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A Comment Tageschance Proverbs of Wisdom:


A Comment Tageschance


Proverbs of Wisdom:

We the People can't hope that there will be Peace on Earth as long as we Delight in our old Brutal habbits against others.


We the People can't Demonstrate all day long on the Streets against our Governments who send their Troops in the wars all around the World, and after the Demonstrations we go home and play Worlds of War Craft.


We can't play Eager Shooter and not feel like the Hitman in the game, after the game is over.


We Demonstrate against war and Terror, still we flood the Cinemas to see the next Action Block Buster.


When the gun man sleeps, his gun sleeps with him.


When the Holy Sleeps, God is Awake and watches over the Holy.


The Terror of the World is just an other Reflection in the minds of Mankind. Mankind seems not to want to solve their Problems in a Peacefull Manner, and some are they who believe that attack is the best way to solve things. What we really are doing is creating more Carma, for our selfs, for our Nations, for our Folks, for our Planet.


Because of one persons fears, an other person suffers.


The fears that accompanies Mankind in his head, he meets them around the next corner.


If you fear, every where you go your fears shall be at hand.


Mankind fear, where there is nothing to be afraid of.


Mankinds fears are the results of its Prehistorical Animalistics.


Any State that Is, or Was, Founded on War, shall be distructed through war.


Any Nation that is Grounded on Lies shall find its distruction through Lies.


Any Nation that is Built on Injustice, shall fall through Injustice.


It is said in the Scriptures of the Holy Bible: The Rich man's wealth is in the City, but the Poorman's Wealth is is a Holy Place, which is His Heart.


The riches of the richman is his Material Wealth, but the Riches of the Poorman is His Love and His Grace.


The Great and Wise King Soloman asked the Question: which man can carry hot burning coals in his bossum and not be burned?


Who hunt Terrorists, will be one day hunted by Terrorist.


Any Nation who goes up to war against an other Nation, must accept that the remnants of that Nation will one day seek Revenge.


All things that were made by the hands of man shall deteriate and desolve.


All Material Posessions are borrowed goods, seeing that we still pay the morgage for it as long as we posess it. The Tax for the Car, The bill for the Telephone, the bill for watching the TV even when the TV box is yours. Every Material Posession is only borrowed.


Where there is no Trust, there is no Respect, and there, where there is no Respect, Conflicts are at large.


A Folk or a Community that have no Education, or Perspectives of Proper Occupation, turns out to be a useless people.


If we go to war against Nations and their Governments, we must be prepared to take in their Reffugees.


The Reffugees that we Reject are the Remnants of the Nations and the Governments who we distroyed.


When you teach Allies to become Enemies, one day your friends shall become your FOE's.


Blood is thicker than Water, and Vengance knows no rest.


Posittion is the art of Gunery, but Salvation Delivers the Soul.


It takes a Wise Man to Hear the Voice of Wisdom, but fools askes permission to Continue in their Folly.


The evil person believe that when they goes to work, that God is Sleeping.


If the fool did Respect the Laws of Carma, they would understand that:What goes around, Comes around.


The fools believe that they stand over the Laws.


A fool laughts where there is no joke.


King Solomam: A Wise Son maketh a Glad Father, a foolish son is the burden of his Mother.


When Pride feels hurt, the pain runs deep.


Bob Marley sang in His Song: they are killing the People and having their fun, they just want to be the leaders in the House of the Rising Sun, but no matter what the crisis is, we will be giving Jah Thanks and Praises.


King Soloman Taught us in the Proverbs: To Fear/Respect God, is the beginning of Wisdom.


Namaskar Jah Love




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