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A Comment Tageschance Thanks and God Bless:


A Comment Tageschance


Thanks and God Bless:


Benjamin Creme's ( Master, „Master Djwal Khul“ once said in one of His Articals: Life is an Adventure what He/She takes while Explore Life and discovering ones self.


The King of Israel „King Solomon“ once asked the question as he was confronted with Life's ways and it's course, as he wrote: I am a Great King and God have been Good to me. He have given me Riches and Power and have shown Grace upon me. I have worked hard and have acheived much and is Lord over a Great Nation and it's People, and they Respect and Honour the King. All other Kings and their Nations are Magnified by the Glory of the King and his Wisdom. Oh God you have been Good unto me, but what is, after me, when I am gone, shall a stupid son come and distroy all what I have made and Acheived? One who squander the money with hures and with drunkards and bring the Nation and the Folk in Trouble?

When I look around me, all I see is Vanity, Vanity and hushing of Wind, for no one can say what the Future may bring. Today I am a King and Tomorrow what shall be with all my hard Work, my Sweat and my Toilings day and night and all my Riches? Vanity, all is Vanity and hushing of Wind.

King Solomon




Love my dear Brother Barack Obama, Peace and Good Will be with you and the yours.

Thanks for the last 8 Years of Presidency. It was Wonderful having you and we give unto you and the yours our Blessings for the Future Life.

You know, it's funny. I remember a day before I left to come to Germany. One of my buddies showed me a letter what he've gotten from the USA asking him to help support Jessie Jackson for President of that Nation. He asked what I think about it, I taught it was a Good thing to do, but the USA was not ready for a Black President. The next day I left for Germany.

It took some years to Globalize the World and to push acceptance foward as a road modle to acheive some Healthy Understanding for a Change amongst Man and Womankind. In the year 2008 it was so far that the USA could have it's First Black President. The Nations and it's Peoples all over the World Celibrated it „Yes We Can“.

You Acheived more than any other President before you have ever gotten, Respect!

You stretched out your hands to almost every one and did the Best to your ability to Contribute to Life and the World, some did'nt like you, but many did.

Your position reminds me of that of King Solomon, as Trump now takes over and have set out to destroy all what you have acheived. Pray for him and Bless him instead of curse and hate him..

Dispite our few differences we would like to say Thanks once again for the Time and keep your Head up High with your Feet on the ground. All is well and Love Rules the Day!

God Bless you Brother Obama, God Bless the USA.


Namaskar Jah Love


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