Gute Nachrichten, um die Welt neu zu sehen

Tageschance New Years greetings:


Tageschance New Years greetings:

Blessed is the Light, the Love, and the Power of the Christ Maitreya Buddha and may it rest upon you.

Paul Mc Cartney, Madonna, Pink, Lady Gaga, Morgan Freeman, Samuel L Jackson, Densel Washinton Jr, Will Smith, Brad Pit. We thank you all and send you Blessings of Love!!!!!!!!!

Mr. President Barack Obama, Mr. Raul Castro, Frau Angela Merkel, Mr. President Edogan, Mr.President Wladimir Putin, We send you our Blessings of Love!!!!!!!!!

Unto the Homeless, the Naked, the Hungry, the Sick, and the Illiterite, we send unto you our Blessings of Love. Let the Light and the Love and the Power of the Most High rest upon you and be Gracious unto you and give you Peace. Let the Workers who go out to assist you be Multiplied as to Tend unto your Needs. Be Blessed with the Neccessities what you Need for a Better Life. Amen, Amen, Amen, Selah!!!!!!!!!

Let the Light and the Love and the Power of the World Teacher Maitreya Buddha and the Masters of Wisdom of the Hierarchy of the Masters, as well as all Humanity, Restore the Plan on Earth!!!!!!!!!

Namaskar Jah Love


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