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Sei gesegnet mit der Liebe des Herrn, möge sein Licht leuchten über dich!

Er lasse leuchten sein Angesicht über Dir und gebe Dir seinen Frieden!

Namaskar Jah love

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A Comment Tageschance Wisdoms Religion:


A Comment Tageschance

Wisdoms Religion:

For over thousands of years, there were always moments where Mankind was confronted with Life, Evolution, God and Himself. These moments were relevant towards, and for His further development towards Himself and His Creator.

Dreams, Visions, and Intuitions have always played a central role in such moments. These were as instruments given or used to recieve transmittion from the source from whence and whom it is comming from.

It is stated that over the years, dreams, visions or Intuition, have played an important role in the dicission being made by some persons and their Lives, sometimes even of Nations. Many of these dreams and visions were carried or was cloth with a Personality who would appear as one who is Holy (Angel or God like person).

Enoch walked with God and God spoke unto Enoch: Be still and know that I am God!

Abraham saw Melchezidek comming and invited Him in, to rest, eat and drink with him and his Family. Melchezidek in return, Blessed Abraham and his house.

God spoke unto Samuel the High Priest of the Lord Melchezidek in his dreams,!

The Lord spoke unto Solomon in his dreams and ask him what is his Hearts desire, what do he wish as a young King? Solomon answered: Grant unto me oh my Lord, Wisdom, Knowledge and Understanding!

These are a few of the most famous files of Biblical information towards dreams and visions.

Untill today in our modern World, Mankind have been having the same dreams and visions as their fore Fathers have had in the past. It is as if this is a learn programm and Life is the School. We are the students and are asked to be Attentive to what is said, shown, asked and given. We must pay interest less we could lean on our own missunderstanding, interpriting the message what we've received, falsely.

According to the Teachings of Mrs Helena Blavaski (a Master of the 5th Grade), who was taught by a Master of the Herarchy of the Masters of Wisdom in Tibet, in Her Book, Helena Blavaski and Wisdoms Religion/Religion of Wisdom. We learn that all Religions have Missunderstood through false Interpritation, the message what was given over unto them in the dreams and visions. Through these false Interpritations, unhealable dogmatic teachings was preached and practiced and the Folk was indoctrinated through these teachings an lit under sufferings. They became rituals what anchored themselves in the Minds, Hearts and Societies of many Nations and Cultures, and even untill today, some of these rituals are still present and can be seen practiced.

Here are a few examples of the missinterpritations made. The Spirit spoke to the Indians: „The women should be joined with their men in the Love of the Godly fire“. The Priest missunderstood and threw the living Widdows into the burning fire, where the corps of their dead Husbands layed.

The Spirit spoke to the Azteken: „Sacrifice unto me the Hearts (mean: give unto me the Love of your Heart as Sacrifice)!“ The Priest missunderstood and grab hold of their enemies and ripped their Hearts out of their Living bodies and offered them as the Sacrifice that was asked of them by God.

God spoke unto the Mohammedanern: „Destroy my enemies!“ (means: the enemies are the evil lust, and desires like hate, couvitousness, grudge, envy, mallace, such things what lives in the Hearts and Minds of all Mankind and with what he is confronted in his daily Life while trying to Live a Holy Life. These are the true enemies of God). The Mohammedanern missunderstood and sharpened their swords and went out to fight a Holy war against their Neighbours, who they saw as unholy.

God spoke: Search for the Holy Land (means: In your Souls), and conquer the Heavens with Vigour. The Priest missunderstood, called and gathered the Folk together, convinced them to theft and murder, and so did Palastina became a victim of devestation and vandalism.

God spoke: „You should not shed blood!“ The Priest missunderstood and burned all who were against them in the furnace on the market place. (Many women in the 14th and 16th centuary were convicted and condemned as witches just because, such Women gathered herbs and used them as Medicine, and while living, were they tied to a post and burned to death.

God spoke: „Give me what is mines!“ (means: the Spirit and the Love.) The priest missunderstood and took away from the poor farmers their last sheep and their last cow and sold them as Taxes for the Churches.

In this manner was the Truth missunderstood, Manipulated and in a Dogmatism translated. So was the Holy message stained with unholy Rituals and false Interpritations.

When we missunderstand the will of God, we are then govern by our own missunderstanding.

According unto the capacity and capability of ones understanding, does one understand.

Who live by the sword shall die by the sword, who live by every word of God shall abide with God.

I Ringo speak from my own experience. As the Godhead spoke unto me in the year 1999, He said: „it is time to go!“ I went out of my house to see who was speaking unto me, and there I saw only, the Head of God who was speaking. His hair spreaded and covered all the Universe and only He, my house and I was existant. As I asked, where shall I go and what is my mission? He never answered. There did I realise that the house in which I was standing, represented my body, the open windows were simbolic for my eyes what were made open for the Truth. The open door represented my mouth what was opened to preach the Gospel of Christ, the truth what I know and His return in our modern World.

The temptations started comming and I was challanged to Interprit the above vision in my daily life.

One night I dreamt that I was shot down dead by two men who wore american baseball shirts. Such dreams did I then get and others where I was asked to fight, but not only such. I also had Beautifull dreams.

The years went on as I grew stronger in Wisdom, Knowledge and Understanding what helped me to know what was being asked of me and what my mission was. As I looked around, I noticed that every one was fighting a Holy war. From the Taliban, Aiquida, George Bush, Tony Blair and all the others with their guns and Bombs. I taught and asked the Question: Is this the way to fight, is this what God is really asking of me? Something deep in my Soul told me No! I realize that no one was fighting through a Dialog of words but everyone just wanted to prove their strength through wars.

The war what I was fighting was in my head. The question of what is right and what is wrong and how can I deliver myself from the negativeness what tries to conquer me. Therefore I Prayed to have an answer, and while waiting for an answer, did I work towards this answer. With the time I recognized that the wars being fought by the others were distructive and those who were fighting were the distroyers, and so the more did I strive to be a Creator. I then taught if I want a change in the system, I just cant criticise, but I also have to have solutions for the many problems with what Mankind is confronted. I was determined to Reform the Church, the World Politics, the Industries, the UN and all what I taught needed a Reform, Mankind and the Planet Earth.

I wanted to do this through a Dialog, through discussion, through Words instead of Weapons.

Over the thousands of years Mankind have sought the right way to fight for Equal Rights and Justice, Peace and Harmony, but to do this by killing and wars only brings more sufferings. Those who have survived seeks revenge and therefore the wars seems to have no end seeing that everyone wants vengance.

The Christ told us that Peace can only be acheived through Equal Rights and Justice and Equal Rights and Justice is only recieved through the Principal of Sharing the Resources. Sharing is like Equal Rights and Justice and is the only possible way to Solve the World Problems and this I know for a Fact!

Benjamin Creme from the News Paper Share International have taught us that In the middle of chaos and Anarchy, Maitreya the World Teacher and Christ have come to Help Mankind and lead Him unto His Original Heratage with God.

The Return of the Christ in the Earth does'nt mean that all conflicts will immidiately be solved, but He and His Masters who have returned with Him shall point out unto Mankind the Right Way to a Better and most Harmonious way of Living. We know Mankinds desires and that Mankind shall walk the Path with Him.

Rejoice all yee Heavens. Sing Glorious Words unto Him who is known as the Lord of Love.

Listen up oh Mankind and take heed, for that what was hidden from Mankind, the long lost Ancient Wisdom shall now be revealed unto Him. Mankind shall Grow in God and God shall Grow and Live in the Hearts of Mankind.

Blessed are those who bring the Good Tidings of Joy and Happiness, for they are the Servants of God and of all Mankind.

Rejoice oh Mankind, for the Son of Man is amongst us and have taken it upon Himself to Guide and Lead Mankind on to Him who we call God.

Come I.S our Brothers, Throw down your Guns and take up the Guitar, Boko Haram, Throw down your bombs and sit on the Drums, Throw down your Swords and take the Microphone and Sing Hip Hop, and instead of spitting bullets, spit Lyrics. Sing like never before for Allah. Not with Violance or Agression, but Praise Allahs Name so that all the World can see how much you Love your God!!!!!!!!! Come on over Brothers.

Oh Jah let this be a Program for Intigration for those who wish to step out and be Free from the war and it's results. Let the youths return and Rebuild what was broken down. Give them Amnesty and Help them. For the sake if they should return, thine will be done on Earth as it is in Heaven oh Father.

Let the captives Return home to their Families, and let Programs be done where these Families are Helped!!!!!!!!!

The Harvest is Great oh Lord and the Workers are little. Give unto us helpers for the harvest and Help Mankind and the Mother Earth!!!!!!!!!

May the One Holy God Bless Mankind that He Choose the Right way and Stand before His Creator.

May the One Holy God Bless the Christ and His Masters in all their Works.

Amen, Amen, Amen. Selah.

Namaskar Jah Love