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A Comment Tageschance Jesus died for you and I:


A Comment Tageschance


Jesus died for you and I:


Many a times, was I asked: What does it mean when it is said that Jesus died form us and our sins, or how could Jesus die for someone else's sins?

Well really speaking, it's a long and somehow difficult subject for those who don't considder or accept the Laws of Carma. It is a bit complicated to explain.

Let's take at first the Law Carma and its regulations that justify this great Law. Ther's a saying what goes like:what goes up must come down, what goes around comes around, as you do so shall be done unto you. Some people would say: thats not fully true about what goes up always comes down, the Taxes always go up and they never come down. The answer is that these are man made Laws but still they are only fragments and shimmering reflections of the Universal Law of Evolution, but only a shimmer and fragment of this true Law. Just imagine that the Ten Comandments of Moses, we can see in every Institutional structure of our daily Lives. Almost every Institution have rules and regulations with which the one or the other is based on one or two of the Commandments of Moses.

A reflection is never absolute but is a meer shimmer of the real object behind the reflection. Here's an example: Once a man was walking down the street as he needed to go through a small and dark ally. Away before him at the end of the ally shone a light against a wall, where suddenly, a great big immage appeared what frightened him. He looked and saw as if a great furious beast have just risen up wanting to attack and devour him. He got afraid, but something compelled him to continue his journey, this something was curiousity, something that causes us to adventure. As the man came closter to the figure behind the reflection, He realised that the great beast was just a little mouse who was being reflected in a light beam, as it stood up on it's two back legs. The heart of the man and it's fears was releaved that no danger was up ahead and therefore continued towards his destination.

An other example is the story of the man and the walls. There was once a man who appeared unto others as a monster. This monster was huge and frightening, seeing that he looked as if his back grew in the hevens as a mountain would. It was a picture what made many afraid and everyone would discord the monster because of his stature and his appearance. One day they came a great quake where every thing was shaken, even the great monster. The quake ruttled and shook everything, that all what was built up high, was shaken down low. Even the monster was shaken by the quake. Funny is, that as the monster was shaken, something fell from him and suddenly those who had fear of the monster, had suddenly no more fear, but tend to want to approach the monster to see what have just fell from him. As they got closter, they realised that all arround the monster on the floor, their was pieces of walls than fell from his back. Some even dared to let go of their fear and to approach the monster closter wanting to help him up, as they realised: Oh, that what we taught to be a monster is but a handsom and beautifull to look upon young man, and his huge back was his luggage, the walls that now lay on the ground. It was the walls of others who begged the young man to help them to carry these walls. Very soon the word was spread that the moster is not really a monster but is a friendly and kind young person and is also human. Some were dissapointed, seeing that they Live their lives under the influence of Superstition, compitition and Tension and always need a conflict person against whom they can compare themselves with. The others however was very happy to make friendship with the person behind the monster, seeing that their greatest fears for that person was now gone.

Now you may ask what does all this have to do with Jesus dying for the sins of the World?

We can see it this way. The load that Jesus carried was like unto that of the monster, the load of everyone else what was too heavy for the others. Besides all this, even Jesus had his own Cross to carry.

The Esotherical and Spiritual form of dying for the sins of the World:

As Jesus Lived for 2000 years ago in Palistina/Jerusalem, they were a great deal of people who Loved, Believed and followed Him because they knew Him from the days of old, while on the other side there were those who hated and dispised Him. All those who Loved and believed Him Reincarnated with Him as Sons and Daughters, Brothers and Sisters of Him. Those who hated and Dispised Him also died and came short of His Glory in an other Life, through the Mercy of His Forgiveness on them. Others never, however, for shame and selfpride never took hold and accepted this Grace of His, hoping that they can one day proove Him as wrong. In such a case it's all about seeking revenge, the fight between the Good and the bad. Even for such did He die. Lets be Immaginary and ask, what if the esotheric is true and such as Reincarnation is possible, what happens unto those who've done wrong but never seemed to face judgement for the things done in a life time. Would such people return in an other life to compensate for the past if not already reckoned? The answer is yes.

Those who hated Jesus and His Teachings at that time, did everything in their power to proove Him wrong as they even claimed that He was a son of the devil and therefore needed to be stoned or be killed. Such people used every possible instance and every event what seemed bad to give or put the blame on Him and to say that He was the fault for it.

Jesus His Father Maitreya knew this and tried to guide Him on the road to understanding why such people behave this way, and the great gift in practicing the means of forgiveness even unto the foe.

Jesus knew just who was doing the wrongs, trying to give Him the blame. How many times did they try to steal His Identity doing wickedness hoping that when others see it, that they woul point the finger saying: it was Him we saw Him do the crime. He knew who they were and still He never pointed the finger as to say you stole my Identiy and did wrong wanting to give me the blame. No He never did, but He died with the secrets of those people. They taught, ah yes we've got Him now and now the Problems of the World shall be gone when He is no more, but what they never understood was, that they Crucified the wrong person for the sins of the true convicts. Those who hid behind the curtains in darkness doing the evil was never revealed, but everyone knew that Jesus died. Now let's continue to Immagine, that all those who did Him wrong and hid behind the curtain and therefore was never revealed unto the many who taught that Jesus was the one doing the wrong.

Immagine that all these people have a price what have to be paid and therefore because sins of the Fathers are given over unto the Generations to come as God once said, that all the Generations of those haters multiplied. That would be a great deal of people today who would be Livng in the fault of Jesus owing Him something, something that would reconpense for the wrongs of their Fathers who sinned against Him at that time? For 100 years if the World had only 4 billion people living on it, this number have multiplied to almost 50% of what it was for 100 years ago which would make it to 7,5 billion people today. This symbolic is just to demonstrate how rappidly the Race have multiplied itself in such a short time. In this manner can you Immagine when looking back at the foes of Jesus, at that time if it was hundreds, today it is millions who need His Grace and His Mercy to be Redeemed from the sins of their forefathers. Could you understand this kind of explanation in an Esotherical form unto the Question? Just Immagine that you or I could be one of such persons and know it not, how horrable?

Now this is just the sins of those who hated Him as Jesus. Let us continue to ask the question but where did these people come from and why? Lets first ask the Question: who was Jesus in an other Life before He Reincarnated as Jesus, who was He? We dared attempt to do this and came to a great Idea: Could it be that Jesus, before He was born as Jesus, that He Lived an other Life as someone very Significant, maybe like Moses and the 10 Comandments? And before He Incarnated as Moses, He Lived a Life as Jacob with His 12 Sons and so on? Just Immagine that the Pharaoh who set the Laws up to kill every child that was born and had the age of two years and under, seeing that he the Pharaoh was afraid of a Masiah who would come to save the Hebrew people from the slavery of Egypt. Just Immagine that the same Pharaoh Reincarnated in the days of Jesus and carried out the same fight to prevent the birth of the Masiahs, as Herodas did in Jerusalem at that time? Was Jesus His 12 Decipels Jacob's 12 Sons, in Fact, was Jesus the Reincarnation of Jacob and Moses and Ilias and way back down unto Able who was murdered by His Brother Cain? And did Cain Reincarnated as Essau while Abel Reincarnated as Jacob? If this is a fact and not just an Immagination, oh boy we really do have a lot to considder and to think about. Oh girl we must change our old way of thinking seeing that all what we've learned until now could be just a meer scraping on the surface of the Truth under the surface of things. Oh boy, this one is very tricky and could cause some headachs and head scratching when all this could be really true. How could we explain such without being seen as a crazy person or not be laught over? But as we said dont believe it untill you have proven it really so, but doubt it, still leave the room and the time and space to ask the question: Could it really have happened this way??? As we said, this is an Esotheric way of seeing it.

It even goes deeper but it would take more efforts to be explained and sometimes the substance could get lost along the way to explanations.

Remark: Our sins are an Accumulation of the sins of our forefathers, and one have accleared Himself ready at that time to carry those walls at that time and it was Jesus. He carried all our sins upon Himself and still we Recieved and came short of His Forgiveness and His Grace of Mercy. Believe it or not, you'll only understand the piece of it when you've gotten the whole puzzle finished.


May the Light and the Love and the Healing Powers of our Lord Jesus Christ rest down upon us all and Bless us. Amen, Amen, Amen, Selah


Namaskar Jah Love


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