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A Comment Tageschance About Forgiving and Trust:



A Comment Tageschance


About Forgiving and Trust:


The Grace and the Love of the Father is with all

Everything is in Him and He is in Everything

Nothing and no one is without Him

To have Acknowledged this, is Grace.


It is Grace to know the Father, for through this Grace do we have His Mercy. To have Mercy and to be Mercifull is to act in the Service of the Father. For He favours all His Children to be like Him.


Through Grace and Mercy can we Forgive and be Gracious unto those who we may see as a Stranger or a Foe (but are in Truth our Brothers and Sisters), for we are sure of the Mercy and the Grace of our Heavenly Father.



When we read the Story of Stephanus and His death, in the books of the Apostles Cap: 7, vers 54-60, we see how Sephanus as He was being stoned, looked up to the Heavens and saw Jesus standing at the Right hand of His Father. He (Stephanus) cried out „Oh Lord, reckond not this Sin upon them,“ as He asked for Forgivness for His Persecutors.



The Heavenly Father speaks Himself, in the Book of Benjamin Creme ( „Die Gesetze des Lebens“ (The Laws of Life)page: 22 about Death and call's it the Eleventh Hour). He said that as Jesus hanged on the Cross, that it was the Eleventh Hour. Jesus looked down as He hanged on the Cross and saw the Father standing amongst those who Crucified Him, as He saw this, He then cried out „Father Forgive them for they know not what they do.“


Forgive that you be Forgiven

Be Mercifull that you may Obtain Mercy

Be Gracious that you may Obtain Grace

Be Peacefull and Peace shall be your's

Give that you may Recieve

Respect that you be Respected

Love and you shall be Love.


Namaskar Jah Love




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