Gute Nachrichten, um die Welt neu zu sehen

Ein Kommentar von Ringo


Liebes Deutschland, möge die Weihnachtszeit und das Neue Jahr 2012 Euch mit dem Licht, der Liebe und der Kraft des einen Heiligen Gottes Segnen und Beseelen!!!!!!!

Möge dass Neue Jahr 2012, Euch viel neue Perspektiven und Erfolge bringen!!!!!!! 

Hätte ich ein Neues Wort für das Jahr 2012, würde es heißen „soziale Gerechtigkeit“!!!!!!!

Seid Gesegnet, oh liebes Deutschland!!!!!!!

Namaskar Jah Love

Unto the Planet Earth and all Nations and Folks:

May the Planet Earth and all it’s Inhabitants, all her Nations and all their Folks be Blessed with the Light and the Love and the Power of the One Holy God!!!!!!!

May this Light and Love and Power cause all Mankind to find his way to Peace, Freedom and Unity!!!!!!!

May the Principal of Sharing be addopted in the Hearts, Minds and Deeds of Mankind so that the Plan of God be Established in the Earth!!!!!!!

May the Hungry be fed!!!!!!!
May the Sick be tended unto!!!!!!!
May the Homeless be Sheltered!!!!!!!
May the uneducated be Educated!!!!!!!
May all things be made a New!!!!!!!

Namaskar Jah Love

Unto the UN and Co:

An old Year have come and is almost gone.

Your Great Works have Helped and Saved a many!!!!!!!

We the Peoples of the World Thank all you Helping Organisations (UN, Amnesty International, Unicef, Unesco, Green Peace, Brot für die Welt, Gesellschaft für Bedrohte Völke, Arzte ohne Grenze and all the others who are not mentioned!!!!!!!

May the Light, the Love and power of the One Holy God Bless you all!!!!!!!

May His Blessings Strengthen you to Continue the Good Works!!!!!!

May the Year of 2012 Bless you with Great Prosperity and Success in all your Endeavours and may all your task and burdens be Easy to carry and to bear!!!!!!!

Namaskar Jah Love

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