Gute Nachrichten, um die Welt neu zu sehen


Ein Segen:


Ein Segen:

Der Herr sei uns gnädig und segne uns

Der Herr lasse leuchten sein Antlitz auf uns und behüte uns

Der Herr erhebe sein Antlitz auf uns und gebe uns Frieden.

Namaskar Jah Love

A Comment Tageschance The Sower and the Good Seed:


A Comment Tageschance

The Sower and the Good Seed:

Blessed are those who have Ears to Hear and doth Hear.

Many a times after we sent our Comments into the World to Bless the many, we are asked: how and why, do we Bless the Good as well as the Bad, the ugly and the Indifferent, dictators, good Polititions?

Our answer is as follows: take an example on the Rain when it falls, we know that it falls to water the dry Earth and the Plants, but does'nt it also fall upon the house and Gardens of the Good as well as that of the bad? And when the Sun Shines, does'nt it Shine for the Good as well as upon the bad?

Once as Ringo was brought to a Holy Diva, he asked Her what, and how should he be and do towards the Dictators of the world? The Holy Diva answered and said unto him, Love your Dictators and Fear them not for Love is Greater as the hate of such. Not to Love the Wickedness what Dictators Practice, but to Love them because even they are Sons of Humanity, and even when we dont Practice the Behaviours of those Dictators, still we Remain Sons and Daughters of Love and this, they cant take, for out of the Jug of Love what we give to Drink shall not be empty but shall always be Full! Therefore Fear not to be abused but have faith in Christ, who is the Love Himself.

We Bless all, even when some dont understand and find it sometimes contrary or disturbing seeing that the oppressor or the bad could take that Blessing and do evil with it as to oppress and abuse the Power of that Blessing and it's Love against others.

Jesus taught us that no one can carry Burning Coals in their bossum and not be Burned. These Burning Coals are the Love and it's Devotion to do Good. No Evil Persons can conduct bad with Love for Love askes only Love, and even if they should try to take the Blessings of Love to do Evil, even those who do such shall realize that their bad works won't be successfull but their wickedness shall return upon their own heads.

An other example to Demonstrate the Universal Love of God is to considder the Parrable of Jesus: Jesus once told us about a Sower of Seed who went out to Sow Seed's. Some of the Seeds fell upon the wayside, as they grew up, the heat of the Sun were too hot for them and so they withered and died away, the same was it with those Seeds what fell on stony ground, as they grew up, did the stony earth prevent they growth because the soil was not fruitfull enough. Some Seeds fell between thorns and wild vines which strangeled them before they could florrish. There were however some Seed which fell on Good Soil and they grew and brought forth Good Fruit.

The Lord taught us that we shall know the Tree by it's Fruit, for a bad Tree dont bring forth Good Fruit but bad. as well as a Good Tree bringeth not forth bad Fruit but Good.

Those who take the Good Blessings of Love to do wickedness and Practice Injustice, captivity, and Oppression upon others are like those of the Seeds what fell on the wayside, on stony Ground, and between the thorns and were Stifeled even before they Florrish.

See the Seeds what have fallen on Good Soil and you shall see the Good Tree and their Pleasent Fruits to eat and Enjoy. Take Pope Franciskus, as an Example for the good Seed and the Good Tree with it's Pleasent Fruits, the Love for Equal Rights and Justice. The Love towards the Poor and Needy. For this Love towards the Poor and the Oppressed is the Good Fruit, for it is the Hopes of all those who depend upon this Hope of Love.

Blessed be thou Pope Franciskus and all those Helping Organisations and Masterd, Angels, Divas and Holy ones who do the Good Works of God to Practice Equal Rights and Justice, Sharing and Love, Peace and Freedom unto the Oppressed and suffering, Hungry, Naked, and Homeless. Be Blessed in the Name of the Lord Jah Rasterfari!!!!!!!!!

The Eucharistie of the Church of God:

A question was asked: why do the Eucharistie in the Catholic Church is practiced in Three stages, and if it have any signifficance?

Please allow us to put our deffinittion towards this Practice.

The Eucharistie is a Seremonie to Commune (Communion) with God. It is Practiced in it's Tree stages to Celebrate the Holy Trinity (God the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit). It also Demonstrate the Service unto God through Taught, Word and Deed/Service (Father, Son and Holy Spirit).

Maitreya Buddha the Christ, Father and World Teacher taught us an other form the Eucharistie to Celebrate. By keeping the tree Virtues what He Himself as very Effective have proven (Honesty in Taught, Righteousness of Deeds and the Inner Ballance of Harmony with ones self and with others) can one also serve the Father, Son and Holy Spirit.

Rastafari have a form to say this as he say's: Moses came with the Law, Jesus came with the Word Love, and Selassi I came with the Live (to Live the Love). Here we see that the Eucharistie is being Practiced even when pronounced different or understood differently. Still the Intentions are the same and are Simmular.

We could see it also as the Tree forms of Worship or doing Prays. 1.The form of Pray through the Good Taught for the World, 2, the Courage to do prayers in Word as the UN or Amnesty International or those who Speak out for Equal Rights and Justice, or even say a Wordly Prayer for the Hungry and the Suffering, the Ill and the Homeless or Naked, 3. and the Third form of Prayers is to Conduct this Prayer not only in Words, and Taught's, but also in Service unto the Poor as to Feed them and bring them the neccessary Help what is needed. Even these Tree forms of Prayer is in itself a form of Eucharistie. Therefore we can Recognize that even those who claim not to believe in God, but still seek a Job in an Organization as Green Peace and Unicef and Gesellschaft Für Bedrohte Völker or some other Organization of the such, are Practicing the Holy Eucharistie even when unawared.

As Father Abraham met the Christ Melchezedet the King of Salem (Maitreya Buddha the Present Christ of the Age of Aquarius), Melchezedet Blessed Abraham with Bread and Wine. Was this the beginning of a New Custom between God and Man? A New Communion what have Evolutionised itself unto our present Age?

Blessed are the Helping Organization, Brot für die Welt, Carritas (Evangelisch Church, Catholic Church) and all the others not Mentioned but are called the Servants of the Lord for their Help towards the Poor and the Suffering.

Be Blessed in the Name of the Lord God Jah Rastafari!!!!!!!!!

Blessings unto the Brothers and Sisters of Rastafari and Hip Hop:

As Ringo went out to speak unto his Brothers and Sisters in Hip Hop and Reggae over Violance in their Text (Lyrics) and their Music, it was not taught to Domminate or to discourage or to desmay or disgust those Brothers and Sisters, but it was because of the Time what he taught was appointed to bring back those who could have gone lost, through missunderstands as Bob Marley once said: soon we'll find out who's the real Revolutionaries, for I don't want my Brothers to be tricked by Mercenaries.

Ringo once said that his Love for his Brothers and Sisters is an Universal one, but as it is said in the Holy Scriptures: the day shall be shortened to save those of the Elected so that they don't be caught up in the Iniquities of the Wicked. Yes we know that Hip Hop and Reggae are Mighty young men and Women of the Lord God but you dont have to hang it up high on every Billboard chart how violant you are or could be, Selassi I's Grand son once said in an Interview in Jamaica: We are not Killers and therefore we should'nt adopt the Behaviour of such. Another Fear was that these Holy Ones could begin to Glorify Violance and Brutality as their God as some wicked People who Honour their Guns and Bombs and Millitaries do today and therewith go Asray, to prevent such was his aim and none other.

Fear not oh yee Brothers and Sisters of Hip Hop and Reggae, for Surelly is thines the Heavens and the Light of the Living God, and there is nothing taken away what can't be Thousand times be Replaced. Fear not oh yee Mighty Men and Women of God, but know that you are Blessed and that not one of you shall have lost without this lost not being Replaced. Have Faith and Trust. Yee our Brothers and Sisters did Hear and did Listen and we are Greatfull for this.

Let Reggae and Hip Hop come Foward and be Exalted in the Earth amongst the Musics of the Earth and the Heavens, be Blessed Hip Hop and Reggae!!!!!!!!!

Mankind have the Oppertunity to decide which way He/She shall choose. We can continue to Build the old World of Fear and Evil, or a New World of Goodness and Love. A world where Guns, Bombs and wars, Vampires and Zombies rules, or we can Build and Prepare the New World where every day is a Concert, Music, Dance, Love and Light, Peace and Freedom, Equal Rights and Justice and the Happiness to Walk Hand in Hand with God. The Decission remains by you to choose, for many are called but few are Choosen, even when these Few shall be many. Make the Right Choice. Be a part of the New World what is known as the World called LOVE, for only Love and Light shall exist there!!!!!!!!!

Be Blessed in the Name of the Lord God Jah Rastafari!!!!!!!!!

Namaskar Jah Love

A Comment Tageschance Holy Spiritual Easter Blessings:


A Comment Tageschance

Holy Spiritual Easter Blessings:

Blessed are the Peacemakers, for they shall be called Children of God!!!!!!!!!

Blessed be thou oh Angela Merkel, oh Barack Obama, Pope Franciscus!!!!!!!!!

Amongst the Statesmen and Women you have shown Loyalty and Obedience, you were of those who heard, listened and did as was asked. Go ahead and do the Good Work what is asked of you to be done.

Share the Love and go to all in need and bring Justice and Righteousness. The Masters of Wisdom shall go with you, therefore take heed and be of Good Tidings and Fear not to stand up for these Virtues and Serve as True Sons and Daughters of the Lord your God Christus, for very soon shall His Glory Shadow all the World and the Hearts of all Mankind with His Love!!!!!!!!! Blessed is Christus on Earth and in the Heavens!!!!!!!!!

Be Blessed in Christus on this Holy Day!!!!!!!!!

The Lord Bless Guide and Protect you Three. The Lord let His Continance Shine down upon you and give you Peace in all your Days!!!!!!!!!

The Five Cardinal Virtues (Love, Peace, Truth, Nonviolance, Righteousness) Bless you Three, Angela Merkel, Barack Obama and the Pope Franciscus and be Anchored in your Minds, Hearts and your Bodies, that you as States Men and Women Conduct your Politics and to Adjust them in the Interess, of the Priorities of the Lord Christus!!!!!!!!! Amen, Amen, Amen.Selah!!!!!!!!!

Be Blessed in the Name of the Lord Maitreya the Christ and His Son Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit, the Cosmic Christ!!!!!!!!!

Namaskar Jah Love