Gute Nachrichten, um die Welt neu zu sehen


Laotses tageschance Nr. 34

Laotses tageschance

34. Die Aufgabe der Vollendung

Der große SINN ist allgegenwärtig,
er kann zur Rechten sein und zur Linken.
Alle Geschöpfe verdanken ihm ihr Dasein,
und er verweigert sich ihnen nicht.
Das Werk wird vollbracht,
und er nennt es nicht seinen Besitz.
Er kleidet und nährt alle Geschöpfe,
und er spielt nicht den Herrn.
Insofern er ewig ohne Begehren ist,
kann man ihn als klein bezeichnen.
Insofern alle Geschöpfe sich ihm zuwenden
(und er spielt nicht den Herrn)
kann man ihn als groß bezeichnen:
Also auch der Berufene:
Niemals macht er sich groß;
darum bringt er sein Großes Werk zustande.

(Quelle: „Laotse  - Tao te king“, das Buch des Alten vom Sinn des Lebens, aus dem Chinesischen ins Deutsche übertragen und erläutert von

Richard Wilhelm, atmosphären-Verlag)

Auf dem Klappentext des Büchleins über Laotse ist folgendes zu lesen:

„Laotse ist der berühmteste Vertreter des Taoismus. Sein „Tao te king“ ist das Herzstück der taoistischen Literatur und die höchste Form

menschlicher Weisheit. Es ist der Schlüssel zum Sinn und zum Leben für alle Menschen, die nach Wahrheit streben.
Hier ist Richard Wilhelms epochale Übersetzung des chinesischen Textes ins Deutsche, wie er sie zum ersten Mal 1911 veröffentlicht hat.“

Und weiter:

„Der Leser des Tao te king trifft auf uralte Worte, zum Teil auf verschlüsselte Sprache. Doch es sind Worte, die etwas erahnen lassen möchten,

was weit über alle Worte hinausgeht – nämlich die Ebene des Tao: das tiefste Geheimnis und die höchste Wirklichkeit, die wahre Stille und

ewige Dauer.“   Martina Darga

A Comment Tageschance The Return of the World Teacher:


A Comment Tageschance


The Return of the World Teacher:


Everey time we proclaim the return of the World Teacher, many ask the question if we are sure of what we are saying. Others are on the other hand Happy to hear such.

Every one feels the intensity of the time and the conflicts what it bears. These conflicts are the results of resistance of the old system which tries to keep it's possition and dont want to let go. The New Age is programed to take it's position but the old dont want to allow this process of being. This is always the case between the changes of the Ages. Because of such happenings, is it seen by Evolution and the Godly plan, that a World teacher comes foward to Help the Race to understand the Time in which they are entering into. The last Teacher was Jesus, even when many may say that Jesus came only for the Christians, but carefully looking at it we could recognize that Jesus came for all World Religions and Races, seeing that He believes that not only He alone is the Holy begotten Son of the Father, but that all Humanity are Holy Begotten Sons and Daughters of the One Holy Father, I know this because He've told me this Personally on the Train from Salzberg Austria, to Munich Germany. For Jesus, no Person is outside of the Heavenly Father but all is consisted in Him.

Why is the World Teacher returned at this Present Time and what does it mean?

Well, if we did remember, Jesus told us that the Father would come at a time when Mankind would lest expect Him, He would come like a thief in the night and the darkness shall turn to Light. Never before were Mankind open, or have so much access to Knowledge and Understanding as today, it is as if someone have opened a Great Book where every one can read and know how things function. All what was Hidden is now Revealed, seeing that the Forces of Light are Gathering.

For some People however, it is not the Time for the Return of the World Teacher or the beginn of the New Age of Aquarius, seeing that an Age takes 2500 years to be Accomplish and it is only 2000 years ago that Jesus came and missing is 500 years to come. How can this be explained or be made possible for others to be understood?

Please allow us to adjust: The Space Brothers Who are called KRYON (The Lords of Magnatism), who are responsable for the Magnet field of our Planet, told us during their last duties (from the 90s to 2002 and Based on the Planet Jupiter) on the Earth to Advance the Earth's Magnet Field of a new level. They were hoping to Return in the year 2500, but because of the Rapid advancement of Mankind on the Planet, it was neccessary to return at a most early possible time and this time was 500 years before the actual time period.

Jesus told us in the New Testament of the Holy Scriptures of the Bibel, the days shall be shortened for the sake of the Elected, less Mankind shall not survive.

Let's ask the Question who is Elected? All are Elected. This Election is a call to the New world, a New Age, a New way of Thinking. However, Jesus also told us that many are called but few are choosen. What doe's he mean by this? It is simple. Not all shall be prepared to accept the New Age and it's Philosophy towards Together Working or the Service unto Humanity, or simply say the Creedence of the New Age which say's SHARE. Selfish and Greedyness have ruled our World over the last 2000 years, and now is a New Age where Sharing is the Agenda of the day and this Prinzipal means a fight against Greedyness. Not a fight in Physical form but a Mental fight, a conscious fight in reconstructing our old taughts by rebuilding them of a New to accomadate to the time of today. The World Teacher Maitreya said: On the old Ruins of the Past shall the New be Built, all Things shall be Made New. In order to enter into the New, we must first sacrifice the old Dogmatics of the Past. Jesus told us: we can't put New Wine in old Bottles less they would brake, we kneed new bottles for the New Wine. New Wine, was just Symbolically used to explain the New Teachings, the New Techknology, the New Medicine, the New ways of Life, the Advancement of the New Age. like Wine goes to the Head, so does the new Taughts of Mankind. You cant expect that someone who lived 2000 years ago could explain unto you what Galelio was trying to explain. Someone from the year 1400 AD would call www. Com satanic, or witchcraft. How can you explain someone from the 1600 centuary what a Audi A4 is? It took a very long time before the Western Hemesphere accepted the TCM (Traditional Chineese Medicine). Today this is no more a problem. Jesus said: What was hidden from the Wise and the Prudent shall be Revealed unto the Babes and the Sucklings. The 1st or 2nd Demensional taught is being Replaced by the 3rd Demensional and bears the Challange to Focus beyond one's Conditional and Bordered Horizont.


Jesus told us that in these last days: the young Men shall have Dreams and the old Men shall have Vissions. The Lives of the old are running pass before their own eyes, and many are afraid of lost and therefore causes panic. The Dreams of the Young are Hopes and Asperation for their Future Lives and how they want to construct their World, this New World. They want to do this without Dogmatic Teachings and without Conditioned Idiologies. The Fathers of the past must adjust themselves and be prepared to Understand the Taughts of the youth of today, or these Youths shall pass on by on the old and the old ones would'nt have seen that their Children have passed by, or are long gone, and while waiting for the Youth, they are allready gone over on the other side.

The presence of Jesus 2000 years ago in Palistina, meant a Great Advancement for our present Humanity and this New Age of Aquarius on our Planet Earth. Jesus was an Excellerator who Excellerated things. His working through the Divine Love of His Father Maitreya (Melchezidek), brought Mankind to the stage where Mankind have the choice to decide which way He want's to choose. Either the old way with it's old Terms, or the new way with it's New Terms. The old way was the way of Segrigation, the New is the way of Together Working. The old way was the way of Hate, while the New way is the way of Love and Life. The old way was the way of Greedyness and Selfishness, the New way is the way of the Prinzipal of SHARING!!!!!!!!!

Jesus Excellerated and shortened the Time (The Time of 500 years) so that all Mankind be saved . He knew that the New Age of Aquarius (an Age of Spirituallity, Mental and Conscious advancement) where Mankind no more explore the depths of the Oceans, but seeks to join their Fathers of the Galaxies and seeks to find out more about Space and therefore other forms of warfare and Weapons. It was Neccessary for this Excelleration seeing that mankind have Invented Atomic Weapons what could destroy all Creation and for this sake, was it neccessary that the World Teacher returned as soon as possible. Maitreya Himself said: Believe me my Brothers and Sisters, I am eager to return at the Earliest possible time. Jesus and His Workings made this Possible.

The Return of the World Teacher in our Modern Age is one of the Greatest Happenings on Earth and in the Universe and causes many Conflicts, seeing that everyone wishes to claim Him for themselves. He is come for all and not just for one groupe of persons or Religion. His Presence is so Great, that all the World feels this Presence, but few can Identify where it is comming from and from whom is it comming. They can't Identify the source of this happenings but they all feel the power what is being Transmitted into the World and therefore many react in the manner with what they can Identify themself with. The youth in their Strength reacts with agression or High Creativity. The war Lords in their Aggression uses this Power to react Aggressively. Those who Practice Loving kindness tends to show more Tender care. Those with Fear reacts more fearfull. All these Emotion are a waken and Aktivated. The World Teacher is come to teach Mankind how to Controll these Emotions and disarm them so that they become Harmless unto others. Harmlessness is one of His Main Topics, seeing that Harmfullness is like a cord without an end, Harmfullness results to Revenge, and Revenge is like a burning fire, no matter how much wood you throw into that fire, it is never satisfied. Harmlessness on the otherhand is a corridoor towards Tollerance, Peace, Comunication, and Understanding. The Chance to sit in a Dialog and hear what the other is saying or asking without feeling Insulted or Discredited. Harmlessness is a Balsam for the Soul.

Harmlessness is a medicine for the Conscious. When we go to bed with a Clean and Good Conscience, we sleep well and we get up in the Morning and we Greet the World with a Smile. When we go to bed with a bad Consciousness, we tost and turn in our bed and we wake up with fear, hating the World. Our Conscious must be clean in order to concentrate ourselves on our daily duties and accomplish them with clarity and with a good feeling to have done the right thing and not the bad. A bad conscience is like a pain in the bone. It is not on the skin where one can scratch or use a cream to sooth the pain, but it's in the bone where no one can reach. This causes an Irritation which makes one Misserable knowing that healing is more likely to be impossible.

Maitreya told us, dont try to convert anyone or try to press your Idiology on anyone. Try not to be a Guru or Leader of anyone, but be yourself, seeing that the salvation of every single person lies in the Individual Personality of yourself. If you see a Tree, you would notice that there are many leaves, but look carefully, you would notice that not one leaf is Identical to the other and still like Birds of a Feather they flock together, so does all these Individual Leaves grow on the same Tree. We must leave room and time for each Individual to develop itself.

We made a study in Germany where Children were Examined in a School. We followed the Growth of these youth, from the First grade unto the Last and what these Children have made out of their Lives. The Children who seemed not to pay attention in the classroom sometimes became Bank Managers or Doctors, while some others fell on the wayside. Some who always had Great results also had Great Jobs but no experiance of Life and Depression were their fall. In Germany, many of the young People who fought in the 60s against the Politics at that time, became themselves Ministers of Parliment in the 90s. We must learn to leave room for Development, but during this time we can impliment Guidance and Protection to secure a smooth crossover. This Guidance and Protection must not be conducted like a Dictatorship but more Relaxed and Democratic so that the Individual feels Him/Herself free to decide and Expand in their Personal Qualities of Development.

The World Teacher is Returned with His Masters of Wisdom who shall assist Him in the much different Duties what needs to be attended unto. These Masters shall be Implimented in the different Fields and aspects of Life to assist Mankind in Social. Medical, Political, Spiritual and all other forms of the World Societies.

To know more about the World Teacher, see Benjamin Creme on:

It is a Fact, the World Teacher the Lord of Love is Returned at the Earliest Time given, This Time is Now. And as we Imbrace His Immense Unconditional and Overwhelming Divine Love. Do we take the Challange of Walking Hand in Hand with Him who, shall take us unto that Person who we know as God. We See a most Beautifull and Wonderfull World. A World of Splendour and Glory. An Golden Age which Shines through the Love and the Light of the Father. We Know that Humanity shall Succeed. We Know that The Holy War First takes place in our Heads and should End there. We should not take our Personal Conflicts out there and fight and kill others, but we must Fight our Conflicts in our own Heads seeing that the Holy War is a War of Self Consciousness and Self Realization and have nothing to do with Guns and Bombs. What we dont want for ourselves, do it not unto others. Lets fight the Idiology of First and Second class Races, of Weak and Strong, but let the Strong Help the Weak. These are Standards of the New World what shall be Practiced.


Namaskar Jah Love

A Comment From Ringo Christmas Greetings:


A Comment From Ringo

Christmas Greetings:


Blessed Love to all the World on this Christmasday for all the World.

May Peace and Love rule the order of the day and Bless all Humanity, the Earth and all Nature on Her.

Oh yee Heavens, let the Ill be Healed, the Hungry be Fed, the Naked be Cloth, the Homeless be given a Shelter, the Illiterate be Educated, the Broken Bridges be Joined, the Reffuges be Helped, the Stranger be Accepted, the Political Prissoners be Freed, the Mother Earth be Replenished and all Nature be Tended to.

Let there be Peace where there is War, let there be Love where there is Hate, let there be Freedom where there is Bondage, Live and let Live.

Very soon the Lord of Love shall make Himself known unto all Mankind and all Mankind shall know Him from Old, the One and Only, the Lord of Splendor and Glory, whose Name is Maitreya the Christ. Let His Love and His Sweetness of Ananda rest and Live in your Hearts, Minds, and Souls and Bless you all.

Merry Christmas unto all the Nations of the World and unto all their Peoples, be Blessed with the Love the Light and the Power of the Christ.

Amen, Amen, Amen. Selah.

Namaskar Jah Love