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A Comment from Ringo

A Comment from Ringo

The Church of Rom:

My dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ Jesus, I do take the opertunity to congratulate you towards your successful gathering in Mannheim Germany on behalf of the Catholic day.

The Motto for your Assembly this year was “to break of into the new and to take on the Challange which is asked of you”.

My beloved Brothers and Sisters of the Roman Catholic order, as a Child of the Church and a son of the Christ which is a Great Family, I saw and do see one of the most conflicting issues which have bothered the Order of the Church since the last two tausand years. The devission of two who seperates themselves, not through Christ but through the missinterpretation of a missunderstanding.

The question was asked for many a years ago, who is the greatist in the Catholic Church, is it Peter or Paul?

My dearly beloved Brothers and Sisters in Christ Jesus, it is a thing of Christ Jesus and His Father that Peter and Paul Shares the same Intrest in Christ and His Church.

If Peter was called the Stone on which Jesus have built His Church, and as Paul was sent by Jesus unto Peter to be taught and to be Cleansed through the Purification of forgiveness and Love and was ordained as a son of Him who have Chosen and Elected Peter as Head of His Church. This would have, and carry the Significance that the Church which is Peter, have sent out His Priest which is Paul into the World to manifest the Laws and the Glory of the Christ, Him who have chossen both Peter and Paul to stand Wittness for Him who Was, who Is and who shall yet Come!!!!!!!

Paul was seen as a Roman Citizen who believed in the cutting of the hair but not neccessarly see the need to be circumcised in the foreskin. Peter however who was a loyal jew towards the laws of Moses, could have found it hard to understand that all this is no more neccessary.

Paul taught us that it is not the circumcism of the foreskin that makes a Reightous person but the Circumcism of the Heart, to bannish all Iniquity of Hate and Grudge, Envy and Mallace which could house within.

Peter was the end of the old Jewish Law as he was made the the Church of Christ, with this new Titel was the old rituals abbolished. Paul was the begin through the teachings of the Church of Christ (Peter), the New Law in the Church. How can we therefore choose to seperate the Teachings of the Church from the Church itself?

If Peter is the Church, then is Paul the Priest who Justifies the Words of the Church, the Teachings which he did receive from the Church itself who is Petrus!!!!!!!

Therefore my dear Beloved Brothers and Sisters in Christ Jesus, let not segrigation about who is Petrianern and Paulanern be a stumbling block in your path to seperate you, but see and recognize that both together Seves their Master Jesus and His Father through their Deeds what they both have Rendered unto the Heavenly Father in proclaiming the Evangelium of our Christ Jesus.

May all the Efforts and the Asperations with what you the Catholic Church have set out to acheive your Reformation, be successfully acheived. Only through the Prinzipal of Sharing, Sharing the duties of the Church and it’s members and all those who look’s up to the Church as an Instance of Hope for the Religion of the Christian Faith. Only through this Sharing can you over come and be Reformed!!!!!!!

May the Light and the Love and the Power of the Christ rest down upon you and Bless you and Reform the Church!!!!!!!

May the Strength be given you that you find the courage to leave the old and the past laws behind you and be Blessed with the Spirit of the New age of Acquarius, the age of Synthisis and Sharing, Equalrights and Justice for one and all!!!!!!!

Namaskar Jah Love

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