Gute Nachrichten, um die Welt neu zu sehen

A Comment Tageschance The New World:


A Comment Tageschance

The New World:

For a few Years ago, many people wanted know what the Lord Maitreya was saying, during His TV Interviews in Russia. Today and yesterday we now see what He was talking about. It is the Begin of a New Age and this means a New form of Relationship between Governments and Nations like we now see between the USA and Cuba and the USA and Iran. We did Hope that President Putin would have held his Course as he was doing during the Sochi Games, as he let the political Prissoners Free and opened his Heart towards the West (We would like to take the Time to thank the Master of England, Master Benjamin Creme for His Spiritual and Godly Works in this Matter). Never the lest there were a few People who did'nt want to see all this and taught that Putin should go down in History as a evil person without having the Grace and the Mercy of God.

It was the Aims and the Intentions of the Christ Maitreya Buddha and the Hearachy of the Masters of Wisdom, that men like President Barack Obama, President Putin of Russia, President Raul Castro of Cuba, President Rohani of Iran through their Dedication towards a New and Brotherly Relationship with eachother and their Nations, be recognised as Peacekeepers and Nobel Prize Carriers through their Great Efforts towards Peace and a more Healthy, Rightfull Relationship amongst Brothers and Sisters, amongst all Humanity on Earth. All this we honour and Respect.

We do Hope that very soon Mr.President Putin even though Russia have just Played a very Important role in this new relationship between Iran and the USA, would find his way back to Peace talks with the West and put an end to the Conflict in the Ukrain and Syria. We Know that dispite all the turbulances what we now see in the World, that Many shall surely experiance the Thousand Years of Peace of the Christ here on Earth, what is Written in the Bible. Together do we Beginn this New Age of Peace, through those Relationships as what we've now Experiance with USA/Cuba, USA/Iran.

The Christ Maitreya Buddha once said: We Humanity must work towards this Peace and this New World and that no one is too Small or too Great to Contribute their Service towards this Great Historical Event!!!!!!!!! Teach Mankind that He is One Great Big Family!!!!!!!!!

The Lord Maitreya also said: I stand and Knock on the Door of your Heart, and shall no go untill you have opened up!!!!!!!!!

He also said: Such a Greater Chance as this Present Moment, had Humanity never before and shall never have again to Serve His Brothers and Sisters and so with, Write His/Her name in Historys Pages as True Sons and Daughters of God, who Grasped Hold of the Opertunity Given to Know God Personally and Inherit His Promise unto Mankind and Womankind and all Nature!!!!!!!!!

The Great Lord ask the decissions of all Man and Womankind to Participate in this Great Happining, and what did Man and Womankind Answer? Yes We Shall!!!!!!!!!

Lets go for it my Brothers and Sisters!!!!!!!!!

Lets Get It!!!!!!!!!

Lets Go And Get This New World. For all Humanity, All Nature, The Love Of God And SOP!!!!!!!!! Save Our Planate!!!!!!!!!

Namaskar Jah Love

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