Gute Nachrichten, um die Welt neu zu sehen

Tageschance Greetings for the New Year:


Tageschance Greetings for the New Year:


Let the Light, the Love and the Power of the Christ and World Teacher Maitreya Buddha, rest down upon all Humanity, Nature and the Planet Earth and give us all His Blessings.


Blessed be thou oh Pope Franciskus in the name of the Christ Gautama Buddha. He who we know as the High Priest of the Order of Melchezedek, (King of Salem and the Christ of the New Age of Aquarius). Oh Lord, let your Grace and your Mercy rest upon your Servant Franciskus and Bless Him. Let also your Guidance and Protection be with him at all Times. Let the Catholik Church in all the World recieve the Blessings of the Christ Maitreya Buddha and that of His Son Jesus Christ (the young Master Appollonius from Tyana) and the Holy Mother Mary. Let the Holy Spirit rest upon you and be Blessed. Amen!!!!!!!!!

Unto two of the Greatest Men who once Lived and have left us, (Willy Brandt and Nelson Mandela). Blessed be thou oh Mr.Willy Brandt to your 100th birthday. As Benjamin Creme ( once said in his Teachings; You Mr.brandt were one of the First Polititions to whom Maitreya the World Teacher appeared uno as He returned in the Modern Life of Humanity, and asked you to do the Brandt Report, what was Based on the Prinzipal of sharing. He also related to your Layalty unto the Christ and not forgetting to mention your Credability as one of the most outstanding Politition's and Reformers. He also spoke of the lost of one of the Greatest polititions what the Modern World had ever seen. Be Blessed with the Light and the Love and the Power of the Heavenly father Maitreya Buddha and may you return in His Glory when He calls upon you. Amen!!!!!!!!!


Dear Loving Brother Nelson Mandela. I was a young man of 15 years old as a group of persons, on the streets of Bridgetown Barbados, asked me if I would like to sign a Letter of pitittion for your release. I did 'nt know who you were and so did they explain unto me your situation, and I signed the Letter. It took 27 years, but then you were a Free man. Benjamin Creme also taught us that you also asked Maitreya for His Help and He gave it unto you. Your Life Mr.Mandela reminded me of the Life of Maitreya, Jesus, Ghandi, Mother Theresa and such Great ones. May you return as one of the young Avatars of the New Age, to teach and Guide Humanity towards a Better World. You taught us Love and Forgiveness. Amen!!!!!!!!!


Let the Five Great Religions (the Buddhist, Muslim, Hindu, Christian, Juditum ect and all other Religions and non Religions) be Blessed with the Light and the Love and the Power of the World Teacher Maitreya Buddha (our old Brother and Friend, the Son of Man), who is Returned to Teach Mankind the way to the Divinity of himself and that of all Nature. Equal Rights and Justice for all is His name and Light, Love and Power is His Slendour, Mercy and Grace is His works. Unity is the Key what He have brought with him to unlock the doors of those Better Days. May yee all be Blessed in His Glory and find Harmony amongst eachother as Brothers and Sisters of Humanity. Amen!!!!!!!!!


Let the Light and the Love and the Power of the Christ rest upon all yee Helping Organisations World Wide. May the Universe open up the closed doors and lighten your burden. See Humanity, prepared to take hold of the opertunity to Serve. Humanity have woken up and Mankind is ready to tend of the needs of his Brothers and Sisters. May the Lord Maitreya Path your way and Bless you and may all your ways be Successfull. Amen!!!!!!!!!


Let all Humanity be Blessed by HIM who is come to lead Manking unto his True Divinity. The whole World and all what is in an on Her, be Blessed with Light and Love and the Power of His Glory. Let the Nations and all the People of the Nations be Pearled in His Grace and be Blessed by Him. Let the Energies of Aquarius Bless Humanity and the Earth and all what is in and on Her. Let the Heavenly fathers look down upon Humanity and rain that Heavenly Love down upon the Earth and all what is in and on Her. Blessed is the Love bestowed upon all Nature. Amen!!!!!!!!!


May this year of 2014 bring Joy, Peace, and Harmony upon our Earth and Bless all Humanity.


May Respect towards each other be Established within the Earth. Let this Respect bring us unto Unity in the multiple. Amen!!!!!!!!!


Namaskar Jah Love


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