Gute Nachrichten, um die Welt neu zu sehen


A Comment Tageschance Africa be Blessed:


A Comment Tageschance


Africa be Blessed:


The Lord Christ be Mercifull unto you and Bless you.


The Day cometh when all Africa is Free from all Voodo, and Sorceries, and Witchkraft and all things that indanger Black People all over the World when these things are Practiced, where ever, when ever.


If you practices wrong against others, and the others strikes back, there shall be great lost.


The Day is Come where Black People and all Africa shall Replace all it's old Habbits with the New Christus Consciousness, for Christos shall Redeem them.


Oh Africa at Home and Abroad, send your Children to School, the Doors are open.

Let them Learn and become an Education, so that they would become Doctors and Priests, and Carpenters, and Painters and Plummers, Gardeners and Musicians and Police Officers, Teachers and Presidents and Great People of the World who Help others and This shall be you Heritage.


Go not into an other Nation as a Stranger wanting to do them harm, less you should be doing yourself harm.

Curse not the City or the Land in which you Live, less it shall fall on your head.

If you can't do Good, at least, Don't do bad.

Bless the Nation and it's People, the Land in which you find yourself.

Bless the Covernment and Build the Nation in which you are, with the Help of the others living there. Hand in Hand Together.


Serve the Community and Bless the Church and all the Religions and their Congrigations.


This goes out also unto all yee Brothers and Sisters, Sons and Daughters, from the Aribic World who now Live amongst us as yet Reffugee strangers but soon shall be Integrated as Equal and Worthy Citizens, Brothers and Sisters of the Humanrace.


Oh Heavenly Father, let the bad become Good

And let the Good become Better


Blessed is the Christ who Cometh to take away the sins of the World Trough His Teachings.


Make the Heavens High and the Doors be Open Wide for HIM who Cometh. To Teach, and to Guide and Protect His Family the Human Race and Lead them back unto the Heavenly Father.


Maitreya Buddha is His Name. The Ministry of the Christ is given unto the Christ Buddha, the World Teacher.


Remove the Clouds of the Vail on your Eyes and see, for God have found Mercy on His People Africa at Home and Abroad.


The Lord be Mercifull unto you and Bless you

The Lord Shine His Continance upon you and Guide and Protect you

The Lord Raises up His Continance upon you and Bless you with Peace.


Namaskar Jah Love



A Comment Tageschance Salvation on Rastafari:


A Comment Tageschance


Salvation on Rastafari:


Be Blessed my Brothers and Sisters.


Honesty in Taught


Sinceerity in Deeds


And a Humble Spirit

Maitreya Buddha



Give Wisdom, Knowledge, and Understanding.

King Solomon


So Jah say: Not one of my Seed, should sit on the sidewalk and beg bread.

King David Psalms


Rastafari from the Lion of the Tribe of Judah, the Lamb, Shall Prevail.


Christ is His Foundation and Love is His Ministry.


Let Christ and Love and Peace Prevail!!!!!!!!!



Namaskar Jah Love


A Comment Tageschance What does Jesus mean to me?


A Comment Tageschance


What does Jesus mean to me?


Pope Francis newly asked us all the question:What does Jesus mean to us?


What, Jesus?


My Sweet Jesus? My Lord and Saviour?


My Salvation?


My Light in the Darkness?


My Joy and my Happiness?


My Water and my Bread?


My Mother and Father, Brother and Sister, Friend and Companion?


What does Jesus mean for me?


I Think you know it Best Pope Francis.


Benjamin Creme ( told us as Jesus said: I am the Way, the Light and the Life, no one come's to the Father but through me. That he was the Personification of the word Carefullness and he imbodied this.


Jesus is the Light of the World and always shall be and only through Him is Salvation found!!!!!!!!!


Blessed be the Name and the Love of our Lord Jesus Christ!!!!!!!!!


Namaskar Jah Love