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A Comment Tageschance India:

A Comment Tageschance




Namaste India, Namaste Mr.President Ram Nath Kovind, dear Mr.Prime Minister Narendra Modi.

We would like to greet you in the name of our Lord the Holy Sri Sathya Sai Baba.

Dear Mr.President, dear Mr.Prime Minister, we see your efforts to Reform the Nation of India and find it a Great Adventure and a Fantastic thing what you have planed, for it stood long on the Plan, the only thing that stood in it's way was the Materialisation of that Plan.

We here in Germany would like to be a Part of that Great Plan, and we would like to do so by Helping you by the Organization and the Carrying out of one or some of these Plans how and where ever we can, but first of all we wish to focus on one of the Major Plan's what you have begun (Toilets and Sanitary Facilities for the Citizens of India in that Nation.

Many of the People Living there on the Country side in India never saw a Toilet and know not what it's for, or how it should be used, and the Neccessity of such a Facility even when explained unto them, and therefore it's not fair to put charges upon those People when they resist at the present moment such new Ideas.

Besides this, when you are going to give and Impliment New Sanitary Facilities as such in India, first you need a most efficient Plan before you build such Toilets,

First you will need Canalizations Systems, and you will also need Purification Plants (Klär-anlager). These systems are neccessary to acheive Success for your Program.

Get in contact with the German Government and ask more about this subject and allow us to send our Specialist and Ingineering Team who are Professionals in such area's and we could plan with you a Great Sewerage system that can be most Profitable and Funktionable for all India.

We are Proud of you oh India!

Your Brothers and Sisters of Germany!!!!!!!!!



Namaskar Jah Love   

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