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A Comment Tageschance About Giving and Sharing: Part 1. A Beautifull Sunday:



A Comment Tageschance

About Giving and Sharing: Part 1.

A Beautifull Sunday:

This Sunday morning the 22 of November was a Fantastic morning, having waked up after visiting a concert (Albert Hammond Songbook Tour 2015) from Albert Hammond the night before where we not only guess were, but also because Juliana was asked by her Boss to Film and do an Interview with Albert from the Concert for the 19:30pm (German time) Sunday evening programm in the TV News HessenSchau. This is a TV Chanel for a certain Parish in Germany, called Hessen. The Hr.TV is the name of the Chanel and can actually be seen in all parishes in Germany because of the good Network system what we have here. Any way, Albert gave a great Concert and we made Interviews and Photos with him (a Fantastic Person) and Filmed almost the whole Concert. What does all this have to do with this wonderfull Sunday? Well, we got „Tanked“ yesterday for today. The Concert was just Fabulous seeing that Albert sang all the old Hits one after the other, it kind of gave me a Great moment back fom out of those days of my youth, as my Sister would run to the Radio just hoping that she is on time to press the Cassett Tape Recorder to Record her favourite Songs „Little Arrows, or Free Electric Band.“

We knew that we had on the next day after the Concert, at 11:30 in the morning, a Catholic Service in the St.Michaels Church for the Celibration of 25th year Mittagstisch St.Michaels (The Lunch Table St.Michaels) for Poor, Homeless, Adicted and Unprivaledge People. Let me tell you something, the Mittagstisch was Cooking since 25 years every day for these Needy people, and even though we depends on Spending money and Charity what causes us sometimes to ask the question: if we will overcome the next year seeing that we need about 70.000, € Euros yearly, still the 0ver 50 Volunteery members, work hard without pay to make things work. Naturally we would Love to have more Prepared Institutions and private People who would like to Assist the Good Cause, and that's why we say: dont only Applaus us for the Good Work what the Mittagstisch (The Lunch Table) does, that won't Help much, but just throw your Wallets over and we are Happy (Laugh Ha Ha Ha). No, but we are serious.

A lot of the People comming to us there are Drug Addicted, or Homeless, Hungry or Sick and feels themselves being taken care of for the 2 or 3 hours where they can sit Eat and Drink by us and become Warmth and be Tended to. Some of these People sometimes comes from Homes where the Parents are Doctors or Lawyers and such. These guys and girls broke out like a run away Train from home and on the way out there, they got lost and never found their way back home. You see, it's not just all poor People, but even those out of a good House can fall on the way side and there the Good Samarathin is asked, and Honestly speaking, we all are Good Samarathins only with the difference that some are afraid to let it out because of shame or what ever. Everyone have a Helpers Syndrum somewhere in their Brest but it's only to find it and put it to Action. Go ahead and unlock that Door and wake up that old sleepyhead and tell um, hey guy it's time to Work. We all feel Good when we Help others, and we want to Help others because it makes us feel Good and we know this.Anyway, before I lost the Path, We knew that we had only about 5 Hours to sleep because we first got back at 2:30 in the morning and needed to be fit for the Service where we will be singing the next day. I got up at 8:30 am, feeling Great. I made me a Coffee and let the Good old Sunday morning Evangelic, sometimes Catholic Service which comes every Sunday morning in TV, sooth my Soul. Well funny as it may sound, I'm a skipper, yes, you see when the one Service is finished on the one Chanel, I skip to the other Chanel where the others just begins. That you could have a picture of it in your mind, it's like, the first Service is Visualized and comes at 9:30, and the other is Audio and comes at 10:00 o'clock directly after, only on a different Chanel. It really makes fun doing this.

We all met, Andrias, Julie and I, at 10:30 and decided to go ver to St:Michaels and set up the Instruments before the Service begins, but there was a Childrens Mass and so we had to waite about an half of an hour. As the Childrens Service were Finish the, Father of the Church came and Happy and Nervous as he was to see us, meant, guys you only have about 10 or 15 minutes to set all the Equipment before the Service begins, do you think we'll make it? We said sure! with a big question make in our eyes? He said ok let's go!

We set up the Equipment and while Andrias wanted to tune his Guitar did the Father Manfred Hösel, begin with the Service. He looked around and asked, is everything in order with the Technic with a big smile on his face, (seeing that Andrias seemed not to get one single sound out of the Mixer)? No answer came, just silance. We taught „Oh!“ Seconds later we got the problem solved and Father Hösel asked us to open the Service with our first song from Mahalia Jackson (No Secret). After we sung and played, we took a seat, the Father Preached for a few moments, then he said: and now we want to ask the Street Doves to play and sing for us the same song once again, everyone looked around and taught „two times after each other“ juliana asked him: are you sure? We have two other songs, but he replied: it's so sweet I wish to hear it once again. We taught, why not! The Service spoke of Giving and Sharing, very well done, seeing that the big question about the Refugees stands also on the Agenda of the daily life in Germany now, and some People seem to have fear about it because they don't see the need to share, while the Churches and some other People are conducting a Great Job. May God Bless all these People and the Churches who do their Best to make things work out.After the Service we were all Invited over next door where the Children who were finished with their Service, prepared Cake and Bread of all sorts and drinks (hot and cold) for us all. We went over in the yard and ate and drank and exchange conversations and learned new acquaintances. It was Beautifull!

Thank you Albert for the Fantastic Concertand may God Bless you. Thank you oh Heavenly Father for this Wonderfull Sunday, and Blessed be Thou oh Heavenly Father!!!!!!!!!

Blessed be the Churches and all the other Institutions, all those Musicians and other Groups who Help the Refugees, we say Thanks for Sharing the Love and god Bless you!!!!!!!!!

ps: Hessenschau comes at 19.30 pm (7:30 pm) German time in hr TV. You can google it if you wish to.

Namaskar Jah Love








Ein Kommentar Tageschance Flüchtlinge und Helfer in Moabit:

Ein Kommentar Tageschance

Flüchtlinge und Helfer in Moabit:

Es ist eine wunderbare Sache, was wir sehen und erleben in Moabit zwischen Flüchtlingen und deutschen Bürgern aus Berlin, die den Flüchtlingen helfen wollen. Doch es gibt ein Problem der Hygiene, das der Regierung ein Dorn im Auge ist, und damit die Helfer hindert an ihrer Arbeit.

Eine Lösung für dieses Problem wäre: “ Die Helfer müssen ausgestattet sein mit blauen Säcken für Papier, gelben Säcken für Plastik, und Grünen Tonnen für Bioabfall „. Auch Besen, Harken, Schaufeln und hygienische Einrichtungen wie Dixie-Klos sind sicher nützlich. All das kann von der Stadt ausgeliehen werden kostenfrei. Dies kann verteilt werden an verschiedenen Orten im Viertel und unter den Flüchtlingen. Man erklärt ihnen, wofür sie sind und wie sie verwendet werden.

Diese Vorgehensweise erlaubt den Neuankömmlingen, selbst aktiv zu werden in ihrem eigenen Umfeld, und es lehrt sie Eigen-Verantwortung für sich selbst zu übernehmen, wenn es um ihre eigene Hygiene geht.

Es ist eine Vorstufe zur Integration, da sie einen deutschen Brauch lernen, der hierzulande gebraucht wird.

Möge der Herr euch Segnen!!!!!!!!!

Lehrt den Menschen, dass Teilen Göttlich ist,

dass Lieben das Wesen Gottes und Zusammenarbeit

die Bestimmung des Menschen ist!!!!!!!!! Maitreya Buddha, der Christus und Weltlehrer

Namaskar Jah Love

Krishnamurtis tageschance

Jiddu Krishnamurti sagt:

"So long as there is nationalism,

so long as you are a German or a Russian or an American,

clinging to sovereignty to an exclusive nationality

you are sure to have war.

So long as you are a Christian and I am a Hindu or you are a Muslim

and I am a Buddhist, there is bound to be war.

So long as you are ambitious, wanting to reach the top of your society, seeking achievement and worshipping success,

you will be a cause of war."


Deutsche Version:

Solange es Nationalismus gibt, solange du als Deutscher, Russe oder Amerikaner an der Oberhoheit festhälst, um eine exklusive Gesellschaft zu haben,

ist ein Krieg sicher.

Solange du ein Christ und ich ein Hindu bin oder du ein Moslem und ich ein Buddhist,

ist ein Krieg sicher

So lange du ehrgeizig bist, um die Spitze deiner Gesellschaft zu erreichen, indem du Beifall suchst und den Erfolg anbetest,

wirst du ein Grund für den Krieg sein.