Gute Nachrichten, um die Welt neu zu sehen

A Comment Tageschance Making the Wrongs Right:


A Comment Tageschance


Making the Wrongs Right:


We the Humanrace must learn and Understand, that we are not only potential Creators of our own Universe and plays a Central role there, but we can also be the destroyer of our Universe and that of others when we're not conscious of our actions.

The following is a true story what was newly experianced during the job:

One day a South Afrikan Brother demonstrated his anger in words over the discrimination and hate what he've experienced as a black Person working amongst some Colleagues who were white and Racial.

He shouted out, not loud, but in a moderate tone so that no one hears him: Kill the white man, the white man should die.

It did'nt take longer as the other day, during the Late Shift at work as he ran over to me in great panik saying: Hey Rasta, they're killing my People! I looked at him and asked him, What? He in reply, they're killing my People. I then asked him: Who is killing your People? They're killing my People back home he repeated. Once again I asked him. Who is killing your People back home? He

then said: My People are killing themselves, they are fighting against themselves with knives and Machets. I then asked him why, but he answered, he dont know why. I spoke to him a bit to Comfort him and then told him that he should go back to his workstation and be calm about it and see how it works out (maybe tomorrow would be better.)

The next day came as the situation got more drastic and the escalation broke out in South Africa and was shown in the News. As we got to work the Brother came to me at my work station telling me about the situation and how concerned he is about his Family back at home, and what hurts him most is that he can do nothing to help Solve the Situation there.

I listened to him speak and as he was finished with speaking, I then told him that everything is well and all shall be Good at the end and that he should return to his workstation before the boss comes around.

He looked at me as if wanting to say: Hey guy, don't you get it what I'm telling you and you just look at me and tells me that all shall be fine?

As we had a pause, he came over again and said to me: Rasta what can I do to help my People, I can do nothing and they are just going to kill themselves.

I then asked him: Would you like to do something to really Help your People back home? He naturally answered, SURE! What can I do he asked? I then said unto him that when we are finished with the job and before driving home, I'll tell him what he could do to Solve the riot of his People back home. He was anxious to hear what I have as Solution.

As we were finish with work, I went over to his workstation and we stamped our chips and went out towards our cars on the parking lot. At that same moment all the other workers were comming out as they pass by on us while going to their cars. I then turned to him and said: Do you really want to Solve the Problem back home? He then answered, yes man! I then said unto him: Do you remember a couple days ago you wished that the white man be killed and die? He asnswered and said yes. I then said unto him: could you Imagine that your Words and your reaction towards those white People can have played an important role in the problem what we now see in South Africa? He then asked, how could that be? I told him that even when he is Living in Germany Thousands of Miles away from Africa, still the String that connect all Africans with him are one and the same String, and even if you would'nt believe it, this same String is Connected to all Humanity wether Black or White or Yellow or Red or Brown or what ever colour of skin you may have, for the simple Fact that we are all one great big Family called Humanity and when you hurt your white Brother you are automatically hurting yourself and your Black People in Africa as well as Vise verse.

He then asked what should he do. I answered and said that he should Reverse the Curse what he had already Spoken out, and therefore he asked how to do it. I told him that he should say; Let the white Man Live, the white should'nt die but should Live.

He looked at me, and then he turned arround and saw all those white people passing by, some greeting, others with their racial behaviour and then he considdered and trusted me and said the words what I asked him to speak out, he felt a bit ashamed but he swallowed his pride and did it. We stood a few minutes talking as I tried to explain unto him the Laws of Life while he listened Interestedly. Afterwards we drove home.

The next day on the job, while I was on my workstation, he came over to me with Joy and Laughter bowing himself as the Buddhist do, saying: Thanks Rasta, Thanks Buddha. I then asked him what have happened? He said that the Riots were over as if nothing ever happened before and how greatfull he was to have experiance such Powers and such an Experiance. I in reply: The Powers my beloved Brother lies within you, you were the one who Solved the Problem what you've created before it got worst, just in time.

It is as the Christ Maitreya Buddha taught us in the New Pray for our Age of Aquarius what he have given over unto Humanity.

The Great Invokation:

I am the Creator of the Universe

I am Father and Mother of the Universe

Everything comes from me

Everything returns back unto me

Taught, Spirit and Body are my Temple

Where the Self Unfolds

My highest form of being.

Maitreya Buddha (


We must recognize and take Responsability for our Taughts, Words and Deeds. We must React Responsable for the Needs and the Sorrows of our Fellow Persons and solve the problems of the World. The Christ have taught us that sharing is Godly and together Working is the Destiny of all Humanity. Personal Prestige is of no value when millions go to bed Hungry while the Tables of the Privalidge Rich are full. All Yee Polititions must ask the question: Is it right because of your personal desire to Rule at the cost of come what may and even if your Nations and their Peoples suffer and are thrown into Prisson for the sake of their Freedom of Speach, the Freedom of Taught, or the Right to ask the Question, why are they not being Fed and jobs Provided? How long must a Nation and it's People suffer before they are Heard and Respected and taken Seriously by you Polititions? I see the Leaders of two different Nations have a Conflict and for the sake of these two people, Millions are put to suffer because the one dont like the other. It so Irresponsible from you socalled Grown up Men and Women who sit in those Ministries and rules over the heads of Millions. Dont you hear the People Cry?

We the People of the World must also learn to conduct ourselves in the manner of Brother and Sisterhood instead of Compitition and Envy against eachother, for the conflicts we begin in mikro shall we fight in makro.

When a Great HollyWood star like Schwarzenager decides to do Video games for War Tanks, Helicopters, Ships, Planes, Guns and Bombs, when did you started mister Schwarzenager, 3 years ago? Now today after 3 years of Promotion, it have taken it's Power and the weapon Industry thank you for the Advertizement. Was it in your Interest Mr.Schwarzenager to see Polititions Jurk themselves over their desire to advance their war tools? Could you Imagine Mr.Schwarzenager that a Man of your Capacity and at the Level of spross on which you stand on the Evolutions Ladder, that you are being used by warmongers to advertise wars and guns, well knowing that our World needs Peace. Why have'nt you use your Powers and Energies to do Peace Advertisements and Evolve the Peace Process on the Earth?

Did you Expect that Donald Trump would be over those weapons, do you regreat it now, just like all those who chose Mr.Trump as Protest against Obama and are now begging to remove him, because they've taught to have made a misstake?

I Heard some even say, that while Stars come in Gucci, and Prada, that Trump comes insain. I dont know if this is so but some tend to believe this.

When HollyWood constantly do Films where it is said in those Films that North Korea is the Enemy, do you wonder when the North Koreans also do a similar Film as Advertizement against you?

You People are a shame and a disgrace for Peacefull and Harmonious living on the Planet if you should continue in this manner.

We here in the Western Hemesphere should'nt take our Peace what we have here as for granted, we the Concern Citizens of the World do hardly Pray that you guys come to a Healthy Sence of Self Awareness of what you are doing and just Behave yourselves.

Men like Kiano Reeves, why must you always have to fight against Hundreds and Thousands, is it just to prove yourself a hard guy? Dont you know it's People like you who Develop the Spree of Hate and Conqurance and Envy and the Lust to want to kill. And one killer Film have to come to back up the next killer Film and it's all about killing? Who do you want to Impress with such nonsence and reckless Barbarism? The youth? You are all sick People. Really!

I never possessed a weapon and wishes none, for the Lord my God and Heavenly Father is my Shield and my guide. Love is my Weapon and Compassion and Mercy and Grace is my Chariot on which I ride. And as I saw that I need not the weapons of destruction to defeat my foes, rest asure was I, for with the Name of my Lord Jesus on my Lips and the Love of the Heavenly Father in my Heart do I Prevail over those who rises up against me to do me harm. You say In God You Trust, still you need your Weapons of Destruction. I ask, where is your trust in God? Why boast yourself oh evil man, playing smart but not being clever, as Bob Marley would say.

The Master Benjamin Creme ( taught us: Who have the Light, need's not Weapond and guns!

The Masters knows no Compitition amongst themselves.

I Praise my Lord and with His name on my Lips doth the Tears fall on my Cheeks and wet my beard as they drop to the Earth. It's so Sweet to speak it out „Lord Jesus“ that at that moment pains and sorrows are gone for He is all what a Person can Need in Life, yes Lord Jesus as Sweet as a Honeycomb as Sweet as the Joy of Happiness, it is Salvation pure boy, so flash off Wicked boy, Remove yoooa and Flee and dont bother the Poor and the suffering to want to do him hurt you Rich boy, for Jah shall Prevail in the Land of the Living!!!!!!!!!


May the Light and the Love and the Power of the One Holy and Living God Bless Humanity and bring Him/Her to Respect and Help each other and therewith Solve the problems of the World.


From the Quell of Love in the Heart of God

May Love Stream forth into the Hearts of Man/Woman

May Christ Return upon Earth!!!!!!!!!


Namaskar Jah Love


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