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A Comment Tageschance About Spirit and Ego:


A Comment Tageschance


About Spirit and Ego:


A ballanced Ego is the Definittion of a Conscious Soul who knows his/her Spirit.

An unballance Ego is Excentric and never is enough, sufficient, for that Excentric Ego which needs to be fed. It's as Bob Marley the Reggae Singer sang: Every need have an Ego to feed.

The Ego is as deffinination „that Inpulse what gives us our kick to get up out there in this Life and to be and to achieve wanting to demonstrate who we are, and our successes,“ but if this is all done with an excentric Ego, very soon could one walk over dead bodies with out having care, just to achieve ones dreams and ones wishes.

Ballance is neccessary in all aspects of the Life of all Humanity, less we will always be Tresspassing the Solem Terroteries of others without Permission. All this is dangerous for us as a Species as we are „The Humanrace.“ As Julie tends to say: They all talk about races. But there's only one race and that's the Humanrace!

Ballance is Neccessary for a good Nature, if you give a Plant too much Water, the roots gets rotten and the Plant dies even when Water is Life.

Too long have Humanity distance itself from it's Spirituality, wanting to sattesfy the Wants of His/Her Desires more than it's Needs. Because Humanity can't differentiate between their Wants and their Needs, occures the problems that when one thinks that He/She has not enough, then they could want to take it from someone else even if it's the last what was taken from that person.

Our World is today built up as wanting to say, that Material abundance is a status of Selfachievement, but have one really achieved much when one Live in the full of Luxus and not even knowing the Soul or the Spirit of ones True Being?

Yes the Ego is Spiritual and is seen even by many of the Great Philosophs and Religous Leaders as the Spark of God (the Spirit of Life).

The Lord Jesus once Taught us: Man knoweth thyself!

We uses our Ego and know yet not ourselves and therefore can Mankind find Himself constructed in unneccessary conflicts which need not be, but takes place just because of blindness of the Soul and of the Spirit.

Lets go back to the Wants and the Needs of Humanity. Humanity must accept Itself as a Unit.

What we „Want“ is an Addittion, what comes after our Needs are fullfilled and these Needs have Priority. What are these Needs? These are as the Lord Maitreya ( the World Teacher tells us: A Ballanced Nutrition for every soul on Earth, Propper Housing for all, Medical Healthcare for all, and Education for all. These are the Basic Needs of every Living Soul and all Humanity and should be Granted unto everyone and be Anchored in the Earth as an Universal Right for all!

What are the Wants? The Wants are the 10 Cellphones, the 20 Cars, the Great Mansion with 50 bedrooms. The question is, who's driving them all, and who's sleeping in all those rooms and how many ears must a one man have before he can hear 10 Phones at a time? Does he have time anymore for the Virtual things, and what would that person do to maintain that high standard of Lifestyle? Many questions, as Jimmy Cliff the Reggae Singer would say: There are more questions than answers, and the more I find out the less I know. Sometimes it could feel this way but just know, nothing goes lost in this Universe and everything Taught, Said and Done is regestered in that Great book of the Cronic of Life. We just have to open up and pull the draw and the known is there.

Through our Excentric Ego, we Produce more than we really need, we exploit the Resources on the Planet without Regard or Discretion, and why? Just to satisfy the Wants of 1000 Persons waiting at the doors of some big shopping mall, wanting to rush into the store as if „I Have To Be The Fist One Who Get's The First Iphone? It's really Maddness seeing that after one year, the old shall be replaced by a new and and is no mere valid and the old is thrown away, plus the other 50,000,000 what never got sold out and stands in the shelf as a shelfwarmer?

In this manner do we Exploit our Planet, with Mass Production to satisfy the Thirst of the greedy who have just not enough. Yes, we shall surely Advance in Technology but with Measurement of Discretion.

Now when you hear me speak this way, you may think that I am just full up of frust and hate, but no, I'm not. It's just my Deffinition of things, the way how I see it. It's the Point of View of the many who have eyes to see how our Earth just suffer for the sake of such Insanity. We „Want“ on the back of Mother and Father Nature, on the Back of Mother Earth. We distroy Forest to Nature Cattle for Hamburgers while the Air is Polutted. We Build Damms for Atom Reactors and stop the Natural flow of the Rivers and suffer Farmers and their Crops that Millions of Families suffer and die. You may argue that you bring Energy to the City, but as the Master Benjamin Creme ( would say, why not work on the Fussion of the Atomicenergy what is unto Trillions in the same Water as to Split the Atoms if you are going to use the Rivers? The Atomicenergy how we use it today is one of the greatist forms of Polution. We have to Start Fussionizing the Atoms instead of Splitting them. If you dont know how to do it, As aloud the Masters and they shall Help you and give you the Formular to do this, and we must do it now, seeing that we need to Retreat from the old form of consuming our energies. The Rich who earns the Billions from the Reactors wont pay for the cleaning up of the mess if anything should happen, but they leave it on the People and their Taxes and on the Planet to get rid of it.

There are so many things what we need to considder when we want to exist as a Humanrace on the Planet, and we need to start by our Ego. Humanity Know Thy Self!!!!!!!!!


The Ego is equivelant unto the soul as the gassoline unto the Motor of the car. If there are weels and a motor, with a full tank, the car could take you all over places where you've never been before. It's like the Ego for the Living Soul, through a Ballanced, conscious and Awared Ego could we become that who we really are and see ourselves as that who we really are „The God in Man/Woman“.

Jesus Christ once told us aswell as King David of the old Testament did in one of His Psalms: We were born as Gods, but we die as men.

The aim of Humanity on Earth is to Cultivate and Develop His/Her Spirituality to the level of Godlyness, He/She who we really are, and to do this we also do need our Ego, but in a Ballanced form seeing that we are not alone but are many who Share one Planet and still in the Diversity are we One Humanrace.


Humanity must return to the source of It's Divinity and Recognize the Spirit who He/She really is.


May the One Holy God Bless all Humanity to See, Know and Accept It's True Identity.

May Humanity be Blessed. Amen!


We were born as Gods, Let us Live as Gods in Devine Dignity.


Namaskar Jah Love



#1 Adolph 2017-02-17 03:06
I've beden browsiong onliine more thhan 4 houes today, yet I nevr founmd any interesting aarticle like yours.
It iis prretty wordth enough forr me. In myy opinion, iff all website
oners aand blpggers maee good conjtent ass yoou did, thee web will bbe muc more
usefl than evedr before. I couldn’t resist commenting.
Weell written! There's definately a grteat ddeal to lern about thiss topic.

I llve aall oof thhe pints yyou hazve made.

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