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A Comment Tageschance How to make God Happy:

A Comment Tageschance


How to make God Happy:


Many are they who've asked this question, hoping to have the answer. Many have become the answer, but very few have understood.

The history of the Bible for an example is Aligorish even when „Real“ in it's messages.

If you take the Bible literally, you'll have Problems understanding it, seeing that most of the Truth within is described in an Aligorish form.

Here is an Example: When we read the Revelations of John, we hear of Dragons and Serpents and beast and Monsters, Deamons and such.

It is said that God, or the Christ and His Angels shall kill or punish them all.

Look around you and tell me if you see Dragons, or Serpents, or Beast or Monsters? All what you could see is Humanity who may symbolize themselves with such symbols, but at the end they are all Humans, Sons and Daughters of the One Holy God.

Ask the question once again, which Serpent shall God punish or destroy? Is it the African black mumba, the Indian Cobra, the Chinise Dragon, the American Rattlesnake, the Egyptian Cobra, which one shall be punished or killed?

Was'nt it a Serpent that Moses held high as He was in the desert, and said unto the Hebrews, who look towards the Serpent shall be saved?

Is'nt the Serpent the symbol what is used on every Hospital and the sign for Help in the days of Illness? Would God close down every Hospital wanting to kill the Serpent?

Now almost every young man once wished in their Heart as a young man to be the one who bring such a victory home and lay it before the feet of God and make Him Happy, just like you do when you see a HolyWood Film and afterwards you come out feeling like the Bad Supperstar who've just killed all his enemies in his Film.

All Nonsence.

If you are Honest with yourself, you would ask the question; is that what God really askes of Humanity, and does such activities Pleases God?

Mankind goe's out into the World with the intentions to murder the ungodly and the nonbeliever hoping to do God Pleasure. Fully BullShit!

The Lord Buddha taught us that even if the unbeliever only believes in the Stone, leave them alone, for the sake that, even that Person may one day find God in the Stone, seeing that even God Created the Stone and it was'nt Created by the unbeliever.

God need not the Heads of His enemies to roll to Conquer them. God need not the Strength of the Mighty man or his Strong Horses. God need's not the Weapons of destruction to demonstrate His Might of Power.

None of these things Pleases God, as that of your Service unto your Fellow Person, for it's the Fastest way to Find and Know God!!!!!!!!!

The Lord and Christ Maitreya Buddha ( said: to Please God, means to take the Needs of your Fellow man and your Fellow Woman as the measurement for your Handling, (for your deeds). Tend to the Needs of your Sisters and Brothers who is Man and Womankind and solve the Problems of the World.

Now if you want to go out there wanting to kill Dragons and Serpents, please know that after doing this you shall become one of them yourselves. If you go up hating Dictators you'll surely become like them.

Search for the Dragon in your own Heart and TAME it! Look for the Serpent in your own Heart and Tame it if it's causing you pain and Illness. If you dont have your Temper under controll, that means that your Dragon is untamed and you are wild, Loud and an Aggressive Person. The Jewish term for Dragon is Shin, which means Fire. We in the Western Hemesphere calls it Hot Temperament, Aggression. This Aggression is driven by Hate and Fear. Learn to bring these under controll and then you would have Pleased God Most!

Respect your Fellow Person and Serve them when ever you can and you would have Pleased God very Much!

When it is mentioned in the Bible about Monsters and Beast, it's not the Zombies as HollyWood presents it unto us BrainWashing Mankind, but it's more like the Monstrum the Atomicbomb and the Atomicwaste. The Beast is the Injustice what causes Poverty (WallStreet, Banks, and the Rich with their Exploitation on the Resources of the Planet without measurement).

These are the Monsters and the Beast and Christ shall Surely Winn the Battle against such Injustice.

How shall the Christ Winn, and which Method shall He use to do this?

His Method is Simple and Sure and it shall all happen in the name of Love, and not hate!!!!!!!!!

Very soon Humanity shall feel the Love streaming through its Hearts and shall know that it is Time to Change its Greedy Habbits.

Humanity shall see and Adopt the Prinzipal of SHARING as the Measurement for its Surviuval, Share or Die did Maitreya say. We have no other choice to save the Planet.

To Die means maybe to exist in an other Dimension but not in the Heavens which the Christ have Made for those who Practices the Prinzipal of Sharing and Love. See it this way. This Earthly Life could also be a Test while we sleep and Dream, wanting to see who've Qualified to go to Heaven and after waking up, we are either in the 5th Dimension, the Dimension of Love and Sharing, or have we remained in the 4th Dimension of the Maya World of want and illussions.

Even the USA shall Recognize that there is for a Fact, a Climate Change and therefore shall they reverse their movements from stepping out of the Climate agreement signed in Paris and return to the agreement once again, for the Climat Change will not ask the allowance of anyone if it's allowed to take place, when we Ignore it, but it shall just come and catch us by Surprise.

Do you want to make God Happy?

Serve your Fellow Persons and Share your Resources and be of Goodwill and you would have Conquered the Heart of God, in your Service unto Him, Rendered unto your Brothers and Sisters!!!!!!!!! Serve the Earth and Save Our Planet and you would have Pleased God!!!!!!!!!



Namaskar Jah Love

A Comment Tageschance Unto our Brothers and Sisters of the Arabic World:

A Comment Tageschance


Unto our Brothers and Sisters of the Arabic World:


There was once a young Turkish man who had a Döne/Tea Shop in a small Town in Germany, where I Loved to sit and eat a Delicious Döne and drink a Wonderfull Tea. One day he asked me; Why do my People always have to fight, you here live in Peace but my People are fighting, why?

I searched for the answer to this question, wanting to get to the basic reasons for the Years of conflicts in the Arabic World.

In my search did I recognize many components that comes together to build a body,where diverse activities play their role as individual pillars for a construction on which a fundament is layed.

Rather said, it is as weather or not, little or great things are done, for some it's stupidity, for others it have a Significant meaning in their daily Life and in their Kulture.

Rituals are things that we can get accustom and become addicted to, and then we can have dificulties in trying to get rid of some habbits because they dont do us good. To step out of the Norm and be different as others, means that you have left the group and this could be frightening to be missunderstood, and therefore doth one stay in the Ritual of their habits.

The Aribic World have a lot of things what one could do to get them Protest and burn Flags and Photos, but what if these People do these provokation knowing that, that People would Demonstrate and burn Flags and Photos. It is as if the provokation is deliberately set up to start new conflicts.

Now, just imagine that every time a Flag and a Photo is burned in an Aribic Nation, it means that the Aribic World will have one year of war in their Nation and when five Flags and five Photos are burned, then it means five years of war in the Aribic World.

Imagine that this could be so and someone wishes to provoke this every time, to perlude the Sufferings of the Aribic Nations and their People so that they would be no Peace in their Nations.

What if the Aribic World would stop burning the Flags and the Phptos of their enemies, it could be the first step to put out the fire what burns around you.

Dont let People provoke you that you get rageous and outrageous, but Sing a Wonderfull Song in your Heart unto Allah and He shall hear your call for He is amongst you in Life and in Death!!!!!!!!!

Here is a little True Story what really took place between India and Tibet. As the Lord Maitreya was Illumed and was seen by the Gods as an Awaken One, He was put to the Test to prove his Godly manner.

One of the Test what was set before him, was to speak and tame the Fire serpent. He took the Test and brought it to an end. Three days and three nights did both of them fight and rangeled about what is right and what is wrong and when and how can we give a deffinition of what is right and what is wrong and so did they struggeled and fought these three days and nights until at the end of those days, bouh fell exausted on the floor. Maitreya won the battle.

What did He do and what was it about anyway, this Test?

The Fire Serpent had Fire and really knew how to use it, but did she know how to bring her Fire under controll even when attacked?

What Maitreya did was, to Teach the Fire Serpent how to be Lord of Her Fire rather than letting the Fire be Lord over Her. She new Mercy and Grace and Forgiveness unto those who've done Her wrong. As She took the Teachings of the Lord into Her Heart, suddenly a Light went out over Her Head and not later She was Illumed and would become a Goddess!!!!!!!!! Supreme Goddess!!!!!!!!!

In Every Man, Woman, Boy and Girl lies a Lion, a Dragon, a Lamb, a Dove and all what you could immagine. Our duty is it to tame our Animalistics. If you are a Dragon, you'll have to learn to have controll over your fire so that it wont get out of controll, better said as done, still it remains Possible.

If we want to improve in Life and get out of the old customs, then we'll have to lay down some old habbits, and don't react to Provocation, it be that the Reactions are Justifyable with the Carmic Laws.

Stop burning Flags and Photos so that the wars in the Arib World be Stopped, and that Peace and Harmony Reign in the Aribic World!!!!!!!!!


May the One Holy God bless the Aribic and Muslim World!!!!!!!!!

May these Blessings bring Peace and Harmony amongst you all!!!!!!!!!


Namaskar Jah Love



Neues von der World Peace Prayer Society

Hey Leute, unsere alte Freundin Dagmar Berkenberg schreibt uns die folgenden Zeilen:

"Herbst ist bei uns immer der Zeitpunkt, an dem wir die Gewinner der Wettbewerbe bekanntzugeben.


So findet am 25. November 2017 das alljährliche GOI PEACE FORUM in Tokio statt, um die  Gewinner des diesjährigen

GOI PEACE AWARDS und des Aufsatzwettbewerbs bekanntzugeben. 


Das Motto des Forums lautet „die Weisheit der Natur“!


Dieses Jahr sollten Aufsätze zum Thema „Learning from Nature“ eingereicht werden und auch die Gewinner des Goi Friedenspreises 2017, Kenny Ausubel und Nina Simons von „Bioneers“ beschäftigen sich mit dem Thema, 

da sie als Social Entrepreneurs praktische Lösungen anbieten, um unsere Umwelt- und Sozialprobleme zu meistern. 


Leider existiert zu ihrem Unternehmen „Bioneers“ aus Kalifornien noch gar nichts auf Deutsch, obwohl gerade ihr Programm 

restorative Food Systems“ gut zur aktuellen Glyphosat Debatte in Deutschland passen würde. 


Kenny Ausubel und seine Ehefrau Nina Simons (siehe Foto) haben sich unseren Preis nach 27 Jahren Bioneers verdient.

Wir gratulieren den beiden herzlichst  zur Reise nach Tokio und zu ihrem großen Moment am 25. November 2017.


Mit ihnen wird später auf der Bühne das Ehepaar Masami und Hiroo Saionji sowie der Nao Suzuki, Gründer von „Greenz“, 

einem online Magazin in Japan, diskutieren.


Greenz veröffentlicht Ideen, die „unseren Alltag verändern können“.  

So möchte auch Nao Suzuki mithelfen, eine nachhaltigere Welt zu gestalten.


Auf den Fotos sehen Sie die Kenny Ausubel mit Eherrau Nina Simons, Masami Saionji und Nao Suzuki. 


In einer separaten Mail informieren wir Sie über die gewinnenden Aufsätze und in einer dritten Mail über

die Gewinner/innen des Kindermalwettbewerbs 2017. Auch hier wurde zum Thema Natur gemalt, 

genauer gesagt zu : „Nature for all“ 


Mit besten Wünschen 




Dagmar Berkenberg

World Peace Prayer Society

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