Gute Nachrichten, um die Welt neu zu sehen


A Comment Tageschance Hour of Power:


A Comment Tageschance

Hour of Power: Blessings

Oh let the Power fall on I oh Lord

Oh let the Power fall on I

Oh let the Power of Heaven, fall on I

Oh let the Power fall on I.


The Lord Christus be Gracious unto you and Bless you

The Lord Shine's down His Continance upon you and Guide and Protect you

The Lord Raises up His Continance upon you and give unto you Peace.


Bobby Schuller, a Fantistic young Man with a Vision. A New form to Interprit the New Testiment.

We Love Hour of Power, we Love you Bobby!!!!!!!!!

Namaskar Jah Love


A Form of Healing. Healing Hands:

We can Develop and Practice the process of Healing through a simple form of Communication.

(e.g) Clase both your hands together, place them before your mouth, part the Thumbs in the middle as if you wanted to make a hole in your hands. Now speak, The Lord's Prayer. Father ours in Heaven. Do this Daily when possible, (when possible means, at any time of the day, yet, better it would be when a special 3 minutes at, a certain time of the day is, reserved for this purpose only). This brings a form of a Ritual with it, what is at the same time a Continuancy at, that certain time of the day, this on the other hand becomes a Structure with a Principal. It's like the constant drop of Water on the Hard Stone. Through Years of Constant droops, is the Stone Carved.

On the Physical and Psycological planes, through the Vibration of the Words, waves of Healing Energies of Rays of Light Particals flows through the pores of the hand shaking and Aktivating our Blood Cells which Streams to our Hearts with Purifying Vitality and rushing to our Brains, doth it Inhance us and giveth a feeling of Overwhelming Peace and Grace within.

This form of Healing is very effective. After a Year, one feel's themselves Purified and is also able to Help Purify others Physically with the hands. It is an other form of Purifying oneself.

This occures on a Basis what is compatable with the Natural process of ones Evolutionary Growth and not as something unnatural. Some people read formulars or do some kind of other rituals to develop super powers and when they have gotten these powers they know not how to controll them and at the end, such powers can be distructive to oneself and unto others. This is not the case by the above mentioned practice.

Grooming as a Healing Process:

Try Grooming a sick person Tree Weeks long with your hands every day and see what happens, if that person feels better. Here is what you do!

The ill person could be in a lieing or standing position it does'nt matter. Put your hands together where as, the hands are open and only the Thumbs are touching each other. Now, place the hands about 10 cm over the Head of that person without touching that person, and beginn from the Head, seprtating the hands over the shoulder, down to the waste, the legs and down to the feet and Repeat this process several times. By a standing person you can also do the sides and the back.

By this doing you are Grooming the Aura of that person as if you would be pressing a washed shirt that is full of pleats and folds. As you use the pressing Iron to press out the wrinkels out of that shirt, so are you pressing out the wrinkels out of that persons Aura and automatically the sickness out of the Physical, what makes ill.

Have you a dog at home, try this with your dog, remember to keep the distance from about 10 cm so that you dont touch the dog's fell. Try this and you shall see how the dog reacts. The dog feels how your Aura Grooms his Aura and that is soothing for the dog, sometimes the dog can fell himself irritated seeing that this is a new form of streaming for him, but do it and you'll see a difference, he'll get more vital.

An other form is through the Meditation.

The Wisdoms of the Religions and Cults:

The Free Masion Teaches:

Every Person is like a rough stone who needs to file on His/Her rough edges. Only through Constant filing can we become the Jewel what our Carver wishes of us. If our Carver is God, then we shall Glance in His Shine and surely He, shall see His Immage in His Light what we Reflect back unto Him. In every Stone there is Light, if not, when someone had filed and polished the raw stone, it would'nt shine, but it shines because the stone is out of the Light which is God.

Buddhism Teaches:

Maitreya Buddha the World Teacher once said about the atheist: leave the atheist if He/She wishes to believe on the Stone, maybe one day they would find God there, for even the Stone, God have made it.

About enemies:

Maitreya Buddha was onced asked by a Guru: What is Jesus trying to explain when He say's „Love your enemy, forgive them and Prey for those who Persecute you, how can you Love your enemy?“

Maitreya answered: when you look at your enemy who do you see, dont you see your Brother standing before you? How then can you call your Brother your enemy?

Most of the times, the things what we hate most about our enemies, are the things what we possibly have already left behind us and we are afraid to return back unto them seeing that these things were not Virtues but just Burdens unto us. An other alternative could be that we fear to approach these things one day in our Lifes, seeing that they lay before us as an examination what needs be passed. Most Students go into the examination room with fear, and even though they know the answeres to the problem or questions asked, still their panic is more than their calmliness at that moment and they could fail. A third alternative is that the so called enemy is doing that what we do or what we wanted to do and this have developed in ones Hearts and Heads envy against that person or persons. Many reasons could be found why we see an enemy in our Brothers or Sisters. Most of the times they reflect who we are in our inner taughts. Through their reactions towards us, we sometimes see ourselves in their behaviours and this creates fear in us.

Most of the times we fear most of all the, Unexpected moment and with this fear comes also the fear for the so called Stranger and what he/she could bring with them. The new (the Change) is always a threat for those who seems Glued to their old Lifestyles . There's a song sung by Lou Rolls called Every thing must Change“ nothing stays the same.“

About Cursing:

If we curse and wish bad for others, we must recond that all this would return unto us one day. What goes around comes around.


May the One Holy God Bless, Guide and Protect us all.

May this blessings of Guidance and Protection give us the Faith to keep on keeping on with the Good Works as Servants of His will and His Plan.

Namaskar Jah Love


Ein Segen für Alle heute

Ihr Lieben,

seid gesegnet mit der Kraft des unaussprechlischen Herrschers des Himmels und der Erde. Unser Freund Werner Güttler sagte einmal: in deutsch heißt es "Sonnenblume", in französisch "fleur du soleil", auf englisch "sunflower", auf spanisch "flor del sol" usw. usw. Es bleibt aber immer dieselbe Sonnenblume, auch wenn sich die Namen überall in der Welt ändern.

Also fühlt euch gesegnet im Namen des Großen Ganzen, zu dem wir alle gehören!

Namaskar Jah love

A Comment Tageschance Mathias Chapter 24:


A Comment Tageschance

Mathias Chapter 24:

We were asked, why Mathias chapter 24?

Well, this chapter speaks of some of the things what we now experiance in Europe and other parts of the World.

Please take Notice, that this is not a call in any form for Fanatism or Violance of any kind as some could miss interprit.

To all those things written in this chapter 24 of Mathias (New Testament of the Bibel), we could ask ourselves how did all this come to past and how could Daniel of the old Testament or Mathias of the New Testament know all this?

One could ask him/herself, if this is the Will of God and why?

The Christ Maitreya told us about Karma and its working. Nothing in Life just happens without a reason. Every Taught, Word and Deed, have its own weight and can determine ones Sadness or ones Happiness.

The Kabala (Jewish Lecture) teaches:

Considder your Taughts for they could become your words

Considder your Words for they could become your deeds

Considder your Deeds for they could become your charakter

Considder your Charakter for it could become your destiny.

We here in Europe now experiance a great Exodus in the East, and every day on Europe's shores Refugees are beeing sweept in. Never before was there on the Earth such an Exodus as what we now see taking place all over.

What could mankind have contributed to all this?

The Answers lies in the wars what occures through missunderstanding, the Exploitation of the Resources (Mineral and Human), Corruption, and the lack of Sharing.

We watch a Paradoxon, where People hate the wars and the dammage what it brings and therefore protest against them. After their protest does some of these people go out and buy their Children Video games where war's and disharmony are practiced. Dont you know that those Video games finds a habitat in the heads and the minds of those players, and is mentally transmitted else where in the World on others? How can we wish an end of wars and a better World when our intertainment Midia is based on Violance and Brutality, wars and Rape, Theft and murder?

Over thousands of years ago, Mankind have Practiced these methods and carried Humanity at the edge of a clip of Devestation, where, if not for the Masters of Wisdom and their Leader the Christ and their Love for Humanity and the Planet, we would have allready long gone lost our balance at the edge. It is their Love that have ever given us Hope, Strength and Vitality to continue the Humanrace.

Behind the Curtains, the Masters work Hard to Help Humanity get their wrongs right and so with make Evolution on Earth Possible.

The Teachings of the Buddhist teaches us that, there are which of those who resides in their caves and groths after they have gotten their Illumination, or others who have decided to reside in Nervana, or Vallhalla as the Vikins would call it. Only those like Jesus, Benjamin Creme and his Master, Maitreya, Quan Yinn, and such who've decided to be aktive in the World are called the Buddhis of Mercy and Grace. These Masters have through their aktivities of Love towards Humanity in the world, Learned mush more as those who have hidden themselves in their caves of retreat.

What does all this have to do with the great Exodus? These Masters shall Teach Humanity how to cope with such situations so that all these Problems could be Solved without much dissharmony, providing Man and Womankind are prepared to acknowledge and accept this Teaching.

Now we look at Nations like China and condemn them as we see them go down to Africa to Exploit the Resources there, but what we dont considder, is the Fact that China are surely taking out the Resources in Africa for their own purpose needs, but at the same time they are also giving back something (Shhools, Roads, Hospitals, Universities and the Infrastructure what they build for the Africans).

Over the last 2 Hundred years, Europe (Spain, France, England, Portugal, Itally, Germany and other Nations of the World), Exploited Africa of their Resources, not giving them back anything.

For about 2 Hundred years ago, while there were about 2 Million people living in London England, about the same amount of People were Regestered for the University of Adis Ababa in Ethiopia, did you know this? Yes Ethiopia had one of the Greatest Universities of the World, still the Europeans and Americans saw these People as Primitave.

Have you ever read the story of the Queen of Shiba, the Black Queen of the East of Africa (Ethiopia) who visited King Solomon of Jerusalem and brought Him so much Riches that even He never saw a Picock before the Queen presented it unto Him? Read the Old Testament!

We here in the West have Exploited Africa to the bone not leaving anything for them and then we ask why are they all comming to Europe?

The Western Polititions can Argue that they have given those Governments Money to help their Nations, but we all know how corrupt those Governments are. They keep the money for themselves and the Citizens have nothing. This form of Corruption causes Tribal wars and Poverty.

As the Arib Spring Revolution began, the People there were asking in Peacefull form, their rulers for Change and Reforms, but as we know, Dictators shy's Change and Reforms seeing that the Majority could slip out of their hands. How can you prevent a Folk of their Basic Humanrights with the Arguement that they are only to do what is asked of them while they Hunger and Suffer and on the other hand you and your Relatives lives in Luxus?

The Voices of the People wishes to be heard!

During that time of the Arib Spring Revolution in Libya, the Nato was asked to stay there after the war and to Coordinate the Logistic on the Air Ports and at See untill things return to normal, but they Rejected their Duties and asked the UNO to disspatch them from these Duties. To day Europe send's war ships down to find out who are the heads of those doing the Trafficing and hoping to sink boats. Isis is moved into Libya and have now the Controll.

Over the last 8 years, the People of Nigeria was complaining over the Exploitation of their Oil Fields there, through the Foreign Oil Companies who were leaving all the spill of Oil all over and Poluting the Inviromental Areas where People have to Live. The Shores and all the Land scapes were Poluted, but the Government saw only the Investors Money and never heard the Voice of the People. Today Boko Haram have come to Power for all these reasons. Would you deny this?

For about 8 years as it was said to build up a Rocket Defence System in Poland and Czchien, Russia asked not to do it, they even asked to be a part of this Event if you were going to do it, but you said no. Even we as we were in MySpace, asked you not to go about this taught without consulting Russia or letting them be a part of it, but you People never heard or took any attention towards our Words. Today Russia feels themselves not Respected or taken Serioussly and therefore do we have such Problems like in the Ukrain.


Over 3 long years we've heard of Violance in Mianmar (Former Burma) between Muslims and Buddhist. The Buddhist were beating up Muslims and Chasting them out of their houses and burnining those houses down. As if God was not watching or taking notice, did they continue. Today after 3 years, the Storm and the Floods came and took the Houses of those buddhist away and left them just as homeless as they did unto the Muslims. Now you may say that God is Cruel or that these People have bad luck, but it's the results of their own doings.

Today we see in East Germany that rightwing groups are burning down homes made for the Refugees. Even this have it's Karma reactions and surelly Judgement shall occure at a due season upon the Heads of those Wicked People who do such. The Problem about this Judgement, is that all is hit by it when it comes, seeing that very few does or say's anything about such criminal acts.

Not I, not God, but just Mankind alone causes his own Delimma and the 4 Lords of Karma watches over Things and Judge according to Action.

What to do?

In the Chapter 24 of Mathias, it is said that many would come in the name of Christ saying that they are the Christ or see here or see there here he is and many shall be decieved. He also said that those who have Indurance unto the end shall be saved and made Holy. We have a saying which goes: The race is not for the swift, but for those who have indurance unto the end.

It is said that the Christ shall come in the clouds with Power and Strength and all the World shall see Him. Benjamin Creme acclear us this Parable: The clouds are the vail which were on the eyes of Mankind, living in the darkness of Illussions. The Power and the Strength with what the Christ came through the clouds, was also a symbol to discribe the way how Maitreya Left His Retreat in Tibet by Air Plane to come to London in the West. The Heaven is also Symbolic for the Himmelyas.

We believe that God thrones in the sky, but He never left the Earth.

The Bibel speaks in Alligories, which are symbolical definitations and no absolute truth.

We are living in days like it was in Sodom and Gomorah, and if many were asked to turn their backs on this Babylon Systen and follow God, sad to say, but many would be turned into pillows of salt, and why? Because almost every one is somehow involved and finds it hard to stop, because it's so sweet. The Jamaicans have a saying what goes: What sweeten Goat mouth will burn his belly.

We need to open up our doors and our Hearts and Wellcome our Brothers and Sisters in Need and that in Deed!

Only we can solve the Problems of our World by taking heed to our doings.

If we continue to destroy the Forest in Brazil just to farm cattel so that McDonalds can have more Beef for their Hamburgers, or to search for new Minerals in the Mountains of Ecquador, or for Oil in El Salvador, or to plant Soya and Palms to winn Bio Oil. Then we dont have to wonder when our Weather plays Crazy.

The old Native Indians of the USA have a saying which goes: When all the Fish in the Oceans are fished, and all the forest are Chopped down and all the Rivers have run dried. First then will Mankind recognized that he can't eat his Money.

Mankind have to Change.

Namaskar Jah Love