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A Comment Tageschance Give Peace a Chance through Deplomacy:


A Comment Tageschance


Give Peace a Chance through Deplomacy:


The Golden Child

Here is a story about a Golden Child (a Child of Hope and Love.)


Once there was a Child who was known as the Golden Child.

The Legend say's that, where or whoever had the Child in his/her/their near is Blessed with Peace, Freedom, Luck and Prosperity.

Everyone wanted to have a part or at least be a part of that Child and therefore tried to gain the Benifits what is gained through it's presence.

The Child was a warm and most Gracious, Tender and Loving Godly Intety who Demonstrated Godlyness in it's Personality. It's Light Shone around the World as a lighthouse would do for Ships at sea, so that they would avoid harm and danger.

The Child was a Symbol and a Signal of Together Living, Loving and Unity between all.

However there were which of those who wanted to possess the Child as their personal belongings well knowing that the Child was come to Serve the Whole of the race and all Living on the Earth and therefore conflicts were created out of personal interest, greed and selfishness what really need not be.

The Child even when Godly, had however a Guardian who was seen to Protect it from harm and danger. This Protector was prepared to do everything in his possession to Defend and Protect.

One day two was sent out to seek the Child and to ask it's Help in the conflicts what their Nation and their Peoples were undergoing. The Gardian of the Child was then confronted with the two who were sent out as they said unto him: we wish the Child to come to our Nation and Help us by our conflict with the others. We need it's Guidance and Protection and it's Blessings, please allow the Child to go with us. The Guardian understood falsely and taught that the two who were sent out to seek the Childs Help, were robbers and thieves and wanted to do the Child harm and therefore he the Guardian rebelled and threatened to fight if anyone should ever touch the Child, for he missunderstood the Mission of the Child and It's Great Compassion of Mercy what it had for all, for the Child did Come to mend the broken Bridges between the Folks and their Nations and to Garantee Peace and Wellfare for all and not only for one Group.

As the Guardian then looked at the two Ambassadors who seeked so hardly to find the Child only to ask it's Help, once again mentioned to do anyone harm who ever touches the Child, until the Child itself Spoke up and said unto the Guardian: Why do you want to prevent these two and their People aswell as their Nation my Help? Don't hinder them from having the Privilege of my Grace and my Mercy towards them, no matter who they are and what they represent. I am Come for all who seeketh my Help, therefore how can you determine that my Service is only rendered unto a certain People while the others are deprived of such a Privilege, please let me Attend unto the Needs of those who seeketh my Help and forbid them not if they wishes to be a Part of me, for this Reason and for this Sake am I here.

Only first did the Guardian Understood the Great and True Majesty of the Child and it's Mission. Only there was the Eyes and the Heart of the Guardian Open to Comprihend the Greatness of God's Love towards all His Creation and therefore allowed the Child to go about it's Mission, Bringing God to the Hearts and Souls of the Nations and their Peoples.

We are One dispite Diversity:

We are all Children, Sons and Daughters of One Great God who Cares about us all and wishes the Best for all of us, no matter who we are and what Lifestyle we may have or Practice.

Just Imagine that after all the Thousands of years what Humanity have Lived on the Planet, wishing to have Peace and Unity between all, Shares the same Wish, only with the difference that some do believe that this Peace can be acheived through Unneccessary wars or conflicts which is False!

We can all Acheive Peace through a Handshake and Multilateral Talks which could be Conducted through Deplomacy and Sharing of the Resources!

We have all seen what wars do unto Nations and their Peoples. Such Methods were practiced for years and years with the same results, over and over again we have seen.

Ask the question what have wars taught us and you would always have the same answer: it's good for nothing!

As the Child in the Story Demonstrates unto us, is the same what Jesus taught in His Teachings: Let the Children come unto me and forbid them not, for such is the Kingdom of God. Or return not the beggar or your Fellowperson who askes you a favour. It is also said in the Holy Scriptures that a Child shall Lead them! Which Child and where shall this Child Lead, Who?

Let's beginn with the last.

Who“? Who, are We, all Humanity who seeketh Peace in the World of Conflicts. We who have distanced ourselves so far away from our Orign and the Orign of our beings who is God. We have distanced ourselves from our Creator, our Heavenly Father who dearly wishes nothing else as to see us all Live in Harmony with eachother.

Where? Where, is back to the Place where we belongs, in the Bossum of our Creator, and where is He, our Creator, or this „Where“? It's in our Hearts, our Hearts is this „Where“ where God Dweels!

The Child? The Child is the Love in our Hearts which is once again God, for God is Love!

As Jesus was asked by His Dicipels, who was the greatest in Heaven He answered: first must we be as the Children! As grown up we tend to forget our Mission on the Planet, and this is to Establish the God in Man/Woman through Together Working and TLC towards all, regardless of Colour of Skin, Hair, or Eyes or Nationality! For this reason did the King David of the Old Testament of the Holy Bible told us: We were born as Gods but we die as Men and Women. Why? For the lack of Understanding. Missunderstanding is one of the greatist Barriers what prevents Humanity from knowing Him/Herself, and for this reason is it said, that we are not our Understanding (Paradoxon is'nt it). How often do we lean upon our own missunderstanding claiming to be right while we are the whole time wrong in our Interpritation of things. Our FreeMason Master Dr.Werner Walter Guttler always taught us: When some one have made a sentance or a statement, before you go ahead claiming to have understood by giving your interpritation hoping to have understood what that person have said, first ask the „Question“. When I correctly understood you, you meant or you are saying that such and such is the case or the matter, have I gotten you right? We must first give the other Person the Chance to be able to Explain Him/Herself before we run around claiming what that Person never Meant, but that what we've believed to have understood. The most of the time it's a case of Prejudging and often when we have made the first oppinion about a Person who we dont like, anything what that Person may say would always fall on stony grounds as wanting to say“ you see that's a criminal, I told you so“. It's a Privilege, the ability to repeat in the right terms as spoken or told to, and therefore to give a feedback, with the right Interpritation as was transmitted over unto you the reciever, a clear understanding towards what is „asked or told“ is neccessary otherwise conflicts occure. Everyone see's Life through the Perspective and the Point of View from where that Person stands. Therefore how can you determine that the Viewer is not seeing the same Coin what you are seeing? Maybe you are standing in front of the head of the Coin an see's not what's behind on the other side of the Coin and therefore accepts not the deffinition of the other Person who focuses on the backside of the Coin which is the number or as also called, the tail of the Coin. Therefore how can you claim that Person to be wrong in their deffinittion? The Great German Author Göthe once said that the Truth varies. There is no Absolute Truth other than, that God is this Absolute Truth. The Truth is, that as long as Evolution and Changes takes place, Truth will always Vary in order to allow New forms and New Fronteers. You could Imagine it as if, the more Taughts and New Ideas we have, is the Greater the Universe Expands itself and therefore are we unable to comprihend what is beyond our Physical or Astral Eyes. How can we Comprehend the Absolute God when we don't even Understand the simple things around us and see them all as Strangers not belonging to us? Even the Holy Mother Mary called God, A Mystery within a Mystery. Even God Learns New Thing and needs the time to accept them. Here is an Example of what we mean: Do you remember the Story of God and his anger over the Nation of Sodom and Gomorah? It is said that He was Angry over the Homosexuality and Huredom of that Nation and therefore He Destroyed them. Since that time God grew up to be a big God who Understood and realized that even Homosexuality was just an other Life form who was seeking Existance. Not that we Practice such behaviours, but it's a fact, that even God today Realized that through the Distruction of Sodom and Gomorah, that He did'nt Eradicate the Homosexuality in our World completely, but only for a period seeing that it even got stronger as it was before, and that even this Life form does exist today as it did yesterday, and would God distroy all Homosexuals as He did before? No! For the simple fact that even He knows that these People are seekers of Salvation even when in their Lifestyle. He also knows that if He was to destroy them today that tomorrow they would come back greater and stronger as they were before and therefore doth He give them the chance to survive and still in their survival, Hope that they one day find Him in their Hearts and that the rest of Humanity can also accept them for who they are and not who we wish them to be. You really think that God hates Elton Johm, or Conchitta Vurst or Boy George because they are Homosexuals? No He dont, but even such Persons must understand that as long as they dont trouble or Rape or do things to Manipulate others so as to compell others to be as they are, then are they allowed to practice their Lifestyle as long as it does'nt deprive the Basic Free Will of an other Person or Persons to Live their Life as they wish to. For many years did I stand as a Lawyer before God for the rights of Homosexuals, Michael from Break the Silence Stop the Violance knows this, not even the Homos themselves knew this . Not because I Love what they do or am a part of their behaviour, but because even they should have a right to exist, as long as they trouble no one. As a Lawyer for their existance but not to defend them when they go ahead and Rape People, wether Physical, Mentally, or Astral, for such is a Violation against the Basic Human Rights of all Souls and shall be punished when caught by such behaviour. Practice what you Live amongst yourselves and try not to Manipulate others or to Indulge others in your Lifestyle, but leave everyone to choose their own thing for themselves or you shall have great Problems!

An other Example: National Sozialism of the Nazis. Who would have taught that after the 2nd world war that they would ever be Nazis today in the Earth? But look at it now, our World is full of Racism and in almost every Nation is it existant. For this Fact did the Lord Maitreya asked Willy Brandt to do the Brandt Report where all kinds of Lifestyles can sit at the same table and talk their differences out, seeing that the days where we fought wars to eliminate a lifeforce or to Solve our Conflicts, these day are gone and Peace can only be acheived through Dialog and through Equal Rights and Justice which is Acheived only by the Sharing of the Resources!

The UNO:

The United Nation have the Great Privilege to use and to Apply one of the Greatest Ambassadors of it's time to Solve the Conflict between the USA and North Korea. Apply Dennis Rothman as Ambassador between the UN/USA and Northe Korea for Peace Talks. The President Loves Dennis Rothman verey much, they Love each other and therefore there is Great Potential for Peace there. Give North Korea the Chance to Grow and to become part of the International World Community and Intigrate them amongst us and let them have Participation in our World as a Worthy Member of Humanity.

May the Lord Jesus and His Father Maitreya Buddha Bless the Nation and the Peoples of North Korea.

May the Lord Jesus and His Father Maitreya Buddha Bless all Humanity and the Planet.

May the Heavenly Father be Mercyfull and always Gracefull and Forgiving unto us of little Faith.

May the One Holy God Bless the Masters of Wisdom of the Herarchy of the Masters of Wisdom that they Continue to School and Advice Humanity to do the Right things on his way to Divinity.


The Love and the Glory of the Universe Shines down upon the Planet Earth and Bless all what is in and on Her!!!!!!!!! Amen, Amen, Amen, Selah.


Namaskar Jah Love


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