultures and Folks? You cant deprive them of this Right, less it is like putting a Brydle on a horse eyes so that they only see in one direction, where as, alongside of them other things are taking place what they dont see. The World what was once so Big is gotten so small through the Modern Communication, all these are the signs of the New Age what Joins all Mankind together. This is what is asked of us by the New Age, Synthisis through Communication.

What South America needs alongside it's Social Artheria, is a Healty ballance of Economics. This Economics should be used to tend unto the needs of the Nations and their Peoples, and for their Infrastructure what should serve all it's Peoples. South Americas Books must be made Transparent for it's People to see and so with be given a chance to contribute to the Important decissions being made there. Such avoid conflicts and missunderstanding.

Corruption must be a thing of the past, this can only be acheived through Equal Rights and Justice, Fairness in the Sharing of the Resources amongst the Folks of the different Nations there.

Develop yourself oh South America and come forward to an Understanding what Serves yourself and your Peoples and Liberate the Age of Aquarius amongst you and your Fellow Nations World Wide.

Show the Love and be Blessed oh South America

Jah Bless


Europe always served as Transit between East and West, the old and the New World.

As some heard of the Journey to the West. They taught that a time was come to Dominate, and so they came with great expectations and demands. Who have great Expectations must understand that their Dissapointments are just as great.

The journey to the West was not seen to be an Invasion but was seen to be a Synthisis of both Worlds. To Synthisize an old Knowledge with that of the New. The old Knowledge of the Earth and the New of the Heavens.

As Maitreya was fully Illumed, the Gods Indra and Brahma came unto Him and asked Him to return as a Teacher on the Earth unto Mankind. After 3 Times of being asked, He decided to do so, knowing that it was'nt going to be an easy Job. You see dear Brothers and Sisters, nothing else was about the Journey to the West as that. If any Nation of the East should choose to believe that it means more than this and wishes the domination of the West, they are leaning upon a Missunderstanding.

This Knowledge what the Christ is bringing is what we've heard from Jesus of the past: Love your Neighbour as yourself, and do unto others as you would have them do unto you.

Europe have had it's conflicts with themselves and others and are still having some today. The mentality what now stands in Europes room, where colour or Nationality plays a treatening role to their wellfare, must first be erased. How many Europeans are today Blacks, or Indian, or Chinese, or Russian or else what for a Nationality. Would the European recognize his Racial Grandfather who is Reincarnated in Sudan or in Somalia or else where? Could the Racial European understand that the little Hungry Mary who he/she just saw in the Televission sitting in the blasing sun of Sudan without a meal, but with a big belly full of Malnutrittion, maybe his/her great Grandmother? The help what we refuse others today could be the Help we need tomorow, therefore do we need to Share and Adopt the Prinzipals of Sharing in our midst for our fellow Humanity out there.

For the European themselves, they must make the Euro more Social and less capital so that the Citizens of Europe can Identfy themselves with this Curancy. So that there be an Equal Ballance amongst it's Citizens. This Ballance is it what shall erase the fear of lost among those who do believe, that if they should give too much that they would have lost all. Sosial Justice must be established to avoid missunderstanding.

The Slavery in Europe and the Rest of the World must be Stoped and that with all Consiquences, for it is a Violation of the Human Rights. It disturbs the Healthy Understanding amongst Humanity.

Share the Love oh Europe and be Blessed.

Jah Blessings


Oh USA, if we told you that if you were to remove the Sanctions from Venezuela, that your Crops and your Fields of Barley would be more Prosperous, and your dried Land would be Watered, seeing that between You and Venezuela, there's a String Thing when it comes to the Empty shelves in Venezuela and the bad crops in the USA. Would you go ahead faster to get those wrongs wright.

If you only knew that all this could be a fact, would you Act and put more Efforts into it to Help your Brothers and Sisters by tending to their Needs?

Great is the fight what is now placed upon the Agenda, the fight against the Greenhouse Problems of the USA and to reduce the co² Immission, we do Respect this!

Share the Love oh USA and be Blessed.

Jah Love

The Middle East

When we hear of 3 dollars a week for a Worker who shares a 15m² hutt with 10 or 12 other Persons, in a Nation where the Constructors and those Responsable for these Workers are Multy Rich, we ask the Question: How could it be? This Exploitation is way beyond the Taughts of a Healthy Thinking Person, for such is Insanity. Who and why should Nations and their Rulers defend a system of Slavery where Passports are taken away from the Foreign workers there and their Basic Human Rights be belittled. All these thing are things of the old Age and have no Value in the New World and must be Erased out of the Communities of Mankind. Because of all these things do we have Terror in the Middle East. Yes Terror. What do you think happens when the poor and suffering people of the Arabic Nations see how their Leaders and their Wives go to Europe to shop and their Sons visit's the Best Hure houses, buy's the biggest Cars and the best Horses for Millions while their people cry, for all this doth your People cry out and fight for Reforms for a Better Life and not one in Sufferation and Hunger and Inprissonment. The Muslim World wishes also Reforms as that of the West or of China or of Russia, India, Europe or any other Nation on Earth. Respect the Rights of the Stranger in your Nations and pay them their Just wages and give them their Passports back. No Slavery No More.

People must be Payed a Just Price for their Work so that they can help the Needs of their Families, and still be able to build their Nation and their Inviourment through their contribution as a Free People wanting to do so.


Every one want's to go to Heaven but no one want's to die, a song from Peter Tosh.

Every one is hasting to go to Heaven with all their Riches, Fame and Honour, but very few are prepared to clean up the mess here on Earth what they have Created during the Exploitation of the World to get their Riches. The Multy Rich are even now planning to build little Islands where only they themselves can Live, and do their Transactions from there. All this is taught by the Multy Rich to excape the Democracy of the West, seeing that the Democracy is asking for Transperance and their Tax, they think that Democracy is an old and worn out Political system where as the Democracy is New. The Poor of the Earth pays the expensiveness of the Rich and the Mother Earth has been doing it for years now.

Humanity must Reform it's Policies towards Life and the meaning of this Life here on Earth. This Reformation must Adjust to the Growing Needs of Humanity, the End of Hunger, Poverty, Homelessness, Illnesses, and the quest to be Educated,(who are we and whence do we come from).

We must Reform and conduct our Politics and our Tranactions to suit and Accommadate the Needs of the Mother Earth and Her Nutrition and not just Her Exploitation without Discression.

We Humanity need a Reform away from our old way of Thinking. Material Wealth without Spiritual Wealth is an unballanced scale what must be Equalize and be brought to a Just weight.

Our Political, Economical, Ecological, Financial, Social and Industrial Systems must be Ballanced through a Spiritual Education what Teaches us who we are and the Apropiate Behaviour towards the Earth and Her Resources, the Thread which connects all Mankind and makes them as one in the eyes of the Creator.

Blessed be the Mother Earth and all what is in and on Her.

Namaskar Jah Love



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